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Shishira Srinivasa – The Multi-talented Personality making the right moves

Ms. Shishira Srinivasa, a Multiple award-winning author and a Harvard record holder, a PhD Research Scholar, who just submitted her thesis and awaiting her Doctoral Degree, a creative writer with a strong emphasis on outcomes to the society. She recently completed her Internship in Marketing Psychology, Clinical Psychology, CBT, Child Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Forensic Psychology from Cognizavest and obtained the certification. 

Along with this, during Covid period, she took online certifications in more than 30 different courses and completed them successfully. Her Appetite for knowledge made her a Epistemophile and a Philomath. She recently completed her Intermediate level in Turkish language and obtained certification for the same. 

She hails from Bangalore and is working in a Multi-national Audit and Tax firm by profession and an Author who has published 9 books so far in diversified fields. And has few more books in the pipeline. Till now her book “Are you Stressed? Are you ready to conquer it? ” has bagged many National and International awards.  She was also named as Top 10 Contemporary Authors of India who has mastered the art of Writing.

She is a well known speaker among the students and was recently invited as a Chief guest for the inauguration of Management and Commerce department at PES University and to give a guest lecture for the freshers. She has also been a part of various Webinars and Seminars on Stress Management and has enlightened many students with her Well-versed and Proficient Knowledge.

Work Profile:

Her Book on depression has bagged best book of the year 2021 and few more recognitions. 

As a Scholar, She has published 25 research articles in International peer reviewed journals and Scopus Indexed Journals on Stress Management and different ways of coping with it.

Apart from writing, Shishira is more interested and good in music and singing, She is a Carnatic singer and has learnt it through certification, and won many prizes and accolades for the same. She is a bibliophile; she is good at acrylic art and pencil drawings and is passionate about varied interests. She likes to spend time with her pets and play with them. 

She is a

She is also the winner of many Prestigious awards like 

Shishira Srinivasa wanted to bring a change in the society and among the people through her thought provoking and thought changing books. Covid impacted her and made her to write a book, while others were cribbing about being stuck inside home and not able to go out and breathe fresh air, there she was sitting and looking at various perspectives of people and how they were affected by this situation, either financially, mentally, and she tried to analyse what was the reason behind such stress and what can be done to bring people out of the Stress cage. 

Few of her favourite writers are 

JK Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson, Cathy Cassidy, Enid Blyton, Julia Donaldson and Roald Dahl!! 

Books Published and available on Flipkart, Amazon. Kobo, and Google playstore, kindle: 

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