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Motilal Panda from Odisha is overcoming all obstacles to achieve his dreams

Motilal Panda believes “We are born for others, to serve people” 

Motilal Panda from Odisha

Motilal Panda is from rural Odisha, in fact a village where there is no good communication or electricity. His writing journey started at a pretty young age. 

India is the hub of innovation. Only, our stories aren’t consumed as voraciously as are our Bollywood gossip columns. Today we share the story of a rising literary star from Odisha. A man who is so passionate about writing that he can go to any extent for that.

Motilal is very curious and hardworking who had to forget taking opportunities as they arrived. He remembers his experience when he used to fight for his talents. The sole aim was to show people that he is something. 

Panda continued to work hard and studied well. After his first job he realised that he had left himself behind. That marked the turning point in his life. He searched for himself through writing. He considers writing as his passion. Being a deep observer, Motilal Panda can make a story of each person and place he met on his way.

He believes life is short and he wants to leave behind a legal way of who he is or was. He will never judge his writing and never compare himself with anybody. His funda is simple 

 “write, observe , rewrite , recreate and don’t forget to be optimistic about life”.

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