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TikTuck to file the response against allegations made from Chinese banned short video platform – TikTok

Indian Government on 29th June 2020 banned over 50 Chinese apps including short video app TikTok, which was major setback for its owners as India was the major revenue generation market for them. This action was taken by the government amid rising complaints about the misuse of Chinese apps for unauthorized transmission of data to servers located outside India.  Prior to this The Madras High Court also imposed a ban on the short video app for a brief period on the charges of hosting sleazy and pornographic material.

We had words with Mr. Zuberi, who is the founder of Mum Era Enterprises; he told that they introduced this app named as TickTuck way back in August 2011, while TikTok was introduced in September 2016. Mr. Zuberi also stated that Byte Dance filed their allegations on June 30th 2021, an year after it suffered country wide ban in India on June 29th 2020.

In the notice, it has mentioned that the makers of TikTuck have displayed malafide intentions through the adoption and registration of its trademark. In its application dated June 30, 2021, it has thus requested the Office of the Trade Marks Registry in India to cancel, refuse or invalidate the registration of the trademark, “TikTuck” under the THE TRADE MARKS ACT, 1999, Zuberi added.

He added, “The Registrar of Trade Marks has already accepted and advertised TikTuck after getting a satisfying reply to its objection letter dated Feb 16th, 2021. The adverse reaction from TikTok is therefore surprising.” Mr. Zuberi further iterated, “We have been in the online field since 2009 and have in fact organized India’s first ever online event – K B Miss Mumbai 2009. Our idea of TikTuck is also original and we will fight tooth and nail to retain our uniqueness”. “We are looking for all the legal options to safeguard our Trademark against the groundless allegations of TikTok. We will definitely come out victorious.” he concluded.

TickTuck a short video app is founded by Mr. Shareef Zuberi (also a proprietor of Mum Era Enterprises) and co-founded by Ms. Tulsi Chaudhary (Actor, Producer and founder of Sheeny Star Maker Pvt Ltd). With its office head -quartered in Aligarh, UP, the one-of-its-kind app adds yet another cap to the rich and famous identity of the city, which holds a global recognition for Aligarh Muslim University and locks. The app comprises multiple features to help interested users come up with entertaining videos. This app was introduced in the year 2011, and it finally made it to the Google Play Store in 2021.

We came to know that Mr. Zuberi was in news in the year 2009 when he organized K B Miss Mumbai 2009, India’s first online event, two years later in the year 2011, he filed lawsuit against the director Ram Gopal Verma regarding the copyrights issue of Verma’s release, ‘Not A Love Story’. Zuberi claimed that Ram Gopal Verma copied one of his films titled ‘Lov Affair’ based on the murder case of Neeraj Grover in his latest film. Zuberi also acted in a short film Mrs. Scooter alongside Anjali Patil, released on Amazon Prime. He is also the co-founder and director of Sheeny Star Maker Pvt Limited that focuses on In-film branding. Now he is working for his latest app – to make it a grand success.

Ms. Tulsi Chaudhary, A graduate in Arts from Tika Ram Mandir, Aligarh, is the first female to share the stage with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Aligarh Muslim University. She is a well known Producer, Actress and founder of Sheeny Star Maker Pvt Ltd. She has also appeared in the documentary like: ‘The World Before Her’ made by the Canadian Director Nisha Pahuja. Worked in the movie: ‘Yeh Kaisa Nasha’ that has garnered more than 2.4 million YouTube views since its upload in 2011. She has also share stage with Govinda. She has worked for girls who want to transform their ambitious dreams to reality by organizing a Miss Indo Asia Beauty Pageant in 2018 with Zareen Khan.. 

Moreover, the app stores are full of apps like Tiktok with identical logos, similar sounding names and nearly the same features. With countless such apps already doing the rounds over the web, singling out TikTuck is indeed intriguing. You can download the app and feel the difference and how to define TikTuck (make someone, especially a child, comfortable in bed by pulling the covers up round them. “he carried her back to bed and tucked her in”)


TikTok; the name, apparently, is a play on tick-tock, onomatopoeia for clocks and a term for countdowns and minute-by-minute action.

Tiktuck available on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tiktuck.app

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