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Sarah D – An Ambitious Author From Goa.

Sarah D

Sarah D is an author from Goa, who loves to wield her pen as though it were her sword. Literally. Yet, she likes creating relatable characters, ones her audience can relate to. She loves to also use the kind of language style that is simple, yet creates a sense of mystery.

Sarah D started her journey as an author, after discovering an unmet need to express her spontaneous thoughts about Love and the world as it were, into something we can all understand.

Her first book, his Lingering Perfume, tells a story of a young but shy rich girl who is cute in a lot of relatable ways. She loves having the sort of ‘Loud thinking’ that most go-getters have, but hates wearing make up.

She happens to have a secret love though, who manages to meet her in her room through a secret route. He can see through her awkwardness, but still loves her because he can see what she is.

He is a nice guy himself, they both are so cute, and are so genuinely nice. The only thing they do wrong is love with

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