Mega event Sports Festival International Karate Championship 2024 at Alamohan Das Indoor stadium on 5th May 2024(Sunday).

The excitement is palpable! In the City of Joy, Kolkata, the Sports Festival International Karate Championship 2024 will take place on May 5th, 2024, at the Alamohan Das Indoor Stadium, Howrah organized by Shihan Sanatan Haldar, the esteemed Founder and General Secretary of the S. SHITO RYU KARATE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA, alongside his dedicated student Sensei Anirban Mitra, approved by Karate Association of India under the Guidance of respected Hanshi Rajnesh Choudhary, this event marks a significant milestone in the history of West Bengal, poised to elevate the stature of Karate in India.

A multitude of international and national teams, including those from Bangladesh, Thailand, Bhutan, and Nepal, will grace this Mega event with their presence. Notably, for the first time in history, all officials will receive brand new blazers and a plethora of prestigious awards. Furthermore, a distinguished accolade, the “BONGO RATNA AWARD,” has been introduced to honor highly deserving masters, thereby fostering a deeper connection between culture and the noble pursuit of Karate.

Mr. Sanatan Haldar articulates that the primary objective behind orchestrating this Mega event is to ignite enthusiasm and foster a sense of camaraderie among the players, thereby propelling the growth of Indian Karate. By convening all masters to cherish memorable moments alongside participants, and by providing unwavering support and motivation, he envisions a future brimming with opportunities for aspiring Karate practitioners. He advocates for a collective effort among masters to transcend rivalries and unite in their shared mission to nurture and uplift the next generation of Karate athletes.

Mr. Sanatan Haldar extends a warm invitation to all esteemed masters to partake in this event and bear witness to the grandeur of victory.

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