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Omprakash Kumavat is an Indian Entrepreneur, Youtuber, and passionate Digital Marketing Expert. He has started his company “WE MAKE MARKETER.” After spending lots of years in his research related to the digital industry. He has put his soul and heart into gathering information regarding the strategy and the tools used in the market to enhance the result of the company. Now, he has started his own company to help the other companies to grow.

Omprakash Kumavat Life Story 

This story began when Omprakash Ji was born in a village. His father took the decision that now he should go to Gujarat for work. When his father reached Gujarat, everything seemed different. His father used to work as a shopkeeper from which the family expenses were met. But due to his father’s low income, Omprakash Ji was admitted to a government school. Due to his interest in studies from the very beginning, Omprakash Ji was counted among the promising students.

Omprakash Ji is 18 years old, he was born on 2 June 2003 in Ajmer, Rajasthan, and now he lives in Surat, Gujarat. If we talk about his education, he passed 12th from Gujarat Board and is currently completing his graduation in BBA.

After his birth, his father went to Gujarat for work or after the business that he set up. His mother had gone to Gujarat. Omprakash Ji lived with his elder sister and his grandparents. He studied till class 7 with his grandfather and grandmother in Rajasthan. After that, he also went to Gujarat, enrolled in class 8, and started further studying. Studying in Gujarat was not easy for him because he did his studies in Hindi school since childhood. Here it was taught in Gujarati only. But his strong desire to study gave him the Gujarati education in just 15 days. 

Along with studies in Gujarat, he also helps in his father’s business. Since childhood, Omprakash Ji was very interested in computers and technology, so he started a YouTube channel when he was in class 8. The name of his channel was “Technical Juban,” which he still runs and earns from it. Staying in the village and working online is a challenging task because due to network issues, no work is successful and the same problem was coming to them but for 3 years After work he reached some point, and today everything is good.


WE MAKE MARKETER is a marketing agency that helps small businesses to come online. The CEO of this company is Omprakash Ji, who started this company in 2020. Its name was Learnindi but due to some reasons later changed the name. Today this company is known as WE MAKE MARKETER. In this company, not only marketing but new marketers are also made. They are taught about marketing. This company provides many services such as online marketing, web designing, WordPress, branding, new startup setup, i.e., complete online business setup.

This company is an unlisted Indian company that is entirely online. In this marketing company, many people get a chance to reduce such as Designer, Developer, Digital marketer, etc.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imomkumavat/

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/TechnicalJuban 

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