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Yusuf Shameel Shaikh is a passionate Writer who believes in self-love

Yusuf Shameel Shaikh is a 27 year old writer with zeal who believes in self-love. A civil engineer working abroad as a operation incharge at a trading company. Yusuf Shameel Shaikh loves making Instagram Reels on love and broken soul.

Yusuf shameel shaikh is like a book having two covers. Extrovert for the readers and Introvert for the one who get no chill while looking at the cover. Twenty seven years old , just a number to count is a writer with zeal and believes in self love. Shameel strongly believes that every one should be financially independent.

He completed his graduation in civil engineer and then proceed for Abroad there he is an operation incharge of one of trading company, He loves making Reels on love and broken soul on Instagram. He loves to spend time alone which he believes that own company will give thoughts and creativity so that easily ink,
2020 was a track changing for him has he faced many unexpected things in life.

He achieved Opus talented Award 2021,Achievement Award 2021, Best writer award 2021. Two podcast, interviews and got to work with anthologies with many outstanding compiler who supported him in lot.
Shameel believes that the youth are facing the pressure to lend name from the society but he believes earn them. Develop self love and the Youth will become optimistic and trust yourself.

Instagram: @shastoughts

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