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The Top 18 Gems Of India.

The Top 18 Gems Of India.

The top 18 gems of India are Yumna Gulvez,Mahak Chawla,Sanjali Mittal, Dikshita Singh,Debanjali Adhikary,Smilee Prashant Bhatt,Khushi Gupta,Agnibho Mitra,Aryan Sharma,Trishna Chakraborty,Asmi Barman,Eram Naz, Manisha Venkatesan,Jay Krishan Burman,Safa Abdul Azeez,Shree Basu,Fehmina Siddiqui & Khushi Agarwal.Team INKZOID FOUNDATION and the founder Durlav Sarkar always believes in felicitating the true talents all over the Globe from all spheres who achieved a stage in their life through hardwork, dedication and creativity towards their respective field and honour the the true gems of the society.

So Here Are Some Of The Gems Of India

Yumna Gulvez

Yumna Gulvez is a 15 years old bibliophile soul been a true believer of hardwork, dedication, creativity makes five world records in a row for being the Fastest Solo-book Writer,Fastest Biography Writer,Longest Solo Book Writer, Youngest Publisher and Fastest Manuscripter in the whole world recognised by Inkzoid Book Of Records,OMG Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records. Yumna Gulvez is also the founder of Serving You Publication, certified as India’s Future Tycoon and firmly believes in revolutionary change through massive actions.Currently she is the youngest publisher in the whole world and her mentor is Durlav Sarkar who is a celebrity entrepreneur and multiple world record holder.

Mahak Chawla

A young girl with million dreams ,
Working hard to achieve them so keen ,
Hustling bustling in her everyday life,
She just wants to reach the heights.

The beautiful soul hailing from the laps of Nainital
“Mahak Chawla” is an author and a passionate learner just of 17 years currently a student of Army Public school, hempur. She believes in her own hard work and determination for her passion . Her parents are ( Mr . Vijay Chawla) And ( Mrs. Deepika Chawla).Writing for her is nonetheless than having a best friend . If just told in short terms she is an enthusiastic person, a bibliophile, and a gregarious person. Starting from her childhood she had a lot of curiosity in participating in various events in every field and not only just participating in them but also she used to win every competition she was a part of. She is so much determined towards her ownselves and also want to fulfill her dream of being a worldwide famous speaker .She is a part of international book named (Love is Love) and An International selection book too. She is a writer, co author , Manager and Marketing Head,   member of  women development secretary of Council of All India Azad Hind Association and is a  compiler  too  worked  on many  anthologies including National, International and India Records too and worked as a co author in 75+anthos within 1 month and compiled her 20 + anthos and working on many more.  

Mahak Chawla from Ramnagar Nainital made a duo world record, Inkzoid record , Omg Record and also India book of record by compiling an anthology with 20 writers in it who jotted their Amazing musings and has also made an omg and India book of record by Writing a duo book on ( Durlav Sarkar) within just 36 hours which also makes her a multiple world record holder. Her name is also enlisted In Nainital Uttarakhand government list as a record holder.

Sanjali Mittal

Sanjali Mittal, Living in Ambala,Haryana and born on 29th August,2004. She is pursuing her 12th(Science stream) from The S.D Vidya School,Ambala Cantt.

She is the world record holder under Inkzoid Book Of Records And Glorious Book of Records
for writing 200 2 liners in 200 minutes. She has been awarded by Talent Pillar Awards, Fabo Awards,Go Inkzodiac, Ingenious Galore, Inkzoid Shining Stars for being the achiever and iconic personality of the year 2022.

She likes to represent her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions through writing. She is a state level sports player in fencing and badminton. Sports is her first love and she has won around 50 prizes.

It has been 8 months since she is in writing field. She is also a writer, co-author, compiler, and project head. Not only this, she is now the founder of Writer’s Hub Publication which is under Inkzoid Foundation (best publication founded by Durlav Sarkar who is the god of writing industry).

Dikshita Singh

Dikshita Singh is a 23-year-old ambitious girl, nowadays pursuing her BA(English Honours) from a government university. Apart from this, she is a graphic designer and also studying fashion design. she has accomplished more than 20+ anthologies as a co-author. As in many communities, she is serving the role of community head, judge and co-founder she is an English or Hindi writer who belongs from Mau Uttar Pradesh. Also, she’s been awarded many achievements in the writing field, she learn fashion designing from different online platforms. she always writes her feelings in her writing, and her dream is to join the army and serve her nation.
Instagram Handle: Dikshita_singh09

Debanjali Adhikary

Debanjali Adhikary was born in howrah , west bengal but lives in Delhi due to her father’s work. Her father is an artist and also a teacher. She started writing at the age of 13. She completed her school from DAV public school vikaspuri new Delhi .She also did diploma in fine arts.
She is also a rangoli artist.She also learnt oddisi dance.

She used to participate in competitions in her school life.
Presently she appeared for neet exam and wants to pursue MBBS .

With the help of trishna chakroborty, she met durlav sarkar, the founder of inkzoid foundation and multiple world record holder.
And with under his guidance she did the world record.
Inkzoid gave her a chance to be it’s core member too.
And finally her dream came true.
She didn’t expect that she would create a history.She presently
created a world record by writing the solo book “the creative mind” in which she wrote 40 poems and each poem is of 5 pages and has metaphor in each line of the poem and her name enters in inkzoid book of world records 2021.

Smilee Prashant Bhatt

Smilee Prashant Bhatt (7th April 2006) is 16 years old girl who started writing five years back, until now she has written 100+ poems,micro tales,short stories and all the other genres. Her loneliness inspired her to write. She is born and brought up in Maharashtra. She has been co-author of 100+ anthologies. She has compiled 6 anthologies.

She is the Content Executive of Digital Golgappa. Main Team Supervisor of Pixie and Pexels Publication.

She has been featured in Africa’s magazine named as Classico Opine and has been featured in Diaspora times global which is a weekly newspaper. She has been on the cover page of Merged Array Magazine 8th edition.

She has drafted interviews for some of the known personalities such as Rani Chatterjee,Priya Ahuja Rajda, Vrushika Mehta,Poonam Rajput Shafaq Naaz etc.

She is the Applause Awardee of the year 2021, and she has also been awarded as the most phenomenal epitome of revolutionary initiatives and changes by AwardsARC, Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Shiromani Award by Cherrybooks Awards and has been awarded as the Writer of the year 2021 by Be Star Studios.

She has a community named The Powerful Teenagers which is made for helping teenagers with all their problems.

She is also the co-founder of a small biz named Queencyetic.

Khushi Gupta

Khushi Gupta is a Poetess from Varanasi who is a Bhagavad Gita and Public Speaking Educator National Record Holder got featured in Mt.Kenya Times.She is the founder of an International Writing Community named as ‘Spread Those Inks’ with 350+ members and helping them improvise their writing skills who recently founded INKZOID Placement Cell, which provides varied job opportunities to the job seekers based on their skills, interest and qualifications.

She is also working as Public Relations Manager at ‘Ink of Emotions’, an international writing community.Apart from these,She is an internationally recognised author, writer and poetess and my interview has been published in Mt.Kenya Times.

She is a National Record Holder and her record is Certified and Approved by OMG Book Of Records.She have been the BTC Award Nominee and a proud Compiler of two books.She had also co-authored more than 30 Anthologies and working on three more to be published soon.

Agnibho Mitra

Agnibho Mitra is a photographer ,cinematographer , poet, script writer , dancer, editor, podcaster , cricketer, swimmer and the founder of UNFOLD INDIA hails from the city of kolkata – The city of joy.He completed his schooling from Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram and St. Pauls Mission school and he is currently pursuing BBA from Institute of Advance Education and Research.He follows a simple ideology “Work hard, untill your signature becomes your autograph” . His name “Agnibho” means, shining like fire or gold , which he always proves by his talents.

Agnibho Mitra gets inspired by two people in his life, firstly his grandfather, Late.Mr. Shyamal Mitra. He always follows his path and he belived his second backbone and inspiration is DURLAV SARKAR , the founder of Inkzoid Foundation.He belived, his grandfather was one of his kind and if he gets even some of his quality then also he will succeed in his life and he always says that Durlav Sarkar has helped him a lot in his path of success. He pulled out all the hidden talents he have got. As he says, Agnibho was never given opportunity to host an event in his school days just because of his bad communication skills but today he stands as the podcast head of Inkzoid Foundation and he does celeb interviews and he have even hosted a lot of events organised by his college.

Aryan Sharma

Aryan Sharma born in (June 2004) belongs to Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is a writer, compiler, entrepreneur and an editor. He is the co-author of 10+ anthologies. He is a student who few years ago got interested in writing. He usually writes poetries and articles based on daily life. He has also been a part of many publications. He was the Senior Manager at Red Panda Publications contributing top to toe management. He was the senior designer and Club admin at Spotwrite Publications. Being a designer, he had designed 25+ Book Covers which are available globally. He was the head compiler at Subharambh Publications and Content manager at Poetry World Org. He had also 2 times judge in writing contests wishes to rise high. And he serves as an Executive in Inkzoid Foundation.

Trishna Chakraborty

Trishna Chakraborty is a Poet, Storyteller from Haflong, Assam. She is pursuing Masters in English literature. She is the Founder of INK YOUR WORDS and 2nd Founder of Subhash Chandra Bose Community. She is the core member of WORDS OF SOUL AND INKZOID FOUNDATION. She is an anchor, RJ and motivator. She is a member of an NGO and Her writeups published in many anthologies and newspapers.At present, She is working on her solo book. Her poems can be read on Instagram, YourQuote, and Nojoto. Beside writing,she loves to dance and sing.
Insta I’d @herthoughts0616

Asmi Barman

Asmi Barman from Malda is a quad world record holder for drawing 20mini drawings (10portraits and 10 conceptual drawing) in just 12 hrs, inverted portrait (in 78mins) and tiniest portrait (22.5)cm of Durlav Sarkar, 13liner poetry in 1hr 30mins( topic and starting is with 13th letter) and hat-trick of tinnest mandala(22.5)cm and successfully enters her name in Inkzoid, glorious and OMG book of records and glorious book of records. She is from Malda, West Bengal.Everyone use to call her as ‘Asu’. She is currently studying in class 11 in The St. Xavier’s School, Malda.

She likes to represent her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions through her drawings and writtings too.She is a passionate artist.Actually drawing is her passion her first love .She has won more than 50prizes in drawing.

It has been 9 months she is in writting field.She is also a writer and a co-author and INKZOID wonder head of ‘Inkzoid Foundation[the best publication founded by her brother from another mother n also her inspiration Durlav Sarkar (World record holder)]’, she is also the Challenging head of’ Bleed Your Ink'(a community under Inkzoid foundation) , Founder of Inkzoid Artist(A unit under Inkzoid Foundation) and also co-founder of Subhas Chandra Bose Community (a community under Inkzoid foundation) and Photographer’s spot(a page for photographers).

Eram Naz

She is Eram Naz, Inkzoid record holder, for doing manuscripts of 09 books in a row and taking an average time of 48 hours for completing each one of it, and Glorious book of records holder for writing the initial letter of the titles and content of all the 26 poems in alphabetical order sequence on the theme fairy land as there are 26 letters in English contained in her solo book named “ Seraphic land” creating an ‘
Alphabetical Fairy Sequence Record’, Currently pursuing her Bachelor degree in chemistry, watering
the seeds of the garden where she has been planted i.e teaching in a school (Iqra Public School) where she
has learnt learning. She believes in equality and she will always try her best to take stand for those who are still suffering.she is blessed to have a family, who gave her too much freedom and who always supported her in every situation
and she is glad to be her dad’s warrior and not her dad’s little Princess.

She don’t wanna win
She has no desire to have many trophies in my room
She just wanna explore
She just wanna learn

From being a co-author to compiler
And then manuscripter to Chief Editor and now a record holder
Inkzoid Foundation has given me a lot of opportunity .In this cruel world ,filled with so called humans, who adore pulchritude, who thinks about only themselves, who can’t even make a single effort without their benefits, She got the best friendly and open-minded founder cum’ mentor Mr. Durlav Sarkar whose leadership are the reason behind her progress and whose support has brightened her career without his guidance she would have been a mess, his Inspirational words have changed her life and her views about life.

Manisha Venkatesan

Manisha is a 23-year-old girl who is pursuing a BSC in Applied Management. Her biggest passion is writing. Manisha has participated in 50+ anthologies. She has also won world record certificates for the first two seasons of Inkzoid Podcasts. Manisha is also the compiler of the “Ladders Of Love”, “Man With A Pure Heart”, “A King With Shinning Shield”, “A Truly Inspiring Women”, “A Step Ahead To Achieve”, “Unsaid Feelings” and many other anthologies! She is also the founder of Ibaadat-E-Kalam and a co-founder of Sian Publication.

Jay Krishan Burman

Introducing a commerce graduate student, Jay Krishan Burman, son of Mr. Raj Kumar Burman & Mrs. Sima Burman, who lives in Asansol (The City of Brotherhood), West Bengal. He is co-author of several anthologies. He is interested in writing poetries and quotes and also like to read other writers anthologies. Basically he writes about nature, friendship, social evil, Casteism topics. He was inspired to write from his one of the favourite writer Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He want to learn from every moments of life. Contact him on Instagram by searching @_jks.poetry or @_kanhaa and give him some love. Some of the poems written by him are बात उन दिनों की, सुनसान हुई क्यों, एक शाम की चाय, ऐसी दिवाली मना कर तो देखो, प्रकृति आज फिर मुस्कुरा रही है, कान्हा जी को मुरली सोहे, etc.
Chant Hare krishna & be happy.

Safa Abdul Azeez

Safa Abdul Azeez is from Palakkad, Kerala. Her father was a real estate supervisor. She started doodling when she was in grade 7 inspired by one of her close friend. She completed her highschool in NIMS, Dubai and currently a sophomore in Modern HSS, Pottur. Apart from doodling she does other art as well. She is a blooming writer as well. She have contributed to many anthologies and have compiled an anthology named “The Unfolded Words” under Serving You Publication (SYP).

With the help of Yumna Gulvez and Mahak Chawla, she met Durlav Sarkar, the founder of inkzoid foundation and multiple world record holder.
And under his guidance she did the world record by doodling on a wall of 122cm and 110cm (length and breadth respectively) with 150+ faces expressing varieties of expressions all in 8 hours which makes her name enter in inkzoid book of records.

Shree Basu

She is Shree Basu hailing from the city of Joy, Kolkata. Currently, she is studying in class 10 in Loreto Day school. She is 16 years old. Her hobbies include, Singing, Photography, Art, Editing, Videography, Karate, cooking, making handicrafts and swimming.

She is an astounding Photographer and a super innovative artist. Recently she has made a World Record by drawing 12 mini mandala artworks in 1 hour and has successfully entered into the Inkzoid Book Of World Records.
Her photographs have been published in several international magazines and photo books.

She wants to be a renowned photographer in her upcoming future. She is exceedingly influenced by the bucolic streets of Kolkata and the mesmerizing fragnances she gets to smell during Durga Puja in Kolkata.

Fehmina Siddiqui

Ms. Fehmina Siddiqui is founder of Elysian Pens. She also works as a writer, poet, compiler and teacher.

She’s working under Inkzoid Foundation, the best publication house of India.
She is 18 years old from Lucknow. She has won more than 200 certificates.
Her mentor Respected Mr. Durlav Sarkar’s words,”Haters are my biggest motivation.” Highly motivates her
She love writing and reading dark poems.

Khushi Agarwal

Khushi Agarwal was born & brought up in Mumbai.She completed her Schooling from S.S.P English high school. She’s currently pursuing HSC from CHM college.She’s a kind, polite & always ready to lend a helping hand.She is young creative mind who wants to follow her passion of writing. Her hobbies includes
Writting, Imagination& watching movies.
She’s a firm believer in “Dare to fullfill your dream if you are dreaming”
If you like my work than give me feedback on Instagram(@akquotes_12).

INKZOID FOUNDATION and the founder Durlav Sarkar always believes in felicitating the true talents all over the Globe from all spheres who achieved a stage in their life through hardwork, dedication and creativity towards their respective fields.

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