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“Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and it boils down to this: In cybersecurity the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are.” – Jeh Jhonson

We live in a world where A.I is more commonly found than common sense! And largely due to the not so commonly found common sense, we become vulnerable victims to the predators of cyberspace. Cyberspace is a very large sea whose depths cannot be fathomed.

RedTeam Hacker Academy Pvt. Ltd. an ambidextrous cybersecurity training company, is one of a kind that promises to deliver a comprehensive package of empirical understanding of diverse cyber and information security domains. The main agenda of the company is to produce masterminds in this area of cybersecurity and cybertechnology, completely versatile and focused to combat any given security threats across the internet, cloud, and organization.

RedTeam Hacker as an academy works completely for the all-around development of all its students. It is a celebrious name as the security training provider, dedicated solely to act as an interface and bridge the cybersecurity skill gap. How they operate is probably the immediate question that will be coming to one’s mind! And how are they different from others?

The Academy in collaboration with certified experts of the field has designed various implementation-centric learning programs to meet the industry standards. And the most unique and notable feature that makes it different from others is its All-INCLUSIVE LMS (Learning Management System), RED TEAM  360, PENTEST GARAGE – peculiar only to this academy.

The Red Team Hacker constitutes within itself a team of dedicated and certified trainers having an inimitable understanding of the most sought-after domains like ethical hacking, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and many others. The Academy has served assorted startups in establishing their companies and upskill their existing workforce.

Apart from that the RedTeam Hacker Academy also invests quite a lot of time and effort on individuals to have preeminent command over technologies, tools, and all the nitty-gritty of the field of cybersecurity, cloud, and data science. They enable aspiring IT and security wizards to attain the highest competencies with well-equipped computer laboratories.

One should note that “REDTEAM WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY!” Likewise, the Academy was also not set up in a day. This Academy is the brainchild of Jaizal Ali. During his initial days of learning technology and cybersecurity, Jaizal Ali connected with people and technology vendors, delivering and mentoring peer members. Very limited technology and mentor accessibility were present for students. Now, this ignited and sparked the idea to mould and build a platform for younger generations to be able to reach the cybersecurity arena.

And the result is before us – a grand success! And still striving for more! Listed among the top 10 Cybersecurity trainers in India.
Some Achievements To Be Noted:

1.RedTeam Hacker Academy Reached  100000 plus students

2. Students works in big 4 companies and works in different countries

3. awarded as one of the top 10 promising cybersecurity institutions in India


5. RedTeam Hacker Academy Conducts Indias Largest cybersecurity event called RedTeam Security Summit

Apart from all the aforementioned, the Academy also has an  E-Learning platform under the name of

RedTeam 360 – an E-Learning platform that provides every individual with an opportunity to transform into a cybersecurity professional regardless of their background. The Academy is very particular about its teaching methods. They form a completely equipped platform with the best facilities, syllabus, and educators-trainers- that can bring the true innate potential of every student wired to their online platforms for their upskilling and development. The RedTeam Hacker Academy is very much student-oriented and committed towards their enrolled pupils. This is possible through introducing, maintaining, and uplifting Cyber security and tech forums and communities.

Pentest Garage: Pentest Garage is an innovative game-based penetration testing platform from RedTeam Hackers Academy that allows candidates self-validate their pentesting efficiencies by applying their understanding level by level. Participants compete with other pentesters on a centralized leaderboard to score higher and prove their proficiencies. Envisioned to help working professionals and security aspirants to upskill their security tech-how with real-time implementation, this intuitive platform awards the globally accepted appropriate credentials after successful completion of each level.

For Contact:-Website:-https://redteamacademy.com/

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