Twinkle Kapkoti – The Best & Finest Celebrity Makeup Artist Of Haldwani.

Twinkle Makeover is a parlour founded by Twinkle Kapkoti who is the best and finest celebrity makeup artist of Haldwani and her parlour is for ladies which have many facilities like Bridal makeup, party makeup, nail extensions, hair treatment, Rebonding Keratin,hair spa, botox, kera smoothing, facial(all skin type facial),hydra facial etc and this parlour was established in the year of 2015.


Twinkle Makeover Is The Best In Haldwani because it’s owner Twinkle Kapkoti is the “best” celebrity makeup artist who combines technical skill with interpersonal qualities to create a positive and successful experience for the client and here’s a breakdown of some key qualities to look for.


•Mastery of fundamentals: A strong understanding of color theory, shading, blending, and application techniques is essential.

•Product knowledge: The ability to recommend products that suit different skin types and needs.

•Versatility: The ability to create various makeup styles, from natural to dramatic.

•Hygiene and sanitation: Maintaining a clean workspace and using sanitized tools is crucial.


•Excellent Communication: Actively listening to client desires and effectively communicating ideas.

•Creativity and artistry: The ability to translate a client’s vision into a beautiful and flattering makeup look.

•Patience and adaptability: Being able to work calmly under pressure and adjust techniques for different skin types and features.

•Professionalism: Arriving on time, maintaining a clean appearance, and acting with courtesy.

•People skills: Putting clients at ease, building trust, and creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


•Passion for the beauty industry: A genuine enthusiasm for makeup goes a long way.

•Continuing education: Staying up-to-date on trends and techniques through workshops or classes.

Remember, the ideal makeup artist for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. By prioritizing the qualities that matter most to you, you’ll be well on your way to finding a makeup artist who makes you look and feel your best!


Name:- Twinkle kapkoti
Age:- 32
From:- Haldwani
Work experience:- 15 year
Our brand name :- Twinkle Makeover :-
Establishment Year:- 2015

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