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The Top 18 Write ups Of The Year 2022.

The Top 18 Write ups Of The Year 2022

The top 18 Write ups of the year 2022 are written by Mayaa SH,Dr VKV Prasad,Rashmi Shukla,Shreya Sinha,Ruchi Singla,Divya Dudia,Alfiya Khan,Asila Jaques,Payal Chowdhury,Rohan Nath,Dr Chirag Parmar,Krishna Kumar,Semina Himani,Shahista Agwan,Dheeraj Mohan,Rashmi Menon,Puja Satpute and Keyuri Patel.

Team INKZOID FOUNDATION in association with The Writers Alliance are very happy to felicitate these writers for showing up their hardwork,dedication and creativity for their wonderful write ups.

Unlock the Potential Within You- Focus On Mental Health : By Mayaa SH

The 21st century is an era of ‘mental crisis’. From children to the elderly, everyone is living under stress due to the pressure of the demands of modern lifestyle. The World Health Organization predicts that stress-related diseases will outnumber infectious diseases by 2030. In such a situation, it is necessary that we understand the importance of mental health and be alert and ready to protect it. Mental health is extremely important in life. Health is an indicator of the completeness of person’s mental, physical and social life. Our mental health is more than physical health. It is determined on the basis of some kind of emotional, mental and social prosperity. Mental health is an index of our thinking and our behaviour. Its reflection is clearly visible in our social relationships to business relationships. The combination of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and relationships with others classifies our personality. This requires some effort and practice. Eating nutritious food and waking up on time is very important. A little walking is also necessary. Healthy lifestyle gives us a good health due to which our productivity increases; Physically we stay fit and get rid of health problems, remain stress free. Healthy lifestyle practices are: Good habits like a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and getting enough sleep, keep common diseases away.
It is necessary to develop the art of dealing with the difficulties and stresses of life and dealing with them efficiently. This art helps us to adjust and overcome every situation and saves us from stress.

-©Mayaa SH


I thought the night
Was darkness personified
With objects out of sight
And fear magnified

I thought the night
a sequence of slumber
When one loses the fight
To keep awake and lumber

I thought the night
Brought the worst in you
Even men with faces bright
Turned to thugs in blue

I thought the night
Was When thieves awoke
With junkies in flight
Who ran amok

I thought the night
Was when no peace reigned
When murderers sowed fright
In many an innocent mind

But one magnificent day
It dawned on me
amidst the shades of gray
there’s a phase of peace and harmony

The halcyon Sleep cured our ills
Gave rest to body and mind
And a tranquility that filled
The soul and left the anxiety behind

Everything in this universe
Has darkness and light
Has a blessing and a curse
Find the side that is right …..

-Dr. VKV Prasad


” When I step out in the arena of
acute and intensified darkness ,
Little do I know one forward foot
might take me to the World’s  madness.

I dream, I strive to the hilt many
a times failing to almost the core,
I break  into pieces  like morale is
falling in a pit draining you all the  more.

Life doesn’t end there ,I wait,I try
to the best of my purest capacity,
“Nothing is impossible”, this funda
has to be practicised with maximum intensity.

Gather yourself and mend your pieces
For it is you, who need your kind self ,
Start from where you stand in the moment
Endless waiting for an oppurtunity has no life shelve.

Vibes of positive reflection carry you miles
And overcome your own negativities,
Take control of the situation and for it is you who will execute the possibilities.

Determination will always be the key
To give you kick and sleepless nights,
Being Crazy as they may call but will
Certainly Push you to achieve wishes rights.

Be it even the “Black Hole” , every
question has an answer in this universe  mappen,
Everything damn’ is possible only thing is to ensure that “YES I’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

Eliminate all the impossible elements
and gather the altering perspective,
Flush out the defeatist attitude and attempt, engage with  sheer perseverance indeed subjective.”

And yes ofcourse the famous saying goes
Truly Believe this.

-Rashmi Shukla

Her Eyes : By Shreya Sinha

Her eyes have seen the beautiful days, 
but her heart denies to keep it alive. 
She walks with the memory of life, 
but talk with the run-of-the-mill.

She is full of life, but her life isn’t, 
her life is a commonplace. 
With dreams in her eyes and heart,
she wake up feeling sleepy. 

No one could ever have that courage, 
which is in her blood and heart.
Maybe one day, her eyes will sleep with a good memory of day. 

Melody of her dreams can be felt, 
but the tune is unheard by all.
She is a creature of suppressed passions, she is manque. 

No one knew that her eyes will see such dark days in her life. 
The eyes which were once smiling always, 
will force itself to weep. 

Her eyes made a life feel for her, 
a life which will fight for her.
Now, she isn’t alone, 
apple of her eye is with her. 

The life she created will make her eyes smile again. 
Then forever her eyes will smile. 

-Shreya Sinha

लड़की हूँ मैं : Ruchi Rachit Singla

हाँ लड़की हूँ, हां एक लड़की हूँ मैं,

हर किसी से लड़ती थी मैं !

की लड़का – लड़की एक हैं ये कहती थी मैं,

क्यों झलका आज मेरी आँखों से पानी,

क्या उभर आई, फिर वो पुरानी कहानी !

नहीं कर सकती तुम ये काम ,

क्यूंकि लड़की हो तुम जनाब !!

मूर्ति में पूजते हो उसे ,

सामने दुत्कारते हो इसे !

क्यों हमारे रास्ते में मुश्किलें, बंदिशें होती समाज की!

हमेशा किया अपनी इच्छाओं का बलिदान,

बदले में मिला सिर्फ और सिर्फ अपमान !

सरस्वती का अवतार हूँ मैं, शिक्षा का भंडार हूँ मैं !

बदकिस्मती मुझ पर हँसती, जब मैं खुद शिक्षा को तरसती !

लक्ष्मी का अवतार हूँ मैं, सुख समृद्धि का भंडार हूँ मैं!

बेबसी मुझ पर हँसती, जब मैं दहेज के लालच में मरती !

एक घर का चिराग हैं लड़के, तो दो घरों को रोशन

करती हैं लड़कियां !

तपती धूप की छाँव हैं लड़के, तो अमृत हैं लड़कियां !

यह मत भूलो की लड़कों को भी जन्म देती है लड़कियां !

क्यों एक कैद पंछी की तरह , उड़ने की ख्वाहिश लिए ,

समाज की बेड़ियों की जकड़न निराश कर रही मुझे!

उड़ने दो मुझे आज, जरा देखे तो यह बावला समाज !

जिसको समझा था एक लाचार असहाय चिड़िया !

तय कर सकती है, वो भी ऊँचे आकाश की दूरियाँ !

परिवर्तन हैं दुनिया का दस्तूर ,

करो अपने घमंड को चूर, न करो इन्हें अपने से दूर,

क्यूंकि लड़कियां हैं खुदा का नूर!!

-Ruchi Rachit Singla

बंद दरवाज़े : By Divya Rashmi Dudia

बंद दरवाज़े उन जिंदगी के पन्नो के जिनमें से कुछ लोग विदा हुए
बंद दरवाज़े उन मौकों के जो कभी ना आए
बंद दरवाज़े उस सोच के जो किसी तक पहुंच ना पाए
बंद दरवाज़े का खौंफ जो उस बच्चे के मन में रह गया जब उसने शैतानी की
बंद दरवाज़े उस किस्मत के जिसको हम कोसते रहते
उन सभी बंद दरवाजों की चाबी जिंदगी और हौसलों के हाथ है और वो समय और हिम्मत से ही खुलते है।

-Divya Rashmi Dudia

How is the world outside? : By Alfiya Khan

A girl is raped,
Oh no it’s a lie.
Her body lay dead,
But the victim is dry.

The world is cruel outside,
Oh god! Please be nice !

Look at those wide eyes,
With no tears left to cry.
Stomachs filled with butterflies,
Is this how they should tell the world bye ?

The world is sick outside,
Oh god ! Please be nice !

He was a little charm,
With long arms.
If he didn’t use them,
He was harmed.

The world is heartless outside,
Oh god ! Please be nice !

It’s enough that I have bend,
Just because I’m a women, I get assault.
I’m a women and in the end,
Being a women is my fault.

The world is unsafe outside,
Oh god! please be nice !

What is there in this worldly ride?
Oh man, get back to him and fear the lord.
Be your country’s pride,
And stop this and be a guard !

-Alfiya Khan


We all are born ,
In a different way ;
How we look ,
And everything we say.

Different things we discover ,
Various challenges we conquer ;
Different cultures we admire ,
Welcoming the unity and diversity In our attire.

If everyone were alike ,
With same size and like ;
You wouldn’t had been you ,
And I wouldn’t had been me .

So, let’s blend our ethnic voice ,
To kill the colour of like and choice ,
Let’s progress via diversity; let it be the key ;
Around the globe , from heaven to the sea.

Let’s create a better world together

-Asila Jaques


She was thrown, she was smashed,
She was ignored and left alone,
With all disrepute,
She was humiliated.

She was questioned for her defame,
No one bothered to prop up her,
With all disgrace in mind of hers,
She heard the scream of shame,shame and shame.

Was it all her guilt,to be the only one criticized?
What about the blameworthy who abandoned?
She lost her honor,name and position,
Her character got analyzed.

Days went,she strengthened,
Inspite of seeking help,
She explored herself.
She recognised her power,
Performed in every sphere keeping her word of honor.

She invested time,energy & intelligence on “her”,
She got back whatever was snatched from “her”
On regaining fame,recognition & honor,
People started admiring her.

In every corner “her” name was acclaimed,
“Her” story of greatness was then said.
She met a supportive leader,
She became a dynamic “her”.

Just as the epic of “Mahabharata”
She took “her” revenge this time.
Instead of relying on someone,
She made an identity of ” all- powerful her”
A dynamic, compelling and promising ,
Yet a transition in her story,
She recreated “her” authority.

“The Sarathi” too appeared this this time,
In the disguise of a supportive leader,
To ask her to hold her weapons,
And defeat every adversities.

With “her” every step of life when she stepped forward,
She recalls those days,
Wondering many more to come again,
From being a part of sympathy,
She became to be fearless warrior.

-Payal Chowdhury

“बेहना हमारी हमे माफ करो” : By Rohan Nath Aka Wrecked Soul

वो हर दिन उल्लंघन करते रहे
हम बस मोमबत्तियाँ जलाते रहे,
दर्द सुनी ना भगिनीओं की
वो हैवानियात अपनी दिखाते रहे।

जीवन को अंधकार मे ढकेला-फंदे पर लटकाया
विवाह का प्रस्ताव ना मानी तो तेजाब से स्नान कराया,
माँ-बाप के संस्कार मर गयी उनके भीतर
ये करने मैं लाज ना आया।

सियासते सुरक्षा पर भाषण देती रही
जिम्मेदारियों से मूह फेरती रही,
न्यायालय तारीख पर तारीख देती रही
काले कोठ वाले हैवानियात की गुनाहऔ पर परड़ा दालती रही।

निर्भया-आसीफा- अंकिता-प्रियंका
यूँही भगिनीओं कब तक ज़ुल्म सहे
माँ काली-माँ दुर्गा के इस पावन धरती पर खुल कर कैसे संहार करे,
स्त्री का दुख यहां समझे कौन
अश्क़ो के बदले रक्त बहे।

न्याय पालिका पर फाइल ए धूल क्यों खा रही
कानून चुप क्यों है
एसे हैवानऔ को अब मृत्युदंड दो
एसे हैवानऔ को अब साफ करो।

लाख कोशिश करके भी तुमहे बचा ना पाए,
बेहना हमारी हमे माफ करो।

-Rohan Nath (Wrecked Soul)

“इश्क़” : By Dr. Chirag Parmar

इश्क़ ख़ामोशी से जला देता है हमें
उनकी उतनी आदत हो जाती है
के सिगरेट के लास्ट कस की जलन भी हमें महसूस नहीं होती

इश्क न करो दोस्तों बहेतर है हम खुद को इश्क करे
कायनात बन जाती है जब इश्क के मैदान में थे उतरते

वक्त चला जाता है उन लम्होंमे जहा कोई शिकवा नहीं होता
पर हाले दिल किसे बयां करे जब वो रूठ जाते है

क्या गलत क्या सही वो फेंसलेमे ही इश्क की मजा चली जाती है
दोनों इश्क के समंदर में डुब जाते है
फिर कुछ गलतिया इस इश्क को डूबा जाता है ???

-Dr. Chirag Parmar

कैसे कामयाबी आपके कदम चूमें : By Krishna Kumar

कैसे कामयाबी आपके कदम चूमें
ये सोच – सोच के मेरा दिल झूमें
ज्योंही मैंने ये टाइटल रखा
कामयाबी का स्वाद चखा
अपने चारों तरफ धनात्मक ऊर्जा रखेंगे हरदम
आगे – ही – आगे बढ़ायेंगे कदम
जो चाहोगे वो मिलेगा
चमन में सुन्दर फूल खिलेगा
पहले करो मंज़िल निर्धारण
टीम बनाओ सुन्दर पावन
नित प्रतिदिन करो तरक्की का विचार
मन मंदिर में हो पोषण का संचार
लिस्ट बनाना , कॉल करना , फ्लोअप रखना मार्केटिंग का ये रूल
सफलता तुम्हारे कदम चूमेगी ये न जाना भूल

क्लेमिंग – ब्लेमिंग गेम का न हो प्रचलन
” Krishna ” चिंता मत करो , करो चिंतन
जोश , जज़्बा , जूनून रखेंगे हरदम
आगे – ही – आगे बढ़ायेंगे कदम

-Krishna Kumar

It Was My 5th Birthday When I Met Her : By Semina Himani

She has pretty attractive eyes with fluffy long black hair ,her dress was literally eye-catching.
So I gave her a beautiful name to call her.

Her height is average, not so big, not so small.
So sweetie is the best name to call.

She listens to me when no one does
She is one of my best Chums.
She doesn’t get mad nor hold grudges
So I hugged and kissed her.

Whenever I feel low or down, I just run to her
She listens to me without any judgement.
She’s not human but for me not less than a human
Through the gift of my dad I got a forever friend.

Always sitting on an unmoving chair
No complaints on face
Rosy color cheeks
Red headband holding hair
She is precious
She is unique

Now I have a true friend
But it’s not accepted by fate.
So one bad day I lost all my happiness and comfort with her.

With time
I miss my doll
I lost my doll

With a busy schedule
When it was the hectic day
I feel at least I got one day
Where I can say my feeling to my doll
Hug her and sleep

Everything is the same now, the wall, the room each and everything but what’s not the same as before is my peace , comfort and happiness.
Because again I lost everything with her.

-Semina Himani

अपनी पहचान बनाना बाकी है। : By Shahista Agwan

अभी तो मैंने सपने देखने शुरू किये हैं।
अभी सपनों को हकीकत बनाना बाकी है।।

अभी तो मैंने हौसलों से दोस्ती की है।
अभी उम्मीदों को पूरा करना बाकी है।।

अभी तो मेरी आँखों ने कुछ ख्वाब देखे हैं।
अभी इन्हें अपनी ज़िंदगी में जीना बाकी है।

माना कि, मेरा सफर बहुत ही मुश्किल है।
लेकिन इन मुश्किल सफर में, कुछ तज़ुर्बे बाकी हैं।।

अगर कोई ख्वाब आसानी से पूरा हो जाये,
तो ज़िन्दगी जीने में क्या ही मज़ा आएगा?

अभी तो खुद पे यक़ीन आया है कि
“मैं भी कुछ कर सकती हूँ”
अभी तो दुनिया की सोच से लड़ना बाकी है।

हाँ, मुझे शुरुवात में बार बार ना-कामयाबी मिलेगी;
लेकिन इन नाकामयाबी से भी कुछ सीखना बाकी है।।

मुझे डर नहीं लगता लोगों की बातों और सोच से,
मुझे डर है कि मैं कभी खुद से ना हार जाऊँ।

मैं करुँगी कोशिश अपनी आखिरी साँस तक;
क्योंकि मैं तो अपने सपनों के लिये ही जिंदा हूँ।

पहली बार मैं खुद के लिये सोचने लगी हूँ।
इतनी आसानी से मैं अपने सपनों को ना तोडूंगी।।

यह आज तक जो लोग मुझे कहते आये हैं;
यह अपनी ज़िंदगी में कुछ नहीं कर सकती।

क्योंकि यह तो अनपढ़ जाहिल गवार है;
इन सबको मैं एक दिन अपनी कामयाबी का ताज दिखाऊँगी।

अब यह बात सिर्फ मेरे सपनों की नहीं हैं क्योंकि
अभी मुझे खुद पर गर्व करना बाकी है।।

माना कि लोग मुझे अभी “शाही” नाम से जानते हैं।
लेकिन अभी इस “शाही” नाम के आगे पहचान बनाना बाकी है।।

©ऑथर शाहिस्ता अगवान (शाही)

THE END : By Dheeraj Mohan

Like a parking lot
Of a single screen theatre
That wears a deserted look
When a flop movie is running
On any given weekend,
Your absence has left
Such an emptiness.
But the memories
Resemble the same parking lot
When a hit film is being screened
Regardless of any day of the week.
I never expected
Our relationship will resemble
A screenplay of a Bollywood potboiler.
Now that it’s over
The climax has left me drained
Could their have been
A different resolution!
This one has left me
At the crossroads
That looks more like a dead end.

-Dheeraj Mohan

What if ? : By Rashmi Menon

What if there were no sunsets ?
What if there were no moonlit nights ?
What if the sea was silent ?
What if the flowers won’t blossom ?
What if the bees won’t buzz ?
What if doesn’t rain or snow ?
What if birds don’t chirp?
Never does the sun or moon know ,
Never does the sea know ,
Never does bee or flower know ,
Never does the rain or snow know ,
The sounds of silence that surround us ,
Is it just an illusion ?
Or another day in paradise ?

~Taken From The Book : “Impressions”

-Rashmi Menon


It is rightly said, ‘For every downturn in life, God lands us to the destination designed for us.’ We should never challenge the predetermined journey planned by the universe.
‘Universe has a power to change our life magically!
Four years ago, when I kept my feet on the ground of Leh airport, I never thought that this trip would be a turning point of my life. After freshening up, my mother and I with the fellow travellers made our way to the most mesmerizing site, ‘Pangong Tso Lake’. Arriving at the location, everyone including my mother gathered and started chit chatting with each other. As I was suffering from anxiety, I excused myself and chose to sat on the shore observing the charm and picturesqueness of the vicinity.
The captivating scenery charged my senses and I thought to have a chat with nature…
Adoring the water in Lake, I asked, ‘ You do not have your own colour but still you look vibrant.’
Gently surging towards me, the water said, ‘ Though I do not possess my own colour, but the reflection of sky make me look appealing. I am thankful to him for making me so worthy.’
In a moment I heard a soft chuckle. It was from sky.
The water asked him, ‘Why are you laughing?’ Making a muffled sound, the sky whispered, ‘Why are you thanking me. I should be grateful to you because I am able to adore my beauty by seeing my reflection in you.’ Listening to their conversation, I teased them and asked, ‘don’t you both feel bore by facing each other whole day?’
To which the clouds replied, whenever such situation arise, we are there to transform their mood.
I giggled and turning towards the mountain I asked, don’t you feel terrible to stand here eternally?’
In a merry tone, the mountain replied, ‘I am obliged because my existence helps the water to remain tranquil.’
The meaningful conversation with nature changed my perspective towards life and found what the universe was trying to tell me. I really enjoyed witnessing the magic of the universe. Love is not just presenting someone roses, chocolates and expensive gifts. It is an attachment of being with someone and positively supporting each other during a bad patch. Letting go of my relationship anxiety, I stood up, thanked God for bringing me to such a magnificient place.
With positive transformation, I spinned around to look for my mother and locked my pupils with the enchanting deep set of black eyeballs which was admiring my non-verbal communication with nature and witnessing magical glow on my face. Yes! It is correctly said, ‘By letting go of wrong people we surely able to create space for right one.

-Puja Satpute

YOU WILL ACHIEVE : By Keyuri Patel

When you will kick the ball,
You will achieve your goal,

When you waste the time in fight,
You can not make your mind light,

When you will cry for your goals,
You will try for achieve your goals,

When you will start own business,
You will lost it yet achieve success,

When anybody believe on yourself,
They are more than clever yourself,

When you decide the end of your life,
Than you forget beautiful part of your life,

You can’t stand up in front people, why ?,
Because you are afraid and you are very shy…

-Keyuri Patel

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