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MOTHER’S DAY: Popular Author Shishira Srinivasa dedicates a wonderful write-up to her mother!

Shishira Srinivasa with her mother

About Mother’s Day and what is so special about it? 

A child’s first teacher and friend is his or her mother. She is also the first person in whom you may confide. She spends nine months of her life caring for and nursing her unborn child in the womb. Her children’s every move has been precisely understood by her since they were born. She is determined to guiding her children down the proper road in life since she loves them unconditionally. She does everything she can to assure her children’s safety. Mother’s Day is a day to honour and thank our mothers for all they have done for us.

But of course, that doesn’t mean we must celebrate and make our mothers special only on that special day, we must learn to respect her and treat her with all love until our very last breath.

However, this day is just to make her feel extra special.

When it comes to a mother, everything revolves around her kids. Mothers have a responsibility to take care of their children, and it is up to every one of us to make sure they are happy, respect them, and never forsake them when things go tough for us. When a mother sees her children succeed, she encourages them to do the same. The well-being of a mother is inextricably linked to the well-being of her children.

When a child returns home, he or she is eager to see his or her mother first. When a child is in distress, he rushes to his mother for aid. She loses sight of her own desires in the service of others. For breakfast, she makes a special dish for her children and reads them a bedtime story. As well as assisting her own children in their academic endeavours, she also helps their friends and neighbours with their homework. All of these traits are instilled by mothers into the lives of those they care for. Every child’s mother is, in fact, the most precious present he or she can ever get.

I don’t think my mum is a superhero; she is just a normal person with all superhero qualities. She was by my side at all times. It didn’t matter what time of day or night it was; she was always there to help me. In addition, I am inspired by her ethic, the way she manages our home as a perfect home maker, passion, dedication, and overall demeanour. 

Have you ever been asked, “Who are the people who mean the most to you?” 

No one will ever be able to replace her as the most wonderful mother I’ve ever known. My mother, a lovely and caring person, is always there for me and helps me whenever I need it. My mother loves me very much. She’s strict, yet her direction and training have helped mould me into a wonderful person. My feelings for her are indescribable. I owe her a debt of gratitude because she gave birth to me, she had lot of complications during her delivery, however she brought me into this world facing against all odds, offered me happiness, and assisted me in maturing. Despite the fact that she is always there for me, you can tell she is very nurturing. Every day, she tells me the same thing. I’d be exhausted if I were you. My mum makes me a very happy child.

Despite the fact that she is my mother, I do not regard her as a role model. She had my whole adoration because she tended to me although I was unable to communicate. If I was unable to communicate, she took care of everything. It wasn’t just walking and talking that my mother taught me. Because of my mother’s encouragement, I was able to do great things in my life. 

Truthfulness, love, and openness are words that describe her perfectly. Another reason is that she continues to be a blessing to her family even today. Her generosity is unrequited; she never expects anything in return. Furthermore, her love extends to everyone she meets, including strangers and animals. Aside from being nice and considerate to animals, she is also very concerned about the environment.

In spite of her physical limitations, she and her family are able to endure in every facet of their lives. In the face of adversity, she inspires me to never, ever give up. As a result, my mother has always pushed me to enhance both my academic performance and my other abilities. Because of her, I’m inspired to keep trying until I’m successful.

She would transform into my light whenever I was terrified of the dark. She’d hold my head if I couldn’t sleep in her lap. Her consistent presence in my life has been the most important factor in my recovery. Her positive attitude and skills have broadened my strength to stay calm during challenging times. I aspire to be like her and inculcate all her qualities.

My mother has worked tirelessly to provide an extraordinary life for her children as I can remember. She is a powerful individual who believes in the power of optimism.

Her childhood was very different from mine, but she never treated me the same way. ‘ No matter how much I adore my mother, her methods of discipline are always effective. For example, she never misses to give her daughter the attention and time she requires by turning off all electronic gadgets and simply spending time together as a mother and daughter. She also gives me the courage to make good decisions on my own without placing any pressure on me. My mother has always been tough about enforcing rules and punishing me if I violate them or argue with an elder. Her tone of voice has a clear undertone of non-argumentation. Her approach to persuading me that doing certain things was a waste of time was quite effective. Even when she was sick at times, she never missed to take care of me and she struggled through all odds to be there for me.

As a result of her advice, I’ve learnt to always give my best effort, to treat others fairly, and to persevere even in the face of adversity. Finally, she argued, lying usually hurts more, therefore I should always be honest. She instilled in me a sense of duty to my family and to my schooling. Even when she does not always agree with my decisions, she makes it apparent that she is there for me every step of the way. She taught me the value of self-respect and the distinction between right and wrong.

My mother is the most significant person in my life as a mother and a friend.

Concluding remarks:

Mother is the one who is probably endowed with all the power. No creature in this Universe can be as powerful as a mother!! She can manage and control everything in any situation. In other words, God has given her the power to take up all the affairs of the world. Celebrating Mother’s Day for a day is not enough to thank every single mother in this world. No one can replace her at any cost. Everyone should shower lots of love and care to her for their sacrifices.

In the eyes of their children, every mother is unique. In addition to being a good teacher, she’s a wonderful friend and a tough parent, in my opinion. She is also in charge of all of the household’s needs. Only God cares about us more than our mother does. Standing ovations should be given to all mothers who give their lives for their children, not just mine.

A mother is like Mother Nature who always gives unconditionally without any expectations in return. It is not easy to be a living inspiration for someone and to do so requires a life full of positivity, wisdom, conviction and enthusiasm. Mother is not simply a word; in fact, it is a whole universe in itself. She is indeed the most important person in everybody’s life. This article is just a small token of love and dedication to all mothers out there😊

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