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New age advanced technology- Orthodontic treatment with 32 Watts invisible aligners.

Orthodontic treatments are needed to straighten misaligned teeth, to improve bite, to enhance the facial appearance of a person and to wear more confident smile. However, with changing times and technology, orthodontic treatments are now more hassle free and fast. From ages we have been dependent on traditional metal or ceramic braces for teeth straightening but with the arrival of clear aligners, metal braces are now a thing of the past. 32 Watts clear aligners offer an orthodontic treatment that is fully adaptable to the modern lifestyle. These aligners are clear, comfortable, removable and painless. All these benefits make 32 Watts clear aligners the best teeth straightening device of modern times.

32 Watts aligners can be implemented to solve simple, minor to complex dental problems. Be it overbite, under-bite, crooked teeth, crowding, teeth-gaps  or any such issue, the clear aligners can offer painless and comfortable treatment for all these dental problems. If you are wondering how aligners are replacing the oldest and most reliable metal braces treatment, then the answer is by infusing technology with traditional treatment. Through latest technology, 32 Watts is able to offer clear aligners that gives accurate teeth straightening results in less time comfortably. Here is how at each step of treatment the infusion of technology ensures that the treatment is going in the right direction.

  • First, an intra-oral scan is done for each patient, to get complete understanding of the dental condition of the patient. The 3D                                                                              Scan guides both the treating dentist and the patient about the dental condition and the possible ways to cure the same.
  • After the intra-oral scan, the orthodontist designs a complete treatment plan. This treatment plan includes milestones and stages of treatments from start to finish. The treatment plan is considered as the foundation of the teeth straightening treatment. Therefore, 32 watts makes sure that only the expert orthodontist is taken on board to create treatment plan.
  • Once the treatment plan is finalised custom-designed aligner trays are provided to each patient. These trays are manufactured with high-precision German technology. The material used for creating the trays is of high-quality- medical grade- biocompatible polymer which is CE/FDA approved.
  • Once the treatment begins, the patients as well as treating dentist can map the teeth movements through high-end software and speculate the final results. As patients can visualize the final result even before the treatment begins, they get motivation to adhere to the treatment and ensure better compliance.

32 Watts aligners are class apart as it seeks perfection in designing and manufacturing the clear aligners through high end technology. Clear aligners created at 32 Watts manufacturing facility meets global standards as the company is ISO 13485 certified and also has 3Shape Certification. This ensures that every aligner designed at the facility offers precision, efficacy, ultimate comfort and fit. Moreover, the doctor’s supervised and technically directed treatment offers an unparallel treatment efficacy and results.

At 32 Watts clear aligners, we ensure hand-holding of each patient by connecting them to expert dentist and orthodontist that are well-informed of the latest technology and its implications. Moreover, online consultation, 24×7 customer care support systems and expert technicians  make teeth straightening treatment a painless, fast, hassle-free and comfortable treatment for one and all at 32 Watts clear aligners company. The presence of the company in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi and many more, make smile correction treatment accessible to masses. So, don’t wait and book your appointment now for a confident and beautiful smile!

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