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Rahul.B.R – The Star Of Ramanagara, Karnataka.


Author Rahul.B.R is an ambitious author from Ramanagara district, Karnataka rather we can say he is ‘The Star Of Ramanagara, Karnataka’. He was born on 19/09/1999 Ramanagara district but he is perceiving his higher studies in Bangalore. He has completed bachelor degree in science. He like to know more about literature and want to study more and more about it.

How Author Rahul.B.R Started His Writing Journey?

Author Rahul.B.R started writing poems from past four years and he writes all kinds of poems on life, about nature’s beauty, love and much more.

What Were Some Of The Works Of Rahul.B.R?

Author Rahul.B.R did many works in the writing field and has co-authored in many books, Compiler of the book called “The Song Of Nature”, “Nemophilist”, “The Song Of Paradise”, “Wings To Your Thoughts” and “The Unchosen Bond”, “You Are Mine” and few more and his poems has been published in his college magazine too and he is also english reviewer & community head of words of soul publication.

About The Book “Guide Of Thoughts” By Rahul.B.R.

Book By Rahul.B.R

The book “GUIDE OF THOUGHTS” by Rahul.B.R upholds the thoughts and imagination on love, life, nature and much more. It shows the out of box view in each things moreover love towards things and journey process. Shows up the unknown and unseen imaginary thoughts with well defined explanation
hope my readers will love this book.

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