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Meet Keerthan Prabhu : The 26-year-old who went out to solve the practical career problems of the college students by building practical education & makers space venture in India.

When he was in 12th grade and he was miserable, confused and blank. He cried multiple times in his life for not having clarity. Everyone said, getting a good grade will make him successful but he had 97% in his 10th grade but everything around him felt meaningless, nothing felt right. He had few questions with him for which he didn’t have answers for… Why am I here , what is the purpose of life and why money, relationship, success is important for such a brief life. He started asking these questions to his parents that, why they got him here without asking…. These things didn’t stop there, with all due respect to teachers, he started asking questions to his teachers about how they have implemented what they were teaching like physics , chemistry and maths in their own life, for which they didn’t have answers. He felt lonely and was in deep depression.

It’s his dad’s habit of reading self help books made him curious to know what’s in it. This use to give him hope and inspiration for some time but after that he used to fall back to same old pattern of depression and loneliness.

It was in the year 2014 he attended his first life changing event that made him understand he was trying to learn swimming  on board his whole life, trying to learn everything theoretical from the people who have almost have zero practical experience and results  in their subject. He understood in order to change, he need to change and learn from those who already have the results and experience  that he wanted in his life. His dad made him to understand, the reason for darkness in his life was the lack of practical education. From there onwards his dad started saying “ I will not make any assets to my son instead I will make my son as an asset by supporting with practical education “.

Within 3 years of self development work, mentorship from the world class mentors , building the multiple practical skills and systems he was able to attract 17 lakhs and more in revenue as a college student. Within 2 years of graduation he was able to build a 25 lakh per year career and become financially independent at the age of 24. As he started working with people of his age, they were struggling with similar problems. He made promise that “I will dedicate my life in solving the problem that I have faced for myself and help people achieve  the career independence  they desire and deserve”. 

College Innovators is a practical education and makers space venture that is helping 100’s of college students achieve their career independence  before they graduate  by building 6 areas like self, skill, profile, community, projects/products and independent systems. Over last 7 years we were able to impact 35,000+ individuals coming from across India. Today college innovators is a supported venture by AIC-NITTE, Atal innovation mission, NITI Ayog, Gov Of India. In the last few years college innovators has been recognised with many  awards like Innovative Startup of the year by MSME Business Excellence awards, best education company of the year and many more. Today 

Today he is a young self made entrepreneur running 4 successful ventures , author of 2 books “Why Being Independent” Is Awesome and “Xmoney Secrets” and good friend, mentor, and supporter for many youths who aspire become like him.

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