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Massive Poster of Tollywood Superstar Dev’s “Baghajatin” by Deepesh Halder.

Deepesh Halder is a Budding Artist from South Kolkata, especially known for his Fan arts of Tollywood Superstar Dev Adhikari.

He started his journey of art from 2021. Inspired by his idol Dev he started making fan made sketches of Dev’s movies like “Kishmish”,”Projapati” & “Byomkesh O Durgorahasya”.
Recently he made a massive poster of 12×10ft as a tribute to Dev’s upcoming movie “Baghajatin”.

Deepesh is currently pursuing BCA at The Heritage Academy, Kolkata.

Fan art is a way for enthusiasts to express their appreciation for a specific work by creating their own creative interpretations, often featuring characters, making sketches,posters, etc. It’s a vibrant and passionate part of fan culture, allowing fans to connect with others who share their interests and celebrate the stories and characters they love.

In his words, “It is a dream of every fan to meet his/her dream superstar.And the same goes with me.The first meeting with Superstar Dev is very much memorable.I bunked my Tution class to have a glance of my idol and surprisingly I got an autograph on the painting which I made.

As a fan I always wanted to meet him in person and have a talk with him.And the second time I got a chance to meet him at an event in Style bazar,a clothing store in Gariahat, Kolkata.I gifted him my painting and as a fan boy i was overwhelmed with joy.

Then my interest grew further.Started from an A4 sheet ,and recently I made an artwork on 12 ft by 10 ft canvas of Dev’s upcoming film Baghajatin.”

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