“Soon to be 16” By Trishaan Chaturvedi Got Launched In Dev Vidyalaya.

“Soon to be 16” by Trishaan Chaturvedi got launched this Friday 18th August in the prestigious Dev Vidyalaya, Sikar, Rajasthan to encourage the students, to read and write more frequently than they do currently moreover the collection is a vivid insight of feelings and emotions, through the lens of a teenager.

About The Author Trishaan Chaturvedi

Trishaan Chaturvedi is a 16-year-old author, daring enough to write a vulnerable collection of poetry describing their honest inner feelings as an anecdote to turning sixteen and with this initiative of a book, he wishes to present the world with a newer and unique perspective of a teenager’s life.

If you’re such a reader that fancies about shining wishful stars, candy skies, shattered moons, blooming spring, vintage classic crossed pages. It makes a wonderful pick for your comfort libraries or the hourly café visits to read.

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