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Mansi Sali-The Pride Of Maharashtra.

Mansi Sali

Mansi Prashant Sali is a writer with great skills of composing poems and quotes. She belongs to Maharashtra and is currently doing Business Administration. Her featured composition tells about the old era where people were filled with so much superstition that they never doubted the stuff they used to do in the name of God and almost forgot the word humanity, when Hari Pal Dev helped them to realise the difference between right and wrong. She has also been a part of many anthologies like Power of Words, Incarnation, The Open Book, etc. her articles have also been a part of magazine and has compiled 2 books uptill now. She has also an excellent participant of National Poetry Competition by Super7. Taking inspiration from surroundings is her biggest Mantra for writing along with reading bestsellers, she tries to combine the old ethics and modern thinking. Thus, creating the sentences of ability. And, she doesn’t only write from her inspirational world but takes some pieces from her fancy world too.
She has also been an active speaker of International Model United Nations Conference which helped to improve her interacting skills with people. Besides this, she loves to dance, listen music, play badminton, archery and basketball. She’s also into K-drama, Chinese and Turkish drama.

Some Of Her Works Includes

Creator of The HUMANITY Religion: Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar
A long time ago, when the world was surrounded by fallacy cave,
A child took birth, named Hari Pal Dev.

In that Era, people were filled with superstition & inhumanity,
He was the one who gave knowledge and made them pity.

With attentiveness, they used to listen to him,
Sarvadnya’s inspirational words, motivated them to cut off their unnecessary whim.

He taught an important life lesson, which should be known by every single child,
HUMANITY: The morsel of love against each & every wild.

HUMANITY says, “A person should treat a person like person’’,
But, in today’s world, we are the one who brought cruelty with diverse version.

People believed, he was not a normal person, But the fact was opposed by some.
He gave the understanding of humanity religion, as much as he can,
People agreed to the fact, which earlier got ban.

He helped many, without taking a single penny,
That’s why he is being called Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar Swami.

Another Work Of Her

Every Night, This Is How I Sleep…
Thinking ’bout a single thing hundred times so deep,
Every night, this is how I sleep.

Why is life so jumbled?
Why joy & sorrow are two fragments of this world?
Ruminating, why can’t the happiness be one to keep?
Every night, this is how I sleep.

Even after being surrounded by stars, darkness vibes unique,
And, you know what, that aura makes me weak,
Wondering, how life will make a disparate whip,
Every night, this is how I sleep.

When it gets dark, sort of numerous thoughts drip,
Every night, this is how I sleep.

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