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The Girl who keeps Going – ‘Unstoppable’ : Ishani Agarwal

A person with goals of ‘never stoppable’ is well explained by the most dedicated and deserving author Ishani Agarwal. Ishani Agarwal belongs to the City of Joy, Kolkata. From her childhood, Ishani has been an avid reader and a keen observer; the thing which lend her in the place where she actually belong. Ishani, being a constant reader always tried to find something new with every new chapter she used to read. It was 2019 that she considers the turning point of her life. The year that turned her into a star, although she has been a born star, but to the world where she is now glittering around.
Her journey started as a compiler in October, 2019 after which she never looked back. She has been a great compiler of anthologies. She has compiled 70+ anthologies as of now. Besides a compiler and a prolific writer, she is also the co-founder of a community, namely ‘Teekhe Zasbaaat’. Not only that, she is also the co-founder of Flairs and Glairs Publication.
Her solo compilation consists of 750+ quotes and poems on different themes, which is entitled ‘Hand that burnt while healing.’
She has been tirelessly working on more projects and finds it soulful to take every upcoming author in her confidence. She always finds out ways to make a platform for aspiring writers and authors.

Ishani herself has participated in more than 150 anthologies as of now, apart from being a compiler. She has been putting her constant efforts to nourish her writing skills and always comes up with the best content for her readers. Ishani has gained her readers because of the content she is writing. Her readers keep on showering blessing on her words, which they consider worth reading.
In her journey of writing, Ishani has been acclaimed on various platforms for her feats. Some of which are worth to mention. She is the record holder of India book of records, Vajra World Records, A high range book of record, An OMG book of Records, A bravo world record, A forever star book of world records, Amazing Indian Record, Kalam’s World Records and Indian book of world records holder.

Apart from holding records on various platforms, Ishani has also received many awards from different award fiestas.
Ishani has been approved by Ne8x for its Litfest 2020 and literary icon 2020. List of awards she has claimed so far includes, Star republic award 2010, She awards and Best Achiever of the Year, and, Prestigious Awards by Awards Arc, and winner of Nari Samman by Literoma. She also got the Most challenging Compiler Award by Spectrum Awards.
She has been constantly writing for different magazines and journals. She has apparently got a feature in the national magazine ‘Taare Zameen Par’ under the title ‘Unstoppable.’
She was also featured on the Cover of the International Magazine “Classico Opine” in its June 2021 edition.
Besides, Ishani has also been featured in the international Magazine ‘DeMode’ for her upcoming novel. Ishani finds it poignant to write about social issues and her readers acclaims her for this effort.
She has been featured in a lot of online media recently.

She has a long list of writing projects in coming years, which she is eager to get into the hands of her readers.
Also, her novel is in process, the story of which revolves around a girl’s life, and her struggles and happiness.

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