The Top 17 Glorious Talents Of The Globe.

The Top 17 Glorious Talents Of The Globe

The Top 17 Glorious Talents Of The Globe are Mayaa SH,Aman Shariff,Asila Jaques,Rohit Saha,Semina Himani,Joyous Rauniyar,Dr Sudhanya Nath,Siddharth Mishra,Debanjali Adhikary,Gunwanti Thanvi,Puja Kumari,Hetvi Patel,Sangeetha Sagar,Renu Mangtani,Charmila Sanjeev,Mahtab Jabeen and Shrishail Bhurke.

Team INKZOID FOUNDATION in association with The Writers Alliance takes an initiative to felicitate the deserving talents and tried to support the upcoming budding talents because they believe everyone has a talent thay just need to find and execute it at the correct time.

Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature and is a multi National Award Winner,a Podcaster, an Artist ,a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Author and a Triple World Recorder. She is a Women Empowerment Culturist. Mayaa has depicted gender inclusivity and equality throughout her work and through her powerful writings on Feminism. Mayaa has several certifications from the United Nations, UN Women United Nations Capital Development Bank,United State Institute Of Peace , United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study Of Sustainability ,World Health Organisation,Asian Development Bank Institute . She is Certified on Effective Communication Skills for Professional from University of Southern Queensland and Taking Gender Responsive Education To Scale Coordinated Action For Gender equality Cross Sectoral Approaches from Center for Universal Education at Brookings, United Nations and University of California, Berkeley. Her work depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than eighty plus anthologies and has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. Mayaa navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a therapy to combat stress and fear . Mayaa has been aligned to more than 40 publication houses and has participated in several national-level contests. She also writes for several websites. Mayaa SH came to the limelight as one of the most vital positioning of her vision and a powerful writing emphasizing on “महिलाएं एक नागरिक समाज की निर्माता होती हैं” and many have labelled her as a powerful voice of contemporary society. Mayaa is popularly known as Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di Pushpa ‘The Fire’ , Padma Of The East and Lady Gandhi . An expert in Prose Writing and various poetic devises, she helps identify many with common concepts and create a range of effects in her writings.

Aman Shariff

Aman Shariff a multi-talented 18yr old hails from Odisha, India, popularly known as “Spiderman of Odisha” for his mastery in Mobile Macro Photography. He also created a World Record in Macro Photography. He was also featured with Bollywood Stars Neha Dupia and Ashmit Patel in their magazines. Recently his name was also short listed among 26 Incredible Talents of India. He is currently pursuing his BBA in field of Tourism and Travel Management from IITTM Bhubaneswar. He is working on his photography skills and wants to travel every possible place and show it to everyone from his perspective.

You can explore his portfolio on Instagram @saarfiraa

His message:- Every superpower is a curse & Every curse is a superpower.

Asila Jaques

Asila Jaques aged 15 years D/o Francisco X. Jaques and Sinforosa L. Rebelo from Goa – India, born on 5th December 2006 Is a student of Immaculate heart of Mary high school, Goa Velha. She is a multi- talented – extraordinary All rounder child, a poet, a writer Co- author in 10+ anthologies, compiler of fly the top anthology and a project head. She is the writer of the book named 101 : SONGS OF THE POETIC HEART. She have achieved many awards and prizes at state, national and international level. She have achieved 700+ certificates. She Is 3 times awarded the International diamond artist award, once as International gold artist award and is 2 times noble book of world record holder. Appreciated by India star book of records. she’s officially appointed as a international peace ambassador . She’s honoured with awards such as Responsible citizen award, SSIF global peace award 2022, kala Ratna, Kala gaurav National kalarang, India Star Golden Award 2022 ,bhartiya kala samman 2021,winner of international peace matrix poster contest, etc. She is determined to achieve countless number of awards and honours all around the world. She’s one of the most ambitious young talents and a proud Indian.

Rohit Saha (The Bong Buzz)

Kolkata – The City of Culture is often known for its people, people dreaming to follow their passion.
This “Follow Your Passion” isn’t easy but a boy nearly of the age of 15, when everyone else was busy in breaking hearts, made his first step towards his passion, he started writing and pouring his emotions into his write-ups. It’s been 6 years of his struggle and now he is 21years old as we all know hardwork pays, it’s somewhere true.
As a boy of an Bengali middle-class family, giving time to explore one’s passion is difficult but this boy made it happen. As we talk about passion there comes a name along with it, ROHIT SAHA.
From dreaming to meet The lazy Bong, our all time favourite Dipta Da and the most established entrepreneurs of this time, Sayan Chakraborty & Rahul Basak to work with them individually and making a name within a time span of one year, this journey is inspirational to us but A DREAM COME TRUE MOMENT for that unnoticed boy.
Recently he named an World Recod for writing 240 quotes in just 24 hours. He is one of the most popular face in Inkzoid Book of World Records 2021.
Criticism is a part of every artist’s life, he faced a lot of hatred too but what made him continue with his journey was the love from his close ones and his supporters.
You all might know him by his YouTube name, THE BONG BUZZ: SHAYERI KI DUNIYA. You all might know what is Bong Buzz but the struggle behind creating Bong Buzz was not known until now.
As Rohit Saha always says : “Yes, the “failure” will be painful, and you’ll grieve the loss of a profound passion. But that loss frees you. It’s liberating. You’ve got an infinite amount of dreams to pursue, so don’t hold yourself back. You can literally do whatever you want. Don’t play it safe. Take a chance, or you’ll never really know what you can do.”

Semina Firozbhai Himani

Semina Firozbhai Himani, a girl from Surendranagar, Gujarat is currently in Ahemdabad for studies, pursuing CA, MBA.
She’s graduated with B.COM & as she love to pen her thoughts through her writing, she want to become a writer and recently she made a world record for her book “Flavours Of Words” and her name enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records & Glorious Book Of Records.

She got inspired by her brother, Dharmil Nandani, to write quotes and poems. He is also an amazing writer. Through her journey, She also met a special person who’s her Ranjanya Di. She always motivates her to have faith in herself. Ranjanya’s words inspire her a lot! No matter what the situation is, she’s there with her always! she thanks also her Bhai for being her inspiration!
She is co author of many books.
She has complied three anthology.

Joyous Jaya Rauniyar

Joyous Jaya Rauniyar is a spiritual,optimistic girl from Kathmandu,Nepal who put down her emotions ,thoughts and experiences by landing it on the paper through inking and considering where you are reading this makes a meaningful sense.
Being lover of reading books, soon she got to be introduced as co-author in 50+ anthologies.She is already author of book “ REALITY OF LIFE OTHER THAN ILLUSION “ & “FOUR WHEELS ERA” which you can get in Google books ,amazon & kindle & other sites as well. She is published writer of YourQuote app too with her book “Joyous Jaya Meraki”. Similarly, Brand Ambassador of book ‘meaning of life’, ‘ Ring the blues’ and more to continue. She is also compiler of some anthologies like “MANN KI AAWAZ”, “DEAR PARENTS”, “मैं कौन हूं?”, “Depression, not a joke” etc.She is also ex. RJ, Manuscript designer, Promotional Manager of काव्यांश साहित्यिक समूह,CO-FOUNDER of UmeeCorn Gems so on.
She is BEST EMERGING AUTHOR 2021.She want so much more to express.
Writing is her love which can never fade away.

The inspiration of her writing are well wishers & specially her experiences to which she want to give voice as she believes that everything around holds a concept to be written , just being conscious about it, is required.She always puts her feelings in the form of words.

You can connect with her for more writing or social cause on :
Joyous Jaya Rauniyar @Nojoto app
Joyous Jaya Rauniyar @YourQuote app
Jaya_uncaptured @Instagram
OR just search on google “ Joyous Jaya Rauniyar

“No matter what, never stop smiling & working on your dreams to make true. “

Dr. Sudhanya Nath

Dr. Sudhanya Nath is a veterinarian (M.V.Sc & Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition) from Odisha, India. She is working as an Assistant professor at IVS&AH, SOA Deemed to be University, BBSR, Odisha. She was conferred Inkzoid Book of World Records 2021, GO Inkzodiac Award 2021, OMG Book of Records 2021, Glorious Book of World Records 2021, InSc Young Achiever Award 2020, Vajra World Records 2020, Inspiring Lady Veterinarian Award 2021, Fame Fever Award 2021, The Young Scientist Award in Animal Science 2022 etc. She has contributed in more than 100 anthologies. She is Founder of World of Logophiles (WOL) & WOL Regional. On 4th October 2020, she was recognized by Times of India and local newspaper Dharitri of Odisha for making the best use of lockdown by achieving 325 e-certificates through various webinars, quiz and competitions. She was also recognized by Dhwani Pratidhwani and Pratigyan in October 2021 and Intercity Express Newspaper in November 2021 for her world records.

Siddharth Mishra

In this chaotic world he is the serinity you will crave for.
Most probably Siddharth Mishra hails from the City Of Lords Odisha
Currently, he has completed class 12 in science stream.
Besides Studying he is passionate for Writing.
He’s a Coffee Freak.
He craves for each word to give it a meaning.
Inspiring People and Spreading Smilestones make his heart smile.
Inspite of writing he has a great interest in Photography, Art, cooking, and playing basketball.
An individual with a keen heart and likes to interrogate with people.
Siddharth Mishra from Cuttack , Odisha made a world record for being all rounder in the writing field at the age of 18 which has successfully entered into the Inkzoid Book Of World Records. He’s a Quadruple World Record Holder . He has compiled a book named – The Womenpreneur – Nilanjana Sarkar which is a world record book and enters into inkozid book of records. He is an astounding Photographer and a super innovative artist. He’s also a national award holder which was organised by Shahanshah Publication. He’s a founder of Sian Publication , SH Publication , SW Publication, Strings Of Heart Writing Community and CEO of SJ Publication.
He wants to be a renowned photographer , best writer and a doctor in his upcoming future. He wanted to achieve everything in his life.

Debanjali Adhikary

Debanjali Adhikary was born on 7 june in west bengal but her education is in new Delhi. She explored the world of literature at the age of 14. Her journey started as a co author of the book “ritual unfolds”. Then she came in contact in with the legend Durlav Sarkar who helped her to become a writer. In the year 2021 she made a duo world record in inkzoid and glorious book of records as the longest writer to write poems upto 5 pages and to use metaphor in each and every line of the poem in her solo book “the creative mind”. Her first solo book is “The glamour of poetry”. Today she is a 12 solo book writer and also a script writer. She has been featured in many websites as the top 18 gems of India. She is the head of inkzoid units in inkzoid foundation. She is the founder of Subhash Chandra Bose writing community. She has made one more world record by compiling the book “the upcoming legend “, in the year 2022. She is the brand ambassador of sarvad publication. She has participated in 400 anthologies till now. She is the founder of learning star academy where she me mentors students of class 11th and 12th by teaching biology and she wants to be a scientist in her future . A book named “Debanjali Adhikary The future scientist ” was dedicated to her by her beloved brother siddharth mishra and book the little scientist on rakhi. Founder of AWP publication. Assistant manager of 4 publication. She is the co founder of dr.abdul kalam azad foundation
Units head of sian publication. She has been featured in 50 plus websites

Diploma in painting.
And featured in hindustan janta news, diaspora times and mount kenya times. And the gram today
Awarded with ratna samman son sahitya ratna samman. She has been english judge in all india writing contest too. She is respected by the writers of writing industry. She is also called pure soul by many authors. Her 12th solo book named 80 thoughts by author debanjali adhikary is very famous. She believes in hardwork and creativity . She is pursuing her biotechnology hons with research from Amity university and wants to be scientist

Author of the month story mirror

Gunwanti Harish Thanvi

In this chaotic world she is the serinity you will crave for.
Most probably Gunwanti Harish Thanvi hails from the City Of Rajasthan
Currently, she has completed class 12 in science stream.
Besides Studying she is passionate for Writing.
She’s a Coffee Freak.
She craves for each word to give it a meaning.
Inspiring People and Spreading Smilestones make her heart smile.
Inspite of writing she has a great interest in Photography, Art .
An individual with a keen heart and likes to interrogate with people.
Gunwanti Harish Thanvi from Phalodi , has written 2 solo books which is at top 10 in amazon. Kaid Parindey and Jovial Companion are the 2 solo books written by her. She is an astounding Photographer and a super innovative artist. She’s a compiler of 100 + books . She is a founder of SH Publication , Sian Publication , Manager of SW Publication, CEO of SJ Publication.
She wants to be a renowned photographer , best writer and a doctor in his upcoming future. She wanted to achieve everything in her life.

Puja Kumari

Ambitious teenager Puja Kumari who’s 18 years old, is hailing from Bihar, India. She has a cute Nick name as Muskan. By profession she’s a student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. By passion she’s a dazzling Founder, stunning poetess and an ecstatic co-author too. She just launched her debut book Alfaaz-E-Muskan and the book is hitting the market of readers.Puja is an optimistic believer of creating a niche in her writings through her vivid understanding of life very closely .She deeply replicates all her thoughts into creating a picturesque grandeur of illustrations of life in all her books.
She had successfully completed 30+ anthologies with different publications, among them 3+ anthologies are world record aiming ones. Also she has a talent of compiling books too. As a compiler she has complied 35+ anthologies and 20 of her books was published on top trending platforms like Amazon and Notion Press.
On the other sideline, her hobbies are reading and writing. She enjoys portraying her feelings on a paper. Puja Kumari is a strong minded girl who’s having a charming athletic personality. She’s a National Volleyball Player and also she wishes to achieve success in various fields.
Puja Kumari is the founder of Namya Foundation. Being an entrancing writer she was entitled with Indian Noble Award “Writer Of The Year 2021”, “Top 100 Asia Women Award.” Being a multitasker she takes Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam as her only inspiration

Hetvi S. Patel

Hetvi S. Patel is a student from Nagpur, Maharashtra who has earned multiple World Records on her name. She is the author of best selling book ‘Shraddha-A Beautiful Blessing’ which is dedicated to her friend-cum-sister Shraddha. She has received Lifetime Achievement Award by Mr. LOGO Pvt. Ltd. She has also received National Pride Award by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. She is assigned with the position of ‘Literary Leutinent’ on Story Mirror literature web. She has written 3 books, has compiled 4 anthology and is a co-author of 110+ anthologies.
Being a proud ex-student of J. N. Tata Parsi Girls’ High School & Junior College, she dedicates her journey of writing to Dr. Mrs. Shanoor K. Mirza who is a mentor and an inspiration to her. Her biggest supporters have been her mother- Pinal Patel, her father- Sanjay Patel, her brother- Jeet Patel, her friends, and her family.
You can connect with her on LinkedIn: Hetvi S. Patel, and Instagram: @author_hetvi_s_patel.

Sangeetha Sagar

Author Sangeetha Sagar from Karnataka state, Raichur district, growing in beautiful place called shaktinagar. Made a world record for writing a 19 S-liner poem and where all the starting letters of each line is ‘S’ as the ‘S’ is the 19th letter of the alphabetical order series at the age of 20 and her name entered in the INKZOID book of records.

Author Sangeetha sagar sister of Suresh sagar a world record holder , from Karnataka state Raichur district..grew up as a student with big dreams .
Having ultimate passion on writing and words …

Words are the only drug she want to inhale everyday …

worked as co -author in more than 50 plus books except this wrote more than 3000 quotes both in Kannada and English..
Apart from that wrote four solo book as author ಭಾವನೆಯ ಮಡಿಲಲ್ಲಿ( story of a believer), unique souls, shades of thoughts, ಭಾವನೆಗಳು ಅಕ್ಷರಗಳಾದಾಗ won in more than 50 writing daily challenges
and got Indian noble award for her writing
Got a place in top 22 sensational writers of India

ಭಾವನೆಯ ಮಡಿಲಲ್ಲಿ( story of a believer) is her own biography

Have passion about writing the poems, quotes, articles and books, love to read different kind of books..

Want to reach so many peoples heart by her words!

Renu Mangtani

A Mumbaikar who is versatile in her own way and loves to work round the clock. Her Dream Solo Book as an Author titled as “The Height of Life in 24 Rains” has been praised by the renowned celebrities and it’s also been placed in TOP 10 BOOKS in TIMES OF INDIA ALLAHABAD. I believe that Writing is always giving something best in return to society so I use each word as a power and express each unsaid emotion beautifully and sets example for those who read it…She is one of the best example to the society by being Banker, Author, Teacher, Motivator and a Versatile Woman… “Be the Shining Star of your life as your identity is unique and special”

Charmila Sanjeev

Charmila Sanjeev hails from a small town in Visakhapatnam. She is an ex-Software professional and an ex-Hr professional. A homemaker and mom of two kids, an enthusiastic Writer and an artist by passion.Her debut fictional book is ‘The Darkness In Her Life’. She has been awarded with the Writer of the year 2021 by Forever Book of World Records. She has been awarded Sylvia Plath Literature Award 2021 and has been recognised as Top 10 poets from Elite Book Awards. She was also listed among the Top 9 exceptional personalities of the globe in 2022.
She is the founder & CEO of AR Publications and AR Designing Works and is recognised as the youngest founder on pixstory.
IG @charmila_writings

Mahtab Jabeen

Mahtab Jabeen, an Indian from Kolkata, is a Graduate . She is a dress designer and a published writer.
Her first book “ As the silence whispers ” was launched on 2.11.2022 and is available on Amazon & Kindle.
She is a part of several anthologies and compiler to 12 of them, winner in competitions and her writings are featured in different platforms like indian, reflections, storrymirror.
Jabeen assists in various philanthropic work, a social activist running a non profitable group which aims towards equality in the society and various charitable activities by the name of ‘Peace in unity’. She is the goodwill ambassador of Best friendz society and member of She foundation.
She watches the world move by and grasps the different ecstasies, and grief to create beautiful pieces that relates to young and old alike.
Spreading awareness about humanity and compassion encapsulates her writings.

Connect her:
Insta: birdofparadise537
Facebook : Bird of paradise 537

Shrishail Bhurke

Shrishail Bhurke hails from humnabad, bidar , Karnataka. He is an aspiring author, international and national record holder.

To him, his parents, Shivraj Bhurke and Bharti Bhurke are the one who supports him to the earnest. He recently started his own publication house named Ink – O – Sapiens publication, which is registered under government.

Every writer born with some inspiration, and for this, that inspiration comes from love and its purity. He always keep himself lost in the thoughts of love so that he can present himself more beautifully.

When it comes to studies, he studied his puc in cbg kardyal bhalki and school at Ram and Raj Humnabad.

Being a writer, he had co-authored 50- books and 10+ international books. He also get awarded by “India star republic award” on 26th January 2021 as the best writer of the year and “Kalam international golden award” in Chennai at 21st and on 75th INDEPENDENT DAY he had got Indian star INDEPENDENT award . He had been featured in Mt Kenya times as well for his incredible life, talent and awards in February.
And For the book he compiled Power of youth is recorded as India Book of record.

As a co-author he is proud to be part of the books which got recods like:
1) OMG book of records
2) bravo international book of world records
3) vajra book of record
4) international talent book of Record.
5) Insc award of 2021
6) India book of record

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