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Sai Hari Vignesh N From Karur Made A World Record

Sai Hari Vignesh N who is the pride of Karur recently made a world record for getting endorsed with 500 + credentials within 50 days including PDHs and his name enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records along with this he is the founder of Impulse Consortium and has published more than ten books, collaborated on more than 25 international projects aspiring to play a significant role in society’s advancement.

About Sai Hari Vignesh N

Sai Hari Vignesh N who is the son of S Natarajan and C N Bhuvaneshwari, with siblings Lakshmi Ratchakap Priya and Shri Bala Abirami is the founder of Impulse Consortium.He has published more than ten books, collaborated on more than 25 international projects, and aspires to play a significant role in society’s advancement.He has guided numerous young people to career success through mentoring. He contributes to society by participating in multiple NGOs. During his time with the National Youth Council of India, he was notably elected District President of Karur, Tamil Nadu, and Zonal President of Southern Tamil Nadu for the Youth United Council of India. He also acts as a spokesperson for the TIP community to educate young people about reunification. He was appointed Literary Judge of the “Shararat Inks” writing community due to his enthusiasm for writing.

About The Books Written By Sai Hari Vignesh N

Sai Hari Vignesh N also wrote a non-fiction book called “Theory of Zeal – The Hustle”, received many
recognitions, topping the best authors of India in 2023 by LWCP.. He also wrote technical books for students and candidates called “BLAC – Beginner Level Arduino Codings,” “Basics of Java,” and “Basic Electronics Tutorial – Series.” He has likewise completed a few treasurys for some books and co-creating of the book “Lifologics” and a series called “Era of Liv-On” to inspire society to achieve its goals. In order to make a difference in the world through his innovations, he is a member of seven international engineering and research communities, including “IEEE,” “International Association of Engineers,” “National Society of Professional Engineers,” “International Association of Innovation Professionals,” “Space and Satellite Professionals International,” “International Management Research & Technology Consortium,” and “Institute for Engineering Research and Publication.”

About Sai Hari Vignesh N’s Success Story

Sai Hari Vignesh N’s success story involves numerous international organizations have presented him with numerous awards to date in recognition of his dedication to the development of the field. In the year of 2022, He was the Best Entrepreneur on Azadi
Ka Amrit Excellence by Namaste India Foundation. Man of Words
award by Lost Pearl Oyster, shown his influence over the literature
field. From Web Story India, He got selected as one of the Top 25
authors in India, 2022. His story got covered in PixStory, Tumblr,
Maxtern, Indian Stardom, Daily Hunt etc. He got special feature in
Times of India, Hindustan Times, Zee5 etc.

He received the “Best Young Author Award,” “Hindustan Writer Award,” and “Golden Arc Award” for his contributions to the writing industry. In addition, on the occasion of the International Day of Creativity and Innovation, he established a new world record by developing and launching the low-power, multifunctional “Hummer-Bot,” which was able to perform an action based on the function a user wishes to perform, including obstacle avoidance, infrared tracking, Bluetooth application control, and real-time power detection. Both the “Inkzoid Book of Records” and the “Glorious Book of Records” have recognized his accomplishments, and his innovations earned him the title of “Most Innovative Mind of the Year 2021.” OMG Book of Records has also designated him as the “National Record Holder” for his original Project.

He also got selected as one of the top 26 incredible talents of India by INKZOID FOUNDATION and also received honors from Talent Pillar, JPT Elite, Ingenious Galore, and Fabo. Life World Community honored him as the “Best Social Worker” for his contributions to society. He has also won the “Golden Bird” Award for his work throughout his life. According to FoxClues, he was named one of India’s top 100 researchers and was also mentioned in a number of articles. He was also awarded the “India Prime Researcher Award” for his early projects and experiments in research. He is one of the top 50 researchers of India, according to FoxStory India.

He was also named Aspirant Achievers’ “Inspiring Icon of the Year 2021” for his efforts and hard work. IBM Skillsbuild rates him as a “Champion Learner Gold.” Because he has more than 500 credentials from various international organizations like Google, Cisco, IBM, and others, he is highly credible.

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