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Manku SaiBharath Makes A World Record.

Manku SaiBharath Makes A World Record

Author Manku SaiBharath the pride of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh made a world record for successfully compiling his book “Jayamma Panchayati” which was launched by the legendary Telugu star, Suma Kanakala.It is a book based on the experiences of cast and crew of the film “Jayamma Panchayati”. This is a first of it’s kind project in whole Indian Film Industry. Therefore, Team “Jayamma Panchayati” enters the book of world records .

What Is “Jayamma Panchayati” Book By Manku SaiBharath?

“Jayamma Panchayati” by Manku SaiBharath is a world record book which states completing a movie is a success. It’s not needed to remind us about the hard work behind the screens. Likewise, Jayamma Panchayati is also a successful attempt. An experiment to surface the talent hidden in Srikakulam Area.

Who Is Author Manku SaiBharath?

Manku SaiBharath

Author Manku SaiBharath, the pride of Srikakulam is a film enthusiast also the founder of Scratch Book Publication who got his niche in writing and recently made a world record for his book “Jayamma Panchayati”. He is pursuing his career as an assistant director in TFI as well as running his own book publications. He has been a part of many anthologies as a co-author and compiled a handful of books too. In this book, he knitted all the emotions of the cast and crew into one and presented them before the readers. He hopes that this book might inspire the next Gen filmmakers and let them tell their stories too.

What Was The Speciality Of The Movie “Jayamma Panchayati”?

The speciality of the movie “Jayamma Panchayati” is that through this movie, at least 70+ new artists were introduced to the industry, and a certain 10-15 were recognized by the audience as potential performers. Some major characters will be celebrated by the industry for their future journey in the films.

How Was The Story Of “Jayamma Panchayati” ?

“Jayamma Panchayati” Book

The story of “Jayamma Panchayati” was amazing as the name itself suggests, is the story of a strong middle-aged woman and her problem. Jayamma lives happily with her husband and two daughters. Suddenly her husband falls sick and she needs 4 lakhs for his heart operation. To her Grace, her elder daughter enters puberty at that time. Jayamma in the last one-two decade helped almost every family in the village by giving a good amount of money in the form of gifts for their functions and ceremonies which is the custom in the region. Now, she expects the gifted money in return but all in vain. Asking for gifted money back looks so strange to the people which they have never witnessed.

There the real conflict starts, she decides to get her money back by hook or crook. Thereby, she puts the situation in front of village heads. Apart from Jayamma, there are some other people who are struggling with their own problems.

Unfortunately, Jayamma’s problem will be solved if and only if the other’s problems are concluded.

What Was The Plot Of The Book “Jayamma Panchayati” By Manku SaiBharath?

The Plot Of The Book “Jayamma Panchayati” By Manku SaiBharath that how did the lead character resolve their issues and thus saved her husband is the movie plot. It is plotted in and around 2006 in a remote village of Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh.
Every movie has its own hurdles. They remain special to the crew and cast of that particular movie.

“Jayamma Panchayati” Book Is A Chain Of What?

This book “Jayamma Panchayati” by Manku SaiBharath is a chain of memories by the cast and technical crew of the film. You have seen the characters on the screen. This helps to get into the shoes of people who bore those characters. The book has been written in the actors’ own accents and styles. So not many changes were just to make sure that you get to feel the real them. While reading you can sense their innocence, their build, and love for the cinema.

At the end who wouldn’t want to know about the journey of a film?

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