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Mehak Walia is award-winning and journalist from Delhi

Mehak Walia is an award-winning author and journalist from Delhi, India. She has been writing for about 5 years now and loves to use her words to create perfection along with the rare merge of storytelling, correctness, readability and clarity. She is one of the only few people in the country with 4 books, over 100 published poems and 3 anthology books to their name before the age of 25. She loves to write thrillers and crime fiction novels.

Author Mehak Walia has won the ‘Prerna Ratan Samman’ for her achievements in the field of literature and her recent book, ‘The Perfect Literarian’ won the ‘Best Crime and Thriller Fiction’ award by Author Pages.

She has also had the privilege of working with some of the major publications including Women’s Era, Times of India, Dkoding Media, Lipstick Politico, Sportskeeda, Hashtag Magazine, Surfaces Reporter, ThePrint and TheVibe.

Her work displays the perfect mixture of storytelling, suspense and correctness which is a delight to come across and read.

“Turning to crime fiction was only a matter of time for me!”she says.

She is also a journalist who has worked with some of the major publications including Women’s Era, Lipstick Politico, Sportskeeda, Hashtag Magazine, Surfaces Reporter and TheVibe.

As far as her passion goes, writing is honestly, the one thing that comes to her as easily and naturally as, perhaps, eating or breathing.

“I have grown up as an individual who was never seen without a book or a pen in her hand.” She says with a smile.

She further adds, “That’s probably where my inspiration to write comes from. I grew up in a world where I rode the boat with Huckleberry Finn, navigated the society with Jane Austen, went on adventures with Ishmael and experienced love with Romeo and Juliet.

Authors like Agatha Christie, Stephen King and Sidney Sheldon meant everything to me. I was so inspired by them, I just wanted to be like them and, that is exactly why I started writing, I wasn’t even sure that I’ll make it but I knew that it was worth a try and I am so glad that I did that because writing completes me in a way that nothing and nobody could..

Being an author, isn’t always easy though. Loads of painful and beautiful moments go hand in hand to make this happen.

She sighed and laughed, “There are two sides to every coin, you know? Similarly, I believe that this journey has had a lot of goods like holding the final books in my hand, winning two awards so far and of course, the moments when people ask me to autograph their copies.

But of course, there are moments when I really struggled with writing and had massive writer’s blocks where I couldn’t even write a poem, let alone any chapters. With my first book there were even moments when I almost gave up on it but, luckily I pulled through and believe me, it was all worth it.”

A word from the ones who made it helps others walk in their footsteps, chase their dreams and achieve them. In light of this, we asked Mehak what advice she has in store for them.

She smiled and said, “The only message that I would like to give the readers is to never give up on your dreams, they can be hard, there can be times when you actually feel like you will not get there but, trust me holding on is the best thing you can ever do because it’s just. . . Really worth it. Go get ‘em!”

Mehak’s latest book writtem with her best friend, Trupti Kadni- ‘The ‘Perfect’ Literarian’ hit the stores last year and has been doing brilliantly. If you’re a crime fiction fan who loves gruesome scenes and mysteries, go get a copy, you must check it out!

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