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With the raging success of poetry book “Musings and Memories” by Madhurima, heights of glory is visibly noticed through the love and enormous appreciation she has been receiving from her readers.

The author is now all set to pen her debut novel. From the sources to be believed, Madhurima is officially boarding with Spotwright publication to launch the novel as she shares her special connection with the team for “Musings and Memories” gaining massive success till this date. Through the candid conversation, she reveals the progress of her manuscript provided the successful completion of 14 chapters.

The specialty of her work is that the glimpse presumed to be illustrations adding on every chapter pertaining to the context. Despite the positive feedback, Madhurima shares a sting of activities taking place in her insta handle. As to the questions keeps flooding that why the numerous pictures have mention of Rahul Subramanian or Karthik Kumar.

“People call me attention seeker, time waster, toxic fan and what not? It’s sad to see how my researching is blowing out of proportion. And I always write lengthy captions explaining the reasons of drawing inspiration from them. To construct a plot and to make the characters authentic in regards to the backdrop, we need to take inspiration of certain personalities. It’s absolutely professional thing for every author to do. And I do respect them for having me healed in many ways, which I believe it’s high time I should pay back to their contribution. Hence I dedicate the novel”

Madhurima, is in no rush to release her novel. However, Spotwright publication had approved her manuscript and they made official to launch under their house.

“I am doing proper research. They are renowned personalities let’s not screw things up by writing something that will trigger sting to their hardwork. Although it’s a pure work of fiction but writing about stand up comic art without an adequate research might trigger the reputation of every personality in the industry has” adds Madhurima.

In a candid conversation with digital golgappa, Madhurima also clarifies as to why only Rahul Subramanian, Karthik Kumar and Rag Mayur have become the part of research that marks an end to the baseless assumptions of readers.

“I have no idea if this system works in India but in the US before constructing a book, movie or poetry we do intense research. In addition to the genre of plot and the characters of background need to have inspiration support to approach close to distinct reality. So, someone reads the characters let readers imagine Karthik Kumar, Rahul Subramanian and Rag Mayur. It will be a sheer delight. Also, illustrations are included that’s significant part of my novel and I am drawing the body language of these three personalities. Hence the importance of acknowledging their names louder becomes necessary, to prevent the future copyright law and plagiarism” she explains.

Based on the explanation it becomes evident that Madhurima isn’t carried away and sticking to the right path of work. So as to the curios concerns raising if Karthik Kumar, Rahul Subramanian and Rag Mayur will get attention rather her effort to which she responds “I am glad if that happens. Let that happen this is also like a reward for my work. And if they gain attention, it’s like a celebration to me. I will be happy as to they deserve love from millions”.

With this, we wish her best and waiting for her book to get release.

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