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Michelle Ayon Navajas

Internationally renowned poet Michelle Ayon Navajas is an author of bestsellers. She is well renowned for her books, which, soon after their publication, quickly rose to the top. ‘It Ain’t Winning If Without You’, her seventh poetry collection, debuted at #1 on the best-sellers list as well as #1 in Amazon’s hot new releases list weeks after its publication and reached that position only through pre-orders. And this brilliant feat was achieved not just in one nation, but three – Amazon India, Amazon Japan, and even Amazon Canada.

‘It ain’t winning if without you’ by Michelle Ayon Navajas is a poetry collection that is a testament to the challenges and difficulties we encounter daily and overcoming them with grace and composure. Living the life of our dreams and achieving our goals are sweeter and better when shared with our loved ones; it isn’t really winning without them.

The book has garnered interesting and positive reviews from the readers as well as other poets. “There are multiple poetries to lose yourself in. It seems like you’re getting enlightened while reading and relating them to your life. Really a praiser of this book.

If you’re into poetry and can relate it to yourself then it’s good to go with this book!” wrote a reviewer, while another one commented, “Awesome read to start or end your day for a boosted mindset. The language is rich and understanding. Highly recommended!!”

The cover of the book received a lot of praise from one and all. People appreciated the theme as it goes well with the content. “Beautifully penned by the author to win over the heart’s of its readers and beautifully designed cover that makes the reader pick this one up from the shelves. Thoughtful and expressive work indeed,” remarked an elite book reader.

I Will Love You Forever, Too, her fifth collection of poetry, debuted at the top of the charts on Amazon and Kobo.Com less than 24 hours after its debut. Along with “After Rain Skies,” “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter,” “Oh! Dear One,” “I Would Fly To Where You Are,” and other poetry collections, she also wrote “After Rain Skies.” She has three “Publication of the Month” nominations,  one “Publication of the Month” award from Spillwords, and she has published several poetries in there.

For 2021, Spillwords NYC has nominated her poetry “Holding Hands” as a Publication of the Year finalist. Several worldwide literary journals and anthologies, including MasticadoresUsa and MasticadoresIndia, published her poems. She is also a member of the group of bestselling authors who have won awards and have books in the top 100 on Amazon.com, “Wounds I Healed The Poetry Of Strong Women.”

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