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Unité Publication Becomes The Leading Publication Company Of The Year 2022.

Unité Publication Becomes The Leading Publication Company Of The Year 2022.

Nikhil Jain recently got awarded with Maharashtra Business Awards by Marathi actress, Sonalee Kulkarni for his entrepreneurship, Unité Publication which becomes The Leading Publication Company Of The Year 2022 and Nikhil also took this opportunity to launch his book named “Apsara” dedicated to actress, Sonalee Kulkarni which consists of different literary pieces dedicated to the iconic actress.

About Unité Publication

Unité Publication founded by Nikhil Jain and Rajvi Shah whose name is derived from French word. It is a publication whose name itself means (Being Together), whose sole purpose of establishing it is to take everyone along.

The Unité Publication was established on February 2021. It is
operated by Nikhil Jain and Rajvi Shah under which the
publication of single books (solo) and collections (anthology, magazines) is being done efficiently by the highest and latest
efforts tirelessly.

Unité Publication Becomes The Leading Publication Company Of The Year 2022.

The Unité Publication doesn’t give opportunities to just writers,
poets, storytellers but also to photographers, chef, artist and many more. We publish recipe book, artistic book, photography book and many more.
So far More than 140 books have been published. Prior to the establishment of the community, we have ensured that our sole objective is to provide the highest platform to budding writers so that they can present their talents to world. The institution is moving towards promoting the activities of publishing at different levels.
You can connect with us for making your dream successful:
Contact Information,

About The Book “Apsara” By Nikhil Jain

The book “Apsara” by Nikhil Jain is a perfect blend of different literary pieces dedicated to Sonalee Kulkarni.This book is a small present to this dynamic personality who has made all of us proud by her commendable work.
This book includes 25 forms of poetry that describe how charming, notable and adorable she is.
You still have a long way to go ma’am. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

About Nikhil Jain

Nikhil Jain

Nikhil Jain is a young hustler from a beautiful city of Dhule, Maharashtra. He has done professional cources like BBm and MBA, and is a writer by passion. He is the founder of Unitè Publication which is recently recognised as the Leading Publication Company of the year, Nikhil received this award from a Marathi acctress Sonalee Kulkarni who is known as Apsara. He also laid foundation of love.vibes143 which provides beautiful platform to young budding writers.

Nikhil Jain is the founder of Unité publication and love.vibes143. He has been co-author in more than 500 books and a compiler of more than 90+ books.
Nikhil Jain, plays the key role of Editor in Bap Publication.
Recently, two world records have been recorded under Inkzoid Book of Records in the name of Nikhil Jain, one of which is “100 Saino” (first book written entirely based on saino, by 6 different writers from 6 different cities) and the otherone “Gagar Mein Sagar” (which consists of more than 10 different styles of poems composed in 7 different native and foreign languages) is a unique book in itself.
Nikhil, plays the role of Assistant Manager of an E_page named lovers.stop_143, which always strives to provide a platform for the young growing minds. Just a few days back, he was put in ‘The Top 22 Sensational Writers of India’. He was honoured with The Opus Talent Awards in the year 2021. This news is available on Fab World Today, Time Bulletin.

To join him, you can contact him via Instagram:-@love.vibes143

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