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In a historic move, the young and charismatic entrepreneur and writer of Odisha , Mr. Soham Prakash Baral has prooved that none can beat the one who has got talent, determination and patriotism within his mind. The young lad has successfully completed his deep and innovative studies in DEFENCE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY and has gathered depth knowledge specialised in RADAR TECHNOLOGY that too be at the age of 16 . He has been certified by as the YOUNGEST DEFENCE TECH INNOVATOR AND RESEARCH SCHOLAR and has successfully uphold the pride of the nation. Mr. Baral has got hearty appreciation for his excellent skills and innovation in technology from all over the world , and wonder of wonders from Pakistani Scholars as well despite the diplomatic and military relations between India and Pakistan . In this context when Soham was asked about , he mentioned that , ” Its not the people , its not the army and its not the officers who develop enmity , its just the matter of situation and orders. So let peace and brotherhood prevail.” However the journey of Soham hasn’t been easy and has seen many struggling turns .

He reveals that as a young kid he always wanted to join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot . He had been an excellent cadet in the NATIONAL CADET CORPS of 5(O)BN from where he later passed his ” NCC A CERTIFICATE” examination with A+ scoring which shows that he had been excellent in Military Ethical Knowledge and Discipline along with having best and deep knowledge in weapons , formations , physical maintenance , drill and quick decision making skills as well as leadership qualities within himself. But his dream got a strong shock when he came to know about his medical report according to which his flatfoot and certain cardiovascular issues make him unfit to join as a fighter pilot. It shattered his heart into pieces but its aptly said , Leaders make their own path , when the path they thought of becomes rich with craters. He made it very clear , “If not with an aircraft , I will fight with my pen” . He dragged his mind towards technological development of defence . But he was only of 14 years at that time and had no access to knowledge of such a crucial and tough technological aspect. Moreover the books which had proper content according to his demand were almost 20 times more expensive than his pocket money. So he joined a magazine community as a part time writer in order to earn some money to get the books of his choice.But luck played its game and he was dismissed from his job because he had been honest in exposing a social media platform,”TIK-TOK” which had gathered popularity at its peak and that time and its supporters opposed Soham to the utmost . The opposition was so strong was that the rating of his article was very low thereby hampering the sale of the magazine and it was decided to be removed and on arguing about its removal, he had to get out of his job .But his fortune turned its wheel when the TIK TOk v/s YOU TUBE controversy came into its highest degree of heated face off . He refined his old article and published it in order to hit the iron when it was hot. That article gathered a lot of appreciation and many emerging writer came in his support . After gathering popularity , he started a small business to gather some money and manpower for his upcoming executive plans . Ultimately he transformed that small business of a community to a publication and then started gathering a comparative high amount. Investing some part of his profit in other businesses , he started 10 such startups and became the YOUNGEST EDUPRENEUR OF INDIA to start 10+ educational startups .

In fact his friends tell that when he had gathered stability, popularity and prestigious opportunities coming in corporate sector and was spending time with them at the Budharaja Hill Top, sambalpur, one of them asked him that “Why don’t you get settled in business and corporate sector ? Why are you running behind serving the country always ? “
So Soham gave a very tactical example and explained him by putting him under an imaginary situation . Soham told , ” Touchwood! it shouldn’t happen but imagine your mother is very sick and is crying out of pain, but at same time there are people compelling you to join a celebration party with them . What will you do ? ” So his friend replied , ” Obviously reject the invitation and stay with mom”
Then Soham smiled and said , ” My motherland is sick today with slow rate of development , corruption , militancy and many more . How can I leave my mom in this condition and enjoy a large sum of money and luxury in the corporate sector ? ” This reply left the boys totally

However establishing a business wasn’t the end of his struggle . He had planned to pursue courses on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE , MACHINE LEARNING , ELECTRONIC DESIGNING AND DEVELOPMENT and in DATA SCIENCE.But situation became so harsh that due to the lockdown imposed in 2021 , he gathered a drastic loss in his business and his condition became so pitty that it was getting hard for him in order to pay his employees. So he decided to teach students regarding coding . He taught in various platforms about programming languages , app development , web development etc and after a lots
of hard work he gathered the desired money to pay his employees and pursue his dream courses. He successfully completed few of the courses under prestigious platforms and labs of international universities and mentions that the best course of this phase was AI Introductory course , under IIT MADRAS which served to be as the base for his nano degree course in AI under PURDUE UNIVERSITY. He also mentions that he is much inspired by Prof. Deepak Khemani of IIT MADRAS and loves his way of teaching. According to him few of the courses are still being pursued and some are still on the way.

After he thought of looking for courses which can quench his thirst of knowing more about defence technology . He got into some of the bootcamps of communication technology and got to know about radar and related communication devices . He then purchased books regarding communication technology simultaneously analysing their importance in defence sector. But he knew that reading books can give him knowledge but certificate as a proof of his hard work cant be awarded as ” DEFENCE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY ” isn’t any recognized course . So he had to participate in international innovation competitions and prove himself there . He attended the Joint Assian Students Summit 2021 and also chaired NATIONAL TECHNOLOGICAL EXPOSURE CONFERENCE FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. He also applied for record and had to go a one week examination and verification process with 6 written exams , 4 interviews, 2 presentation and submission of 3 innovative project ideas. Even he was injured and unwell during his exams and the professors interviewing him were also strict with marking , but still he manged to qualify the tests.

Even if after qualifying to be the YOUNGEST DEFENCE TECH INNOVATOR AND SCHOLAR, he didn’t stop working . He started a platform called ” PIONEER INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH AND INNOVATION” which aims in providing open platform to students in free of cost study materials and courses under prestigious institutes along with equipments for developing practical projects . Any student regardless of his or her background can avail PIONEER and quench their thirst of knowledge by simply contacting Soham by the details of him available in internet in his official website (soham.business.site) . Or contact in 9337114731. Soham has also
been successful in writing a book on Defence Communication Technology which is now confined to scholars of specific platforms but very soon it will be available for common public.

He says his visions are his motivation . People have seen , scholars jumping from technology to corporate but Soham is an exception who did entirely the different . He is inspired from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and aspires to work on his vision for a better India. His parents and elder brother are very happy with all that he is doing and pray for the successful accomplishment of his aim of emerging India as a super power .

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