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The New Master of the Historical Fiction Genre Wows Readers!

Very few authors are able to bring out a great piece of literature with their debut novels. However, with ‘The Kingdom of God’, Niranjan Mudholkar has not only delivered a stroke of genius but has also crafted a literary gem that will always keep readers under its spell. Published in September 2021, ‘The Kingdom of God’ has already won accolades with rave reviews and the HBW News’ Global Achievers Award 2021 for achievement in literature for the ‘Best Debut Novel’. Although he is a storyteller at heart, Niranjan Mudholkar also strongly believes in the power of research-based writing. “Creativity gives you wings and research tells you where to fly,” he says. This is substantially evident in the highly enjoyable and yet the convincing storyline of ‘The Kingdom of God’. Rich with adventure and mystery, ‘The Kingdom of God’ is immersed in historical incidents that lend absolute authenticity to the overall narrative. Equally commendable is the author’s proficiency in creating characters that are powerful, intense and believable.

Historical fiction is not an easy genre to dabble in as it requires an extraordinary ability to blend history with fiction in a credible and interesting manner. And while many writers try their hand at this rather demanding genre, not many are able to write books that can appeal to a cross section of readers. To his credit, Niranjan Mudholkar has been able to create a remarkable masterpiece that transcends the barriers of age, gender, and occupation with its charm. It is quite difficult to accept that this is the debut novel of this author whose professional journey spans various fields like academics, publishing and journalism over a period of 23 years.

‘The Kingdom of God’ takes you on a whirlwind of a ride that’s engagingly action-packed! And although the events depicted in the novel occur in different periods of Indian medieval history, the author has cleverly connected them through the journey of an ancient box from the holy city of Ayodhya. Skilfully entwined with the thrilling travel of the box is the tale of a daughter’s search for her long-lost father. Will she find her father? Where is the ancient box now? How are these two plots connected? ‘The Kingdom of God’ by Niranjan Mudholkar answers these and many such questions realistically as well as entertainingly. Step aside Dan Brown, Niranjan Mudholkar is here! Indeed, in Niranjan Mudholkar, we now have ‘The New Master of Historical Fiction’. And the good news is that while ‘The Kingdom of God’ continues to wow its readers, Niranjan Mudholkar is already working on a sequel!

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