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Tales Of Heart: An Ode to Life

Life is full of ups and downs. It is a concoction made of delightful, sad and tense moments. In order to reflect on this reality of life, The 2 Am Thoughts presents the book entitled “Tales of Heart”. Tales Of Heart is an International Anthology that echoes the tales of the heartfelt life experiences of twenty talented individuals. This book invites the readers to witness the true nature of life. It contains several poems, short stories and other prose works that will resonate with every individual. This anthology will certainly elicit wisdom and wisdom in the readers. 

The 2 Am Thoughts is an organization that has been ardently working for the growth of the writers’ community and literature for many years. It provides an enriching platform, where the writers can unleash their creativity and earn recognition and success. The book “Tales of Heart” is the epitome of artistic expression and takes the readers on a reflective journey, of understanding the duality of life.

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