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Nita Nigam instills confidence among the gathering at MVPS K.T.H.M College, Nasik on Women’s Day

Nasik: Popular Confidence Coach, Corporate Trainer and Faculty for MBA Students for Communication Skills, Nita Nigam on Tuesday conducted a personality development workshop titled ‘KNOW YOUR PERSONALITY’ at MVPS K.T.H.M College, Nasik. 

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day to mark the contributions of women in all fields of work. On this occasion, Vishakha Committee of MVPS K.T.H.M College invited Nita Nigam to conduct an inspirational interactive session for the young and budding talents at the Auditorium of the Microbiology Department.

Nita talked about the four pillars of personality, which are:

  1. Work on the Physical Level and do any kind of exercise for at least 2 hours per day. It can be anything from aerobics, to Zumba, or even outdoor sports. It can be made entertaining as well as interactive.
  1. Work on the Mental Level and challenge the brain. Learning a new language, or even a musical instrument can help. Reading books and cultivating new and good habits is essential in today’s world.
  1. Work on the Emotional Level and have good communication with friends and family members. It is very important to communicate and express your emotions to your close ones. We must do things that make us happy and avoid as much as possible doing things that harm us or are mentally or emotionally challenging. 
  1. Work on the Spiritual Level and have strong faith in God and yourself. A person who has faith and confidence in the abilities of the divine, and his/her own abilities, is the person who is bound to do well in all fields of life, be it studies, work, extracurriculars or anything.

“It works the best when a person works on all the four levels throughout. Each level has its own importance,” explained Nita as she encouraged the gathering and imparted confidence to them through her words.

The event was extremely interactive and the freelance actor in TV shows, Nita Nigam successfully inspired confidence and motivation in the minds of the young and budding talents of the college, as well as the teachers. 

Nita Nigam is a prominent corporate trainer and visiting faculty for MBA students in various institutions including Symbiosis, JDC Bytco. She is the one who grooms the aspirants with her pep talks about communication skills. She is also a reputed English Speaking, Personality Development, Confidence Coach, and Celebrity Trainer.

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