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Merakians Community Turns 1 On Navya Sreeramagiri’s 24th Birthday.

Navya Sreeramagiri’s Birthday

Merakians Community completes their 1st Year Anniversary on Navya Sreeramagiri’s 24th birthday.Merakians Community is founded by Navya Sreeramagiri & Avni Patel which is a unit under INKZOID FOUNDATION and is a family of creative souls,it is an international writing and open mic community for all the budding talents all around the world where they can showcase their talent.


to conduct an open mic which was hosted by Navya Sreeramagiri and Avni Patel for 3 hrs which was planned on the same day(10th Of May 2021) and their challenge was to gather 50 + Participants within 5 hrs in order to break a record and create a history which never happened before in history.
Finally INKZOID FOUNDATION was successful to gather 50 + Participants within 5 hrs in order to break a record and create a history.

In celebration of this historical event Durlav Sarkar,the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION took an initiative and introduced an International open mic and writing community named as The Merakian’s Community-A place for creative souls in order to facilitate the hardwork and dedication of the hosts Navya Sreeramagiri and Avni Patel.The founders of this new international community are Navya Sreeramagiri and Avni Patel.All the open mic participants who were present in that historical event will be the members of The Merakian’s Community which is the sign of remembrance of this historical event by INKZOID FOUNDATION on 10th of May,2021.

Navya Sreeramagiri

This community has been launched by Durlav Sarkar,the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION on 13th of May because it is Navya Sreeramagiri’s Birthday and Avni Patel’s Birthday also was few weeks before therefore he thought no gift can be better than this international community for them.

Therefore INKZOID FOUNDATION is coming up with it’s new International community- The Merakian’s Community and created a history again because INKZOID FOUNDATION is only there to break records and create history and don’t believe in any limitations.


S.Sree Navya

She is S.Sree Navya and the founder of The Merakians Community (Unit Of INKZOID FOUNDATION). She is a HR Generalist, A Writer, Poetess, Blogger, Podcaster from Chennai ,India. She is an Extrovert by Heart and an introvert by circumstances.She is a young lady of 23 years who goes by the saying keep trying ,never say never . She is a South Indian By heart and A North Indian by Food. Apart from writing , dance ,dramatics are things that she has a keen interest in. She is a Jack of all Trades But Master of None. She is also the Hosting Head of Writer’s Amulet and Inkzoid Foundation and The Co founder of A Budding Spread those Inks . She believes that life is a bed of thorns and not always roses. She always wants to be a fighter and face all her problems . She is a rebel who sets her own rules and lives life on her own terms.

Avni Patel

Avni Patel

Avni Patel(The Pride Of Balaghat) is one of the founders of Merakians Community and a girl who loves to pour her heart Thats why she decided to become a writer and suceesfully she is today , She made a world record of 26 poems which are all written from the 26 letters of alphabetical series and the poetry starts from each alphabet she took as a topic of her poetry,all these 26 poems are 8 liners and 1st word of every 7 th line is “Every”.She was able to made this record only because of his brother Durlav Sarkar , under his guidance she started her writing career and today she is part of the best publishing house Inkzoid foundation and has her own writing community Merakians International Community , She also loves to sing ,cook and she is foodie and after writing these specific poems for record her name enters in INKZOID Book Of World Records 2021.

She was born in Mandla ,Madhya Pradesh but lived her life in a small tehsil named waraseoni,due to her father’s work. Her father is an government servent who works for justice and peace .She started writing at the age of 15. She completed her school from MCS Public school but how could she forget her old school where most of her school life she live , Its name is Saint Vidya Sagar Convent Hr.Secondry School Waraseoni . She is currently a student pursuing journalism and learing about Mass media from one of the best collage of Indore Names Devi Ahila Vishvidlaya.She used to participate in so many events from her childhood to even now , and rightnow .It became a blessing that she get to know durlav sarkar, the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION and multiple world record holder.And with under his guidance she did the world record.INKZOID gave her a chance to be in it’s core member too and to open her own writing community.

INKZOID FOUNDATION and the founder Durlav Sarkar is very happy to declare that Merakians Community turns 1 and it is a time to enjoy and celebrate for all the members of INKZOID.

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