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Niharika Gouda Dedicates The Sanman Patra Of Zilla Khabar Channel And BJD To Her Inspiration Durlav Sarkar.

Niharika Gouda Gets Sanman Patra

Artist Niharika Gouda from Aska,Odisha recently received Sanman Patra from Zilla Khabar news channel and BJD and she told that she is dedicating this award to her inspiration cum mentor and the biggest supporter Mr.Durlav Sarkar,the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION.She told Durlav Sarkar and INKZOID FOUNDATION’s constant support towards her is one of the most important reasons for which she is standing in this position today as the pride of Aska.

She recently had many interviews from different news channels in which she told that all the miracles which took place in her life was due to INKZOID FOUNDATION and after getting her name registered in the INKZOID Book Of Records her life was totally changed which can be also called as the turning point of her life.

Now her life is totally different and everyone considers him as the queen of talent and creativity which portrays her as a great artist and the mistress of creativity rather ‘The Pride Of Aska’.

Artist Niharika Gouda’s Interview

Why Did Niharika Get Sanman Patras From Zilla Khabar And BJD?

Niharika Gouda from Aska,Odisha made a duo world record by drawing 20 water paintings in 7 hours and for drawing the fastest diagonal portrait of Durlav Sarkar with six different colours in 60 mins which makes her a multiple world record holder.

About Artist Niharika Gouda

Niharika Gouda,an young artist from Aska, Odisha created a new Duo world record by completing 20 paintings in 7 hrs and fastest diagonal portrait of DURLAV SARKAR using only six colours within 60 mins just at the age of 19,which is remarkable indeed and her name successfully enters in the INKZOID and GLORIOUS book of world records 2021 (Glorious Book Of Records is organised by MERRY WELFARE ORGANIZATION founded by Daniel Nayak & Managed by Bidhan Das).

Personal Life Of Artist Niharika Gouda

Artist Niharika Gouda

She is Niharika Gouda an young artist of age 19.she is from Aska(sugar city),Odisha and every one use to call her Neha.she is pursuing BBA in GIST , Berhumpur.She likes to represent her thoughts,emotions through her drawing and writtng too . Already she is a co-author of 3 books .She believes the Art is her love .she is a self thought artist and always searching for artistic ideas,that helps to represent her artistic skills .She became a perfect artist due to this lockdown period .She got more time and more efforts to build up her creativity . She never got chance for any creativity Fields.She used to painting from std 4th but she never represent her skills due to a less of support. She got many prizes from school competitions and she never participate any online competition or any state level competitions . Because of Jyoti one of her friend she got the chance to meet with Durlav Sarkar,the founder of Inkzoid Publication . And then after with the help of her family ,specially Uncles ,then lil bros, sis,friends and teachers she made a history.

Thus,INKZOID gave her a chance to represent her skills of real talents .And this was her life’s 1st award which she created history and world record of 2021 as a best artist.She perfectly done in 20 paintings within just 7hrs and the fastest diagonal portrait of DURLAV SARKAR using only six colours within 60 mins as ‘DURLAV’ is six letter name .It was a challenge for her and finally she deserved it .According to her a special Thanks to Dhoba Gouda (father)Mamta Gouda (mother) and Durlav Sarkar (mentor) for her success.

Artist’s Personal Life

Artist’s name: Niharika Gouda

Father’s name: Dhoba Gouda

Mother’s name: Mamata Gouda

Favourite dish: Biryani

Inspiration: Anwesha Bhaumik & Durlav Sarkar

Favourite colour: Black , Blue

Birth Place: Berhumpur


Educational Institute Name: Gayatri institute of science and technology

Education Qualification:+2 passed and currently pursuing BBA

Father’s profession: Pharmasist

Mother’s profession: Housewife

Artist’s favourite subject: Accounting & Economics

Artist’s ambition:To be a great artist.

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