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Shilp Group – The most revered name in Ahmedabad Real Estate

With small steps and little victories, the journey of Shilp Group started on a humble note. Shilp means ‘craft.’ Yash Brahmbhatt, Founder and CEO of Shilp Group, is a natural sculptor. A man driven by his vision has led Shilp Group to become a pioneer in the real estate market today. Yash is a self-made, first-generation entrepreneur who nurtured the group with his business acumen backed by a strong vision and focus. 

The foundation of Shilp Group was laid when Yash bid in an auction of AUDA and bought a piece of land in 2004. He knew he wanted to step into one of the leading sectors of India. The first building was made in 2004 at Jodhpur Cross Roads. Buildings got added to the group’s kitty with each passing year. Various areas were explored, right from Jodhpur Cross Roads to Gurukul and Drive-In, Vastrapur, Shilaj, Shela, Science City, Sindhu Bhavan Road, and many more. Shilp Group made a stronghold in the Ahmedabad market and soon contributed significantly to the city’s skyline. Not only were there residential and commercial schemes one after the other under the corporate umbrella of Shilp, but we also saw HCG – one of the most premium hospitals of Ahmedabad built by the group in 2009. Apart from the steadily increasing number of buildings in Ahmedabad, 2013 was a significant milestone for us when they carved their first building at Sindhu Bhavan Road. Sindhu Bhavan Road at that time was an absolute unexplored territory, and it was only Yash Brahmbhatt’s vision that made this happen. Today Sindhu Bhavan Road is the most happening place in Ahmedabad that boasts of the best shopping brands, eateries, cafes, and malls.

At Shilp, the endeavour is to give people a lifestyle that they truly deserve. Shilp residential schemes are adorned with the best amenities and services. The commercial buildings ensure that your place of work gets the best out of you. The locations and structures offer efficient workspaces that provide productivity and convenience all at the same time. Shilp Group has a vision of being the obvious and the most trusted choice in real estate, creating a better, liveable and comfortable life for everyone. The group is driven by quality, integrity, and authenticity and has earned recognition as one of the top builders of Ahmedabad. The company is known for undertaking large, diverse projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for its clients, employees, and community. It is a brand that people trust because the projects house people’s ambitions. Since its inception, the company has gone the extra mile to honour deadlines and commitments. 

The company’s success has been a result of the collective growth that came at the behest of countless hours spent by the team, associates, and customers in shaping better projects. The building designs stand as modern and enlightened structures that show what can be achieved when a group of passionate, persistent, and purpose-driven people works collectively towards a common purpose. Crossing the mark of 40 in the number of buildings in the city, Shilp Group believes in moving with time and observing the market sharply before deciding on strategies. The group boasts of diversity in structures and caters to all segments, including affordable, comfortable, and luxury segments, as well as niche office spaces that allow convenience and peace at work. 

Shilp Group has won many awards and accolades at the state and the national level for the excellent delivery of work. The company has grown into a well-planned and strategised real estate firm slated for success with giant leaps of conscientious work and clients’ trust and loyalty.

http://shilpgroup.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ShilpGroup

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