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Stuti Pragyan – An Ambitious Writer From Odisha.

Stuti Pragyan – An Ambitious Writer From Odisha.

Stuti Pragyan is from Odisha, India . She is a student and writer by profession. She and her friend Nisha Singh is the founder of “The Book Maze publication. She has worked for many publications and gave her contribution in many books as a Co- author. She believes in smart work and soon her Solo book is to be published titled “Collection of Butterflies”.

About The book maze publication

The book maze publication is a new trustworthy publication founded by Nisha Singh and Stuti Pragyan looking forward for many opportunities to make its own name. Stuti Pragyan has also received many remarkable awards for her works. She loves dancing beside her writing career.

Stuti Pragyan’s Works

Stuti Pragyan’s works includes her books which she wrote as a compiler is available in Amazon – “Raindrops on the pain” and “Forever together” . Soon her Solo book is to be published titled “Collection of Butterflies”.

Stuti Pragyan’s Journey

Stuti Pragyan’s journey includes her initial stages, She came to know about a book being written about BTS Quora and being a k-pop fan, She took part in it , then gradually she came to know new people and got in contact to new publishers and joined the respective publications. She is also an anime fan. She has Co-authored many books and then started writing her own books. In short a versatile personality with gradual and steady growth !

Stuti Pragyan’s favourite quote

Stuti Pragyan’s favourite quote is “Not everything is meant to be but everything is worth a try”
This resembles her approach towards every endeavor she takes and somehow battles to shine brightest among the stars in her sky.

Stuti Pragyan

Who Is Stuti Pragyan’s Inspiration?

Stuti Pragyan’s Inspiration is her parents as she always gets inspired from her father ,mother and teachers to work harder and reach greater heights in her own field. As all the motivation starts from home ! Her growth in writing field teaches that everyone of us must begin to learn from our parents who brought us into this world priorly.

What Is Stuti Pragyan’s motive of her life ?

Stuti Pragyan’s ultimate motive of her life is to spread happiness. She wants to succeed in all aspects and paths of life just to give all the happiness that their parents deserve. She is such an optimistic personality living with a goal to make others happy. She is that Positive people still exist !

What is Stuti Pragyan’s favourite genre in the field of writing ?

Stuti Pragyan loves to explore the romantic genres in writing and demonstrate it from a different perspective to the world. Her writings are always lively and has the essence of connectivity towards the readers. Her pennings has always been a driving force or a home of rejuvenation to the readers.

What are Stuti Pragyan’s works mostly about ?

Stuti Pragyan often writes about love and freedom as she wants her readers to know how important both are to one’s life to lead it happily and successfully. She delivers each work with utmost dedication and passion that the readers will imbibe a lot from her words.

What Are The Awards Received By Stuti Pragyan ?

Stuti Pragyan received many awards as she was awarded as the Young achiever and the Youth icon by Publishing experts for her excellency and hard work in her field.

Whom Does Stuti Pragyan Want To Thank ?

Stuti Pragyan want to thank her teachers and parents for their constant support and motivation in all my phases of life and in every step towards success.

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