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Let’s have a look over the awardees of Shahanshah Got Talent with their titles awarded by Shahanshah Virtual Awards

Shahanshah Virtual Awards , an affiliate of Shahanshah Publications initiated on the occasion of Father’s day , 2021 by a young girl Ankita Bhatia.

Talent has no particular meaning or associated field with it, talent that can be anywhere, everywhere.

With the motive to encourage everyone with talent irrespective of any criteria whether age or anything, founder Ankita Bhatia started first with her Instagram page _ankita_encourage_talent , then Shahanshah Publications and further spreading wings to Virtual Awards.

From recognising every father’s hard work the first Award organised by Shahanshah Virtual Awards was World’s Best Dad , moving further was affordable Virtual Awards with Virtual Kit and further spreading wings to Shahanshah Got Talent where from Scholar to Motivation Speaker to Entrepreneur all were recognised.

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Let’s have a look over our awardees of Shahanshah Got Talent with their titles awarded by Shahanshah Virtual Awards :

A.S Sethupathi:

Master of Rhymes for category : Writer

A.S.Sethupathi is the Founder of https://www.houseplansdaily.com/website. He is a Civil, Structural Engineer cum Architect, Blogger, House Plans Creator, You Tuber, Vastu Consultant and an Awards winning Nonfiction Book Author.

Gideon Rymbai

Master of Rhymes Awadee for Category  Writer

Gideon Rymbai hails from Shillong,Meghalaya-“The Scotland of the East”. He loves reading poems and he is a very passionate writer. He likes to put a lot of his emotions, experiences, and opinions into what he writes. He likes being able to make his writing something other people can connect to, or relate to in some way by generalizing the thoughts and experiences he is writing about.

Kaushiki Sarkar

Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

Kaushiki Sarkar is an earthling since 11th May, 2004. She was born in Kolkata, India. She is a painter and she won the best painter award in the year 2021 in the category still life painting. She has won numerous writing contests, awards and achieved many titles in writing. Her interview is featured in many websites. She is a co-author in numerous anthologies. She is a compiler and project head. She is the Founder of Inksteady Creative Community and Crystal World Community. She works with different writing communities as a graphic designer and community head.


Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

Shachi Sinha is a budding writer who has co-authored five books and won a national level award for her contributions in the field of writing. Writing for her, is her way of eloquently eliciting her feelings and simultaneously giving her readers food for soul in the form of her write-ups. The works of Tagore, Shakespeare and Emily Bronte greatly inspired her to explore the unexplored via writing.

Ratna Lalitha. Pasupuleti

Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

Ratna Lalitha. Pasupuleti is a writer, author and a psychological listener. She co-authored 120+ anthologies and some of them set 11 world records and 2 national records. She herself an world record holder and honoured with 8 national awards. Her only motto in life is , let this world understand the real value of life.

Sasikala Jeyaprakash. S

Excellent Tutor Awardee for Category  Scholar

Sasikala Jeyaprakash. S  Ph.d research scholar in the department of English in Puducherry. She is very passionate about the research studies about feminism. Her ambition is to work in a challenging environment where her abilities and hard work will be put to the best and to deliver her acumen and efficiency to the growth of the organization and her career. Her personal traits adaptable, very enthusiastic and optimistic.

Mahesh Kumar Hansdah

Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

He is from Odisha and has completed his BTech and MBA. He writes because he loves it. He jots down his memories and believes that dreams are the things which can give happiness to oneself. He derives his ideas and concepts from his dreams and real life experiences. His hobbies are writing stories and quotes.

Ajita Pandey:

Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

Ajita Pandey was born and brought up in Bhopal. She was interested in literature since her school days and particularly in poetry. The rhyme and the words of poetry created an imaginary world for her. Thus, she started writing poetry for experiencing the magic of words. She is the author of 2 poetry collections in which one is in English “The Words of Silence” and one in Hindi “एक करवट अधूरी”, she is also the co-author of a poetry collection in Hindi “कविताओं का पुलिंदा”.

Kukkala Rohithkumar

Master of words Awardee for Category  Motivational Speaker

Rohithkumar  Master trainer is a Student & Certified motivational speaker & trainer&NLP Master trainer& lifeskillstrainer&Studentpreneur&indian prime icon awardee &best aspiring writer awardee&rabindranath Tagore international art &literature awardee&He is also founder of Serve the nation app in google play store Jai hind ,jai bharath , Vandemataram

Niraja Bandi

Author of the Year Awardee for Category  Author

She is an author and blogger by passion and Operations manager by profession. She is a source of inspiration to aspiring writers. She is the author of 6 bestselling books and recipient of several reputed awards. Her books focus on educating, informing as well as entertaining the readers.

Some of her key interests include contributing to academics, mentoring team members, advocating for women’s empowerment, and making society a better place.

Rukaiya saifee

Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

 She was born in the year 1994 date 12 month november. her education is b.a. eng litreture graduation completed from her home town barwani. she loves to write poem.

Rubal Choudhary

Creative Creator Awardee for Category :Entrepreneur

A girl with wings, who not only wants to fly but also wants to achieve all possible things which can be achieved on this planet. Just like the falcon she wants to fly high, breaking all barriers coming in her way. She is Rubal Choudhary from Gurgaon, Haryana, currently doing MA in Literature. A selenophile, avid read, artist and what not, she is an ambivert and a learner who only wants to learn and grow.

Kriti Tripathi

Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

Insta id ; @Kriti3926 and _wowmymom_

Writing (a wanna be Authorpreneur), Supermom, Reading short stories, books, travelling, moral teachings to my daughter, knowing new people, listening to music and above all dancing.

Ekta Bhardwaj 

Young Artist Awardee for Category  Artist

She is a mother of a toddler from Jamnagar,Gujarat. She is a Post graduate and NET qualified too.She is a born artist by passion and a budding writer

Samarpita Sen

Creative Mind Awardee for Category  Content Creator

Her name is Samarpita Sen.She is Graduate with education honours under Calcutta university…Now She is working on social media…She is a Content creator….She has many Achievements in apps…Her 1st Achievement Star of the Month in Kuyili Apps…and Golden arc award,Elite book award ,bharatiya youth women etc…


Master of Rhymes Awardee for Category  Writer

SHRUTHI is a budding and passionated writer where her atmost skills in her words came from her loving and beautific mom MYTHILYCHANDRAN, At this moment she would be so very grateful in sending a tones of happiness, ardour to her dear comrade @SURYA PRAKASH.A who made her to start this way @her_pennings_02.

Team Shahanshah Virtual Awards congratulates all these talented 16 awardees who were selected out of 50+ nominations recieved and hopes for a bright future of all .

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