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Women being honored with Indian Woman Awards 2021 for their impeccable contributions

Powered by Nirgia Brand Promoters, The Indian Woman Awards were held in the month of December, recognizing and congratulating Indian women who are performing outstanding jobs in any of the categories. Women have been constrained to symbols of beauty, elegance, motherhood, and housewife since the dawn of time, and as a result, their self-confidence and self-respect have been plundered. However, as time has passed, society has recognized that they have the potential to achieve greater heights.

On December 4th, the Indian Woman Awards, a one-of-a-kind beauty pageant supported by Nirgia Brand Promoters, conducted a virtual award ceremony in which Indian women who are performing commendable jobs in any of the categories were recognized and awarded. Due to the current health crisis, the ceremony was hosted by Swati Wadhawan and held over the virtual platform Zoom.

The eminent speakers

Dr. Jaspinder Narula was the Chief Guest of the Grand Pageant, while Renu Mathur was the Guest of Honour. Sarita Rathore, Mansi Yogesh Thakkar, Smita TR, Ayesha Shaik from Dubai, Patricia Gonde from Zimbabwe, and Sabnam Mostari from Bangladesh were among the other speakers during the event.

The winning tiles

There were more than 1200 nominations received by the IWA organizers. The beauty events witnessed winners like IW Yoga Instructor Award won by Shwetha Jayanth; IW Architect Award won by Ayesha Sadaf; IW Educator Award won by Prof. Sri Aishwarya Balu, Priyanca Ghosh, Amora. A, Revathi Jegan, Sowmya Konduri, Viswa Chaithanya Varalaxmi.S, Prof.(Dr.)Surabhi Singh and K.Vijaya Lakshmi; IW Doctor Award won by Dr. Asha Queen, Dr. Suhani Gupta, Prof. Dr. Reshma Suryavanshi, and Dr. Sania Noorani; IW Art & Culture Award won by Anupama Trigunayat, and IW Journalist Award won by Lakshmi L Lund. The IW Writer Award was received by nine excellent writers Riya Pawar, Zarifah Zahan, Deepali Bajaj, Yutika Rajanak, Swapna Borthakur Dr. Karthika SB, Dr. Deepti Gupta, Pragya Gogoi, and Arshiya Singha while the IW Leadership Award went to Dr. Madhumita Sen Gupta, Prof. Ina Shastri, Vijaya Radhika Behara, Sakshi Arora, Meenakshi Zarabi, Dr. Rekha Sethi, Swadha Shubham Goel, Rinku Sukumar Biswas, Dr. Anjalatchi Muthukumaran, Ms. G Shantha Lakshmi and Pakhi Garg.

There were other titles accorded in the event which included IW Mompreneur Award won by Yalini and Rumi Borah; IW Spiritual Leader Award won by Monica Sharma, Kashika Rakhiani, and Priyanka Kumari; IW Covid Warrior Award won by Renu Sharma; IW Fashion Award won by Prachi Narkar; IW Singer Award won by Jaya Nag; IW Dancer Award won by Chitrita Khan and Nishika Show; IW Psychologist Award won by Nisha Vishnoi; IW Social Worker Award won by Sangeeta Ganna; IW Manager Award won by Asha M Sait; IW Artist Award won by Smitha K E; IW Innovator Award won by Dr. Sarika Verma; IW Influencer Award won by Parvathy Nayana PP and Arputha Jayanthi; IW Business Award won by Sanyogeeta Umesh Kalkundrikar; IW Researcher Award won by Prof. Vani Ramesh and Uditi Handa; and IW Entrepreneur Award won by Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat, Vibhati Paul, AR. Keerthikhasree, Prabhavathi. K, Janaki, Sweta Samota, Prof. Srichithra Pradeep Pillai, and Shadab Muzammil.

G Sree Laxmi, Anjali Raina, Shuba A.C, Dr. Satya Singh, Rhea Khanna, Dr. Kavita Sharma, Radha Raidas, Joshica Ayyappan, Gopika Unni, Sakshi Duggal Kumria, Adv Soniya Gajbhiye, Nagamani TR, Renu Singh, and Shreya Halder were awarded the title of Super Woman. The Super Woman Social Entrepreneur Award went to Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala.

Nirgia Brand Promoters and IWA, founded by Harpreet Kaur, are a forum for encouraging Indian married women who have discovered their potential and achieved great heights while supporting their families and enterprises. “I am lucky enough to have been able to welcome so many creative persons under one roof,” Harpreet Kaur says, expressing her thanks. “Each of them is distinctive in her own way. As a lady, these moments of acknowledgment have filled me with pride”, she added.

An event honoring the best

Women have been restricted to traditional gender norms defined by a male-dominated society for millennia. With their fearlessness, self-resilience, and self-confidence, modern women, on the other hand, are breaking down every barrier in their path. As a result, IWA has stepped forward to congratulate all those women who have excelled in their careers while defying society’s preconceived conceptions and perceptions. Every woman is doing incredible things to support her family, business, and society, and we honour them all for their altruistic contributions to the nation’s development. As a result, IWA has stepped forward to congratulate all those women who have excelled in their careers while defying society’s preconceived conceptions and perceptions.

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