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THE 26 BEST WRITERS OF 2023 Ft Elysian Pens are Luna J, Eliyas Johnjoseph, Shivendra Nath Gupta, Jyothsna Raju, Samridhi Aneja, Vaishali Bhadauriya, Sujoyita Pal, Arijit Basu, Adarsh K Warman, Dr Mayank Rajpal, Dr Anita Rajani, Usha Kiran Moodgal, Tushar Kiran Moodgal, Nabeel, Nikhil Srivastava, Debabrata Chatterjee, Ashmita Chakraborty, Sree Varshini, Aazam Zahoor Sofi, Praajakta, Putri Misnia Shary Bahri, Srishti, Subhankar Ghosh, Kunal Magar, Archana Tyagi, Hetal Datta Sachde.

Elysian Pens and the founder of Elysian Pens, Fehmina Siddiqui, appreciate their talent by taking an initiative to felicitate the deserving 26 Best Writers of 2023.

•Luna. J

Luna. J is the author of God Bless You Devil Kiss You, What the Heaven!?, Her Harem Journal and more. She is a writer who pens dark stories with simplicity, brevity and magical realism. She goes through even the most chilling narrations in a very natural tone. Luna’s voice emerges strong and radiant through her literary works, a voice that is classical, modern and feminist all at once. Some of her works also evolve into dark comedy while most of her writings are as enchanting as fairytales.

Luna. J is the recipient of 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award, Pages of Perfection Award, Aspiring Writers Award, 21st Century Jane Austen Award and more. Her works are mostly women-centric and empowering. Her writings are known to give voice for the voiceless. Apart from writing, Luna is also a Tamil-English translator who has translated the award-winning book ‘Angels Witches Women’ by Marudhan. She lives in Chennai, with her loving family, friends and her bunny, Cupcake.

Luna. J is a Goodreads author and she can be reached @authorlunaofficial on Instagram or jailu810@gmail.com.

•Eliyas Johnjoseph

Author Eliyas Johnjoseph is an Author & Innovator, who lives in Tamil Nadu and is well known for his fictitious stories, the book “Already” which brings the discipline in sports activities and motivates all to develop their sports carrier and the book”Giant in the Ocean” takes you to ocean adventures and survival and interprets the lesson to kids to. adults and this story educates to reduce water pollution and waste disposals by humans in to the ocean and his prior book “Let it be” interprets the lesson for all new youngsters in riding/driving, and his second book “Eagles soar” depicts the passion and dreams to achieve the motives. The foremost book “Always” portrays the endless love story of a mother and son’s relationship. Also been a part of many anthologies, as a co-author for 34 books and few journals.

•Shivendra Nath Gupta

इनका नाम शिवेन्द्र नाथ गुप्ता है इनका लेखनी नाम ‘शिव’ है, ये उत्तर प्रदेश के छोटे से शहर कन्नौज के रहने वाले हैं, इस शहर को इत्र नगरी भी कहा जाता है, इन्होंने अपनी 12th तक की पढ़ाई कन्नौज के सरकारी स्कूल से की है और स्नातक कानपुर के वीएसएसडी महाविधालय से पूर्ण की है।।

अभी ये हैदराबाद की एक निजी कंपनी में कार्यरत है, इन्हे लिखने और घूमने का बहुत शौक है, परिवार और दोस्त इनके लिए सबसे ज्यादा जरूरी हैं, पहाड़ों से बहुत लगाव है, इनके अनुसार किसी भी विषय या अपने अनकहे विचारों को किसी डायरी में लिखना सबसे अच्छा तरीका है अपनी बातों को बिना किसी को सुनाए कहने का, बिन किसी को बताए सब कह जाना केवल लिखने से ही हो सकता है, और इससे सुकून भी बहुत मिलता है।।

इन्हे जीवन के अनुभव पर, प्यार पर, जीवन की समस्याओं पर लिखना काफी पसंद है ।।

इन्होंने अपने लेख 2022 से प्रकाशित करने शुरू किए थे, और अभी तक ये 60+ किताबों में सह लेखक के रूप में लिख चुके हैं और आने वाले समय में स्वतंत्र लेखक के रूप में एकल किताब प्रकाशित करने पर कार्यरत हैं।।

इन्हे drop of changes publication की तरफ से Best Author of the year and Best Writer का अवार्ड भी मिल चुका है।।

इनसे निम्न माध्यमों से जुड़ा जा सकता है.

Insta – @shivdboss

Your Quote – shivendra_gupta2

Email I’d – shivendra.gupta248@gmail.com

•Jyothsna Raju

Jyothsna loved drawing and writing since she was a kid.

She lives in Bangalore with her parents.Watching her mom narrate stories to the neighborhood kids inspired her to write books. After finishing her bachelor’s degree , she had many different jobs. She has had even persued her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Montessori training.

She is the author of SHE IS MY MOM and HOW I SAVED THE ANTS!

Her book HOW I SAVED THE ANTS! got bestseller status on Amazon recently which has 100+ reviews on Amazon.

She has won Sahityakosh award 2022 and 2023.

She has also won Tagore Commemorative Honouree award in 2022 and 2023.


For more information:


•Samridhi Aneja

Samridhi Aneja is an author, content writer, graphic designer & meme writer from Amritsar, Punjab.

She’s a former Asst. Professor of Multimedia for BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar and has many guest blogs, research papers and 2 books to her credit, namely, “The Red Colored Bliss, and To Be Forbidden Art.”

She’s been recognised by Radio Mirchi, Dainik Savera, Rotary, Lady Irwin College, Lovely Professional University and NGOs for her work in the field of writing, design and menstrual education.

•Vaishali Bhadauriya

I am Vaishali Bhadauriya. I am a college student. DOB : 05/09/2002. I love writing whether it’s poems, stories, songs, shaayari or quotes. My first poetry book just got published with the title-WINGS TO SOUL in hindi language by Bluerose Publishers. My book available on Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play Books and Bluerose online store. I am very introverted person but shy. I am preparing for UPSC Exam right now. I am from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. I completed my schooling from Gwalior and doing my UG also from Gwalior.

I am nature loving person and I like to be alone most of time, far from people’s judgmental eyes and view about me for not being practical most of the time

My father is in defense force CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and my mother is an amazing homemaker. I have one younger sibling (Brother), who is also preparing for defense services. I belong to normal middle class joint family.

•Sujoyita Pal

The name of the author is Dr. Sujoyita pal. She lives in Kolkata at baranagar. She has completed graduation in English from calcutta university and after that she has completed masters degree in English from Rabindra bharati university and then she has completed B ed in English from wbuttepa university. She is an internationally certified writer. She has got many awards in this writing field. Her name is featuring on google, if anyone do search in the google by her name then anyone will get the details about her. Her name is featuring on 45 plus Google sites, she has got doctorate award, it’s honoris causa which award is govt and niti aayog certified. Recently her 13 write ups in the 3 anthologies has been published and had launched at the world book fair in new delhi at pragati maidan. She is an English teacher, spoken English trainer as well as corporate grooming trainer. She is a certified soft skill trainer. She has written 50 plus anthologies.

Her achievement

  1. India fame award 2021 from the quidditch ink publications
  2. Atal swarna samman 2022 a national level award from iconic brand network
  3. Swami vivekananda rastriya swarna samman 2022
  4. Bharat bhusan ratna samman 2023
  5. Best writer award 2023 from drop of change publication house
  6. Poet of the year 2023 from drop of change publication
  7. Naari samman sheroes award 2023 from priya’s wisdom publication
  8. Iconic indian personality winner from priya’s wisdom publication house
  9. Rajendra prasad excellence award a national level award from priya’s wisdom publication house
  10. Global achievers award 2021
  11. Karwa chauth award 2021 from R k publication
  12. Have got Honorary Doctorate Award ( it’s honoris causa) on 15.5.2023
  13. Awarded Charles Dickens Award ( it’s Google featured) on 12.9.2023

•Arijit Basu

Arijit Basu, author of “Becoming a Special You” is currently associated with the world-renowned Pediatric Cancer Research Hospital – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States as Senior Clinical Database Engineer / Analyst.

Arijit is a Top 100 Global Social Influencer – Piktale Influencer’s Award 2021. It’s a unique recognition given to top 100 Global personalities for their contribution in varied fields. He is a Times of India (TOI) Brand Ambassador, Speaker, Educator, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Celebrity show host. He is also the Director- Communication for his entrepreneurial Edutech venture – digital learning platform Coachables. Recipient of 9th 2017 Kindle Gala award presented by Loretta McNary show, nrbnews24 channel journalist award. He was invited among the 50 special guests for the prestigious “Indian American Leadership Committee Congressional Luncheon – in July 2021 at Congressional Building for House of Representatives in the Capitol Hill – Washington DC. His passion for writing has earned him a niche name in the media industry. He was interviewed for news channels and was covered in various Business Magazine, vernacular, and English Language dailies. He is a contributing author to StoryBoard Memphis publication and Deccan Herald. He was also featured in a video by Kregse Foundation – “Our neighbors our stories.” Besides the above he was awarded for his work Internationally from various places.

His recent book “Becoming a Special U”: Chasing dreams – paperback and e-book published by the renowned publishing house Barnes and Noble. The book narrates the unique feelings of the author regarding the challenges of life. Seeped in seasoned experiences from life’s travail, the author finds his self-journey a worthy one. Embracing challenges and maintaining some golden disciplines, he finds that his voyage has indeed been rewarded with its unique essence. The true reward of penning this book will be achieved if the readers find it worth adhering to the life’s golden lessons of life that the author has shared. Arijit is a blend of analytical and creative mind.

Arijit was born in Kolkata, India and did his schooling from prestigious South Point in Kolkata and a science graduate from renowned St. Xavier’s College. He further did a few advanced post-graduation studies in Computers with Programs in Systems and Database Management and Data Science from various renowned Institutions.

He also worked as a Research Analyst with Vanderbilt University Medical Center with Division of Psychopharmacology, Department of Psychiatry under the leadership of world-renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Meltzer. Arijit also worked as a Database Analyst with Vanderbilt University Medical Center with the Department of Health Services Research in Vanderbilt University Medical Center and served as an important member in the research team under the leadership of Dr. Michael Matheny, a renowned research scientist and clinician. Prior to moving from India to USA in 2007 he has worked in important positions with Godrej and Boyce, The Hindu Group of Publications, Business Standard (Financial Daily in association with Financial Times)

Besides his excellent work reputation in the clinical domain field Arijit earned a name and fame for his writing in the last few years. Arijit plays an important role as Social Global Influencer – He put immense effort in researching, connecting, and showcasing many important stories of eminent personalities around the globe through his Facebook / YouTube channel Talk shows – hosting of many celebrity shows from different walks of life and to name a few are Padmashri Anuradha Paudwal, Illusionist P.C. Sorcar Jr. and Indian- American actress Nandana Dev Sen.

He focuses on Analytics, Research, Communication, Information, Networking – Mass Media and News Media. His key areas are:

· Excellent communication skills and out of the box thinking.

· Provide community-based input, interaction, content-sharing, and collaboration.

· Focus on creative writing.

· Work on stories of human interest.

His dynamic personality as a database analyst and media personality has earned him won prestigious awards in India and USA and have highly been featured in leading Newspapers, Business Magazines, and TV channels.

To know more about Arijit Basu, visit www.arijitbasu.net

  • Adarsh K Warman

This is Adarsh K Warman, Born in the Year 1993 , in the City of Mathura. I was the only child of my Mother. But , I was raised by my Grandparents from childhood. My Birth Mother Also Lives With Them . But, After the Passing of my Mother ( in 2008 ) and My Grandfather ( in 2012 ) I was left only with my Mataji ( Grandmother )Who is according to me, Is One Of The Biggest Source Of Inspiration And Support To Me, Till Now! Without Him , I can’t even imagine my Life Journey Till Now. It’s Like, What Happened. In Our Life Is for the Good, According to the will of God,

I have my five projects published till now Ist one is ” Mohabbat Ki Daastan” A Ghazal sangrah , 2nd is ” Chali Wo Bayaar” A poetry sangrah, 3rd one is” The War Time Lady “A Novel, 4th one is…” Corona Diaries. “A Short Stories Collection 5th one is” The Journey To True Fitness” A Non-fiction, Motivational Book.

I have also privileged to be published my work in Various Foreign Anthologies. Also I have been blessed/honoured to be awarded by Various international Organizations, Like – International Compaign for abolition of Nuclear Weapons , Survivor Alliance, Every Child Life Line Foundation, Discover Model United Nations , Polaris Organization etc

The Main Purpose/Motive Of My Life Is To Establish The Message Of Love and Peace and Bravery also As Globally as possible.

•Dr. Mayank Rajpal

My name is Dr. Mayank Rajpal. I have received many national and international awards. My name has also been registered in the Book of World Records, many of the works written by me have been published in The Gram Today, Dainik Nai Roshni, The Daily Globe Nation News Paper. Till now I have received about 30 National and International Awards. I have also received the International Doctorate Award this year. instagram-mayank.rajpal.355mayank

•Dr. Anita Rajani

Dr. Anita Rajani is a PhD in Inner Child Integration Therapy and an Author of 2 books. She has culminated all her years of learning different modalities like Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Integration and experience into writing. She has published 3 books

“Shivshakti – The Continous Continuum”

“Inner voice – A “Collection of Transformational Messages”

The Awakened Sai Within You -A conversation with Sai Baba.

She has contributed in 7 Anthologies. She has also published a deck of Sai Baba Guidance cards in three languages English, Hindi and Marathi and a deck of Affirmation cards, Angel cards. She conducts various self modules courses and meditations. Her goal is to spread knowledge and healing.

Insta- anita_rajani


•Usha Kiran Moodgal

Usha Kiran Moodgal is a renowned Hindi scholor, poetess, researcher, and dancer. She has earned recognition both nationally and internationally. Usha currently serves as the International Ambassador at Dawn Research and Development Council.

Her poetry compilation, “Kavya Tulika,” has garnered widespread acclaim, and she has contributed to various collaborative anthologies. After completing her undergraduate studies, she pursued post-graduate degrees in Hindi and History. In 1987, she embarked on her marital journey with Ashok Moodgal.

Moodgal’s life has been enriched by her contributions to literature and dance. She has received the “Bharat Shree National Award” and the “Honorary Gold Medal Award by DRDC Global” for her unwavering commitment to literature. Notably, her book “Kavya Tulika” received the “Sahitya Sthambh Puraskar 2023” and the “Sahika India International Award” for “Best Poetry Book of the Year.”

Usha Kiran has achieved multiple world records with her poem “शक्ति” (“Shakti,” meaning power) and has been recognized by the Inkzoid and Glorious book of records. Her numerous accolades include the “Maharshi Valmiki Bharatiya Gaurav Samman 2023,” “Tagore Ratna Samman,” “Nazrul Sahitya Samman Laureate Award,” and the “Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar Iconic Achievers Award.” Her poetry, including “निर्णय” and “ख़ामोशी,” published in collaborative editions, continues to receive acclaim. Her international honors encompass the “Asian Excellence Award 2023,” Jane Austen Platinum Book Award, and the “MBR Global Excellence Award.”

Moodgal shares her literary creations on Instagram, under the handle @ushakirankavyanjali. Her works are featured in newspapers, digital media platforms, and even on magazine covers, including Lidue and the Eagle Eye.

•Tushar Kiran Moodgal

Tushar Kiran Moodgal is an award-winning poet and writer from Shahdara, East Delhi. He incorporates a unique writing style which is a combination of diverse influences, blending romanticism, gothic elements, philosophical reflections with a raw, honest approach. He cites his father, Ashok Moodgal and literary greats such as William Wordsworth, John Keats, Edgar Albert Guest, and Edgar Allan Poe as his inspirations.

Over the years, his poetry has undergone significant changes. Starting out, his poetry was filled with a lot of angst and nihilistic approach, often delving into heartache, anxiety issues, and depression. However, his recent poetry is more philosophical in nature, reflecting his firm belief in the teachings of the Geeta and his advocacy of Stoic philosophy.

Tushar’s first poetry book, “Lamentations,” released via Evincepub Publications won the “William Shakespeare Golden Book & Laureate Award”. He has also co-authored more than 25 poetry anthologies, showcasing his range and versatility in the art form.

Tushar has received numerous awards and accolades for his contribution to contemporary literature, particularly his philosophical poetry. He holds multiple world records for his poem “Rhapsody Of Twilight” and has been featured in various publications, including Inkzoid Book of Records and the Glorious Book of Records. He was honoured with the prestigious “Bharat Vibhushan” award, the “Maharishi Valmiki Bhartiya Gaurav Samman 2023,” and the coveted “Tagore Ratna Samman 2023.” He was also honoured with the “Nazrul Sahitya Samman Laureate” award and the “Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar Iconic Achievers” award along with the “NWR National Appreciation Award” for outstanding achievements in the field of literature. Tushar’s work also recieved international acclaim as he was conferred upon with “Asian Excellence Award 2023” in Singapore, “Hope International Appreciation Award” and the “William Shakespeare International Award”. His other accolades include “The Best Poet” and “Poet of the Year” awards. His poetry has been published in several newspapers and digital media, and he has been named as one of the “Outstanding Poets” for his work on “Mysterious Fantasy” anthology by Instant Publications.

Aside from his passion for poetry, Tushar also has a deep interest in philosophy, history, and political behavior in societies and its affects on culture. He pursued a master’s degree in Political Science and International relations and also studied Japanese language at St. Stephens’s College, Delhi University.


Nabeel’s transformative journey begins as a dedicated life coach, empowering individuals on their path to personal growth. With over a decade of experience, he hones his skills, emphasizing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, witnessing lives changing in real-time.

As a life coach, Nabeel understands the importance of resilience and perseverance in navigating life’s challenges. Guiding others to unlock their true potential and embrace self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a sense of purpose is his greatest passion. Now, as an author, his aim is to reach a broader audience and help them overcome obstacles, just as he guides his clients.

Through his writing, Nabeel shares compelling stories from his own experiences and those of individuals he mentors. These relatable narratives serve as powerful examples, inspiring readers to take charge of their lives and create a meaningful existence filled with authenticity and fulfilment.

Nabeel’s books are more than just words on pag

Nabeel’s books are more than just words on pages; they are allies, sources of encouragement, and roadmaps to personal growth. By offering practical advice and actionable steps, he enables readers to tap into their inner strengths and achieve their goals with newfound confidence.

The transition from coach to author is a natural evolution for Nabeel. He continues to be fueled by his passion for guiding others and witnessing positive transformations in their lives. Through his written words, he strives to be a beacon of inspiration, fostering positive change in the lives of individuals, no matter where they are on their journey of self-discovery and personal development.

Nabeel’s journey from life coach to author unfolds as a testament to the power of personal growth, resilience, and the written word to inspire positive change in the world. It serves as a reminder that, at any point on our paths, we have the potential to create a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfilment.

•Nikhil Srivastava

इनका नाम निखिल श्रीवास्तव है। ये सुलतानपुर उत्तर प्रदेश से हैं।

इन्होंने स्नातक (बीएससी) किया है और साथ ही प्रस्नातक (अर्थशास्त्र) से किया है। इन्हें शिक्षा के छेत्र में माननीय पूर्व शिक्षा मंत्री ( HRD MINISTER) श्रीमती स्मृति ईरानी जी द्वारा श्रेष्ठ प्रतोत्साहन पत्र प्राप्त किया है। साथ ही ये एक वित्तीय सलाहकार और कवि भी है। इनकी पहली रचना का संस्करण किताब का नाम “संवेदना” है। जो संपादक अनुभूति गुप्ता, आनंद शर्मा द्वारा विमोचित हुई। इनकी दूसरी रचना का संस्करण किताब का नाम “इक चेहरा ” है। जो संपादक वीर अलवी मेरठी द्वारा विमोचित की गई हैं। तीसरी किताब का नाम ” Our Forces our pride” ब्राउन पेज पब्लिकेशन द्वारा विमोचित की गई है।

चौथी किताब का नाम ” पिता” है जिसका विमोचन भी उदीप्त पब्लिकेशन द्वारा किया जाने वाला है । जिसके संपादक अनुभूति गुप्ता जी के द्वारा की जाएगी।

पांचवी किताब एक पूर्ण मानव (किसान) , जिसके संपादक गौरव गंगूर्दे जी हैं।

छटी किताब ” उड़ान शब्दों की हैं ” जिसकी संपादक नम्रता गोयल जी हैं , ब्राउन पेज पब्लिकेशन।

सातवी किताब नाम “सीरेनिटी ” है । जिसके संपादक अंशुल रानी जी हैं , द वर्डिंग्स पब्लिकेशन द्वारा पब्लिश की गई हैं।

आठवी किताब नाम ” मैग्नोलियास ” है , यूनिकॉर्न पब्लिकेशन जो की इनकी पहेली अंतराष्ट्रीय किताब है।

नवी किताब का नाम ” जिंदगी गुलजार है (जिंदगी) ” हैं, जिसकी संपादक Dr Archana Mishra ji हैं। हमरूह पब्लिकेशन द्वारा प्रकाशित।

दसवीं किताब का नाम “ड्रीम ” हैं , जिसकी संपादक फिज़ा अहमद जी है। लेट्स राइट पब्लिकेशन द्वारा प्रकाशित।

” हाल ए ज़िंदगी ” जिसकी संपादक सुप्रिया दास और जानवी चौदरी जी है। ब्राउन पेज द्वारा प्रकाशित।

“हमारा प्यारा भारत ” इनकी अगली किताब हैं, जिसकी संपादक Dr Archana Mishra ji और Nirdosh Jain ji हैं। शॉपिजन पब्लिकेशन द्वारा प्रकाशित।

Namya magazine में भी इनकी कविताओं का एहसास देखा गया हैं ।

जो की नाम्या मैगज़ीन मुंबई में प्रकाशित की गई है।

अन्य दो किताबे ऑनलाइन प्रकाशित की जा चुकी है।

अपनी कविता में इन्होंने कई पुरुष्कार और प्रेणांतमक उपलब्धियां भी पाई है।

हाल ही में इनको अवध रत्न अवार्ड से सम्मानित किया गया हैं, जो की कमला प्रोडक्शन प्राइवेट लिमिटेड लखनऊ उत्तर प्रदेश द्वारा दिया गया हैं।

इनको 2023 में साउथ एशिया अचीवर्स अवार्ड ( गोपाल कृष्ण समाज सेवी संस्था ) से नवाजा गया है।

2023 में ही इनको सावित्री बाई फुले गौरव अवार्ड

नेशनल आइडल अचीवर्स अवार्ड 2023 से भी नवाजा गया है।

साहित्य सेवा सम्मान 2023 से भी इनको नवाजा गया है।

साथ ही इनको और भी कई साहित्य और काव्य पाठ में भी अवार्ड विभिन्न संस्थानों से मिले हैं।

2023 में ही इनको अवध सिने अवार्ड से भी नवाज़ा गया हैं जो की कमला प्रोडक्शंस प्राइवेट लिमिटेड द्वारा दिया गया।


Debabrata is a boring civil engineer with a machinist work ethic, but with a burning passion for writing. He has been born and brought up in Kolkata, the City of Joy, at a time of the upending of traditional “ideals and age-old ‘culture’, and has been witness to some not-so-joyous circumstances on the personal front.

The up close and personal exposure to this changing social atmosphere with its ups and downs, and the ongoing (almost) crusade between the “irrefutable age-old values and the “sacrilegious” emerging ideals, shaped the quiet and studious boy’s outlook and developed his interest in observing people and situations, and how they react to the upheaval of ideals.

When he is not burning the midnight oil pursuing his passion for writing, he loves spending time with his wife and little daughter, or reading about astronomy, or tinkering with his casual hobby of photography, or watching cricket, tennis or Formula1 racing, or at times even experimenting with basic sound mixing.

•Ashmita Chakraborty

Author Ashmita Chakraborty is an young Author . She begins to her writing career in 14th of age but unfortunately

She , published her all books in her 16th of age .

She wrotes a poem in the age of 9th though it was not published yet .

Her books : People’s Thoughts, Imaginative fantasy, If I was Die & Red Heart .

She is also participated in many anthologies : Dear Self , My Dollar Valentine, Resonance -1


She outs her very first magazine in the age of 16th . She is also passionate about Singing and other cultural activities . Besides all this , she released her first song “Tum Sirf Mere ” on 27th of April . Award : 1. Nominated in SahityaSamman 2022 , 2. Indian book of Records

•Sree Varshini

The author’s name is Sree Varshini, and she has a passion for writing poems, short stories, and quotes. She has co-authored in over 400 anthologies, including 150 international ones. She has received the Best English Writer Award five times from 2021 to 2022. Recently, she won the first prize in the Inter National Writing Contest 2022, competing against 3500 participants. She has also been honored with the 21st Best Women Writer Award and the 21st Century Emily Dickenson Award. Additionally, she has published nine solo poetry books:

  1. “FOLIAGE TWEEKS” published under Life world Community Publication,
  2. “YOUNG SPROUTS” published under The Writing Ethics Publication,
  3. “THOUGHTS OF LITERARIAN” published under The Opus Collosium Publication,
  4. “Tiny Drops” published under Life World Community Publication,
  5. “Poetic Tales through Tourist destinations” published under Life World Community Publication,
  6. “A Heart Warming dedication to mom’s birthday” published under Life World Community Publication,
  7. “A journey through 50 Tourist destination (Part 1)” published under Life World Community Publication,
  8. “Inspiring Tales” published by Life World Community Publication,
  9. “Spectrum of Thoughts” published by Life World Community Publication.

She has won numerous prestigious awards such as the All India’s Best Writer Award, Indestructible Writer Award, Sparkling Scribbler Award, Meritorious Star Award, Jackhi’s Gold Star Award, and many more. She has also been recognized with 85 trophies and 45 medals.


AAZAM ZAHOOR SOFI, who was born in the paradise of the earth known as Kashmir, showed a keen interest in writing from an early age. He entered the world of writing when he was only eight years old. He used to create his own stories and began imagining various characters at a young age. Over time, his passion for writing and his skills both improved and were well developed. He had been blessed by God’s grace. He can pen down his feelings and emotions. He’s able to imagine great characters and make up the best stories. With time, he learned many things and gained valuable experience, despite the fact that he had many bad days and many ups and downs in life at a very young age. He also experienced those many bad days when he felt like the loneliest person in the world because he had no support and everyone had left him, but his passion and interest never left him alone. He is very grateful to God for giving him such great talent because he knows that everyone in this world cannot put down their feelings. He has contributed to numerous anthologies, compiled one book called “Era of Love” at the age of 15, and written several books, including “Words of a Young Writer” and “The Treasure of Words” at the age of 16. He typically writes about love, friendship, success, failure, and other topics, but his best topic is that he also tries to show readers the dark reality of society through his writing. One of his books, “Words of a Young Writer,” contained 100 plus poems, 30 plus letters, and 12 short stories. It was a beautiful treasure of words. Which was later taken down from all platforms for sale due to some problems, but the second is still available on all platforms. He polished his work as best he could after some failures and some successes, exactly like he had done with his earlier works. He also runs his podcast on many platforms, with the series “A Journey to Entertainment” on many platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.

He recently published his third book, namely “The Secret Behind the Words.” He is passionately convinced of that. This book will be adored and enjoyed by readers. He had only recently discovered through his life’s experience that hardship is the precursor to success and that only difficult times create great people. There is no gain in life without suffering. Since childhood, finance has been his first love of life, and this love has mostly grown deeper since he was 15 years old. He’s dreaming of pursuing further studies in finance, doing wonders in the world of finance, and showing the world his talent and passion. I strongly believe in these self-written quotes.


“Before knowing how to succeed, one should know how to fail.”




Instagram ID: aazam_bin_Zahoor

Email : aazamzahoor@gmail.com


Praajakta grew up in Pune, in a typical Marathi family. After working as an SAP consultant for 4.5 years, she quit her corporate job, amidst the pandemic to figure out a different path that would let her travel at her own will. Having worked for a few brands as a copywriter, she stumbled upon her one love – storytelling; with a special twist of sarcasm and humor. She published her first book ‘The Turning Page: Hilarious Tales of a Messy Nomad’ in Nov 2022. She is currently working on a short self-help book based on habits. Connect with her on: Blog: the-turningpage.com Instagram: @praajakta_ Twitter: @praajakta_

•Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Putri Misnia Shary Bahri She not just Poetess but an Author soloist-artists songwriter making a comeback song Yes I do, If you ever leave in the making, and her upcoming children’s book There goes my baby is soon to be released.

Follow her on her Instagram @misnia_bahri and Facebook page’s Putri Misnia Shary Bahri, Misnia Bahri Awaludin, stage name Mia.Ba

Early year in the life of Misnia Bahri refers to Nia(Naya) growing up in Al Muntazah, Doha, Qatar in the year 1996 and move to Al-khor community, in the year 1997.

Work as receptionist libarian Admin assistant for Teyseer Services Company WLL in Al-khor community, 7th August 2007-2008 , And signature new contract with new company AMWAJ Catering Services Ltd – QPSC 7th August 2007 leave on August 7th 2014. And start studying Early childhood education, at the Open Universities Australia Melbourne Australia complete her studies on the 28th June 2016 and gottan, married on warm summer July 12th 2016 to

Dr. Awaludin Abu Kusim , and move back to Amman, Jordan she both residence of Qatar & Jordan, she an Yemeni-Jordanians-Indian

behalf of her Dad and Acehnese-Padang royal descendant behalf of her mom yes you guess it right she grows up to Indonesia household mother she grew up with both languages indonesian and English.

Back in 1996 she grew up with music that brought her to the career as a singer songwriter translation OST-soundtrack for movies a Poetess back in the year 2007 that’s how her career start.

In the year 2022 – 2033 she busy with in the making of her comeback solo song Yes I do , her music career are base in Jordan, her Poetess Author career is in India. Most of her work are in English language.

Certified Author with the SGSH co-author of the book named “Art bless” October 12th 2022, and Co-author of anthology, book name ” The Zaika Palace” to BookSquirrel Publication November 4th 2022 Awards of participation story writing festival 2022 with Sapna Book House November 17th 2022

Solo-artist songwriter with local studio Marketune, Author poetess with Blue Rose Publisher.


A Lucknowite by heart, she has completed her studies in Lucknow and has BA degree in (J&MC) from Amity University Lucknow and M.A. English from Lucknow University. She is a painter and loves to compile painting and poetry together. Her writings and fine arts are fueled by emotional values.

•Subhankar Ghosh

Subhankar Ghosh is a 39-year-old government servant who currently resides in the vibrant city of Kolkata. He is happily married to Priyanka Ghosh and together they have a delightful four-year-old daughter. Subhankar’s early life was marked by constant moving due to his father’s transferable jobs in the Air Force. As a result, he had the opportunity to study in different parts of India, experiencing diverse cultures and making friends along the way.

While still in college, Subhankar began his working career by taking up a job at an ice cream parlor in Agra. Later on, he moved to Chennai and joined various call centers, trying his hand at different industries. During his time in Chennai, he also became a part of Deccan Airways, which was eventually absorbed by Kingfisher Airlines. His dedication and hard work led him to Mumbai, where he started working at the bustling Mumbai International Airport.

In 2011, Subhankar made the decision to move to Kolkata, which has been his home for the past 12 years. Unfortunately, he faced the heartbreaking loss of his father last year, who had always been his pillar of strength. However, he finds solace and support from his mother and elder sister, who reside in Bangalore and provide him with the much-needed parental guidance he still craves.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Subhankar has also achieved notable accomplishments. In his school days, he won a silver medal in swimming during his ninth grade. This early success motivated him to push further, and in 2004-2005, he earned a gold medal for being the Best Cadet in the Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal zone. These achievements have instilled a sense of determination within him, propelling him to excel in different aspects of his life.

One of Subhankar’s recent achievements is the publication of his debut novel, “Stay.. With Me.” This romantic novel has garnered rave reviews and has captivated readers with its engaging love story between the characters Shobhit and Kirti. It is a narrative that explores the highs and lows of their relationship, showcasing the power of love and the resilience of the human heart. Subhankar’s novel has received tremendous support from readers, and it is warmly recommended to anyone who enjoys a heartfelt and passionate story.

Subhankar Ghosh’s life is a testament to his resilience and determination. From his humble beginnings in an ice cream parlor to his current position as a government servant, Subhankar has surmounted challenges and carved his path to success. Through his achievements and personal experiences, he continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams relentlessly. With his support system in place and his passion for writing, Subhankar is bound to achieve greater heights in the future.

•Kunal Magar

Name: Kunal Vitthal Magar

Mother’s Name: Pushpa Vitthal Magar

Literary Name: Kavi Krunal

City : Goregaon, Mumbai

Education: TYBA.MMC Multimedia Mass Communication

Designation : Graphics Designer


A collection of self-written and collected poetry My Kavyasvedana.

Participating as a co-poet in many anthologies like Pretangalingan, Bhuk, Rahasya Premache, Sameer anthology, My Dollar Valentine, Some Unsaid Stories Anthology etc.

A collection of Marathi and English poems and short stories.

Writing for poems and short stories in Marathi, Hindi and English.

•Archana Tyagi

में अर्चना त्यागी w/o राहुल त्यागी नीति खंड 1इंदिरापुरम गाजियाबाद की रहनें वालीं हूॅ। में एक अध्यापिका हूॅ। मेंने चौधरी चरण सिंह विश्वविद्यालय से पोस्ट ग्रेजुएट किया है। मेरी केई पुस्तक,वासुविशेषांक, लफ्ज,मन के झरोखे, मुसाफिर आदि प्रकाशित हों चुकीं हैं। में स्थायी रूप से रासना मेरठ की मूल निवासी हूॅ।

•Hetal Datta Sachde

This is Hetal Datta Sachde from Diva Lifestyle Hub. Hetal is a multi-talented professional, serving as a Well-being & Career Coach, Trainer, Speaker, YouTuber, and Writer.

She excels as both a personal and corporate mentor.

Hetal holds impressive qualifications, including an M.Sc., MBA, NDDY, and international certifications in life, career, and wellbeing coaching. She is also certified by ISSA.

Her contributions extend to co-authoring numerous books and articles. Prior to her coaching journey, she spent a decade in the corporate IT world, gaining valuable insights into the professional realm.

She write simple, practical self-help books for ordinary people who seek extraordinary results.

If you like simple practical and inspiring books, and are committed to improve your life, you’ll love her work.

Hetal’s core belief is : ‘Think right to live right, Believe because it works.’ She has completed book ” life tweek” and in the progress of book ” Blueprint for growth”

During her leisure time, she finds solace in the pages of books, reconnects with nature, and derives joy from educating and empowering others while cherishing quality time with her family.

For inquiries and consultations, you can reach out to her through the following channels:

  • Email: diva.lifestylee@gmail.com
  • Website: https://divalifestylehub.com
  • Instagram: @diva.lifestyle.hub and @career.coaching.dlh
  • Facebook: Career Coach – Hetal Datta Sachde
  • Twitter: @NutriTrend
  • LinkedIn: Hetal Datta
  • Contact/Whatsup: 73043 60961

Additionally, Hetal manages a YouTube channel dedicated to wellness and meditation:

  • English Channel: DIVA LIFESTYLE HUB – Bring a change.
  • Hindi Channel: Diva Lifestyle Hub_Hindi
  • Gujarati Channel: Diva Lifestyle Hub_Gujarati

Experience positive transformations with Diva Lifestyle Hub, Stay Connected.

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