Lamiya Siraj Received The Title Of “Best Author Of The Year 2023” From INKZOID FOUNDATION.

Lamiya Siraj recently received the Title Of “Best Author Of The Year 2023” from INKZOID FOUNDATION for getting felicitated by the prestigious Indian Icon Awards along with this she is a versatile writer, and author, calls Abu Dhabi, U A E, her home, she is also the creative mind behind novels such as “DESTINED TO HEAL WITHIN,” “DESIRE OR GUILT,” and “HIDDEN QUEST.” In addition to her captivating fiction, she has penned the non-fiction book “ONE STEP AHEAD.”

Lamiya’s life journey has been as diverse as her literary works. Her professional history encompasses a variety of roles, reflecting her wide-ranging interests and experiences. Notably, her thought-provoking write-ups have graced the pages of renowned newspapers in the U.A.E. and India, where they have found a place in both readers’ and letters’ columns.

Her passions extend beyond the written word; she is an ardent enthusiast of writing, reading, and traveling. As a keen observer of the world, Lamiya is also a dedicated photographer, blogger, and an advocate for sports.

While she dedicates a significant portion of her time to her myriad interests, her greatest joy is found in spending time with her daughter. This cherished mother-daughter bond is a testament to the many facets of her life.

Lamiya Siraj has made her mark as a contributor to various anthologies, short stories, and articles featured in magazines and diverse publications. This prolific output has not gone unnoticed, as she has garnered accolades, certificates, trophies, and medals from numerous publication houses and award event organizers. Some of the notable recognitions include NE8x, Fanatixx-Spectrum, AwardsArc, Firefoxx, and Applause, among others.

With unwavering determination, Lamiya has seen her star rise, and her name has become synonymous with positive feedback from her readers, fellow online bloggers, social media communities, event organizers, and publishers.

For those seeking to delve into her thoughts further, Lamiya maintains popular blogs on her website, You can connect with her and share your thoughts via her blog’s RSS feed or reach out to her at

Her active presence on social media platforms, such as
Facebook Page: Lamiya Siraj, Instagram: @lamiyasiraj, and Twitter: Lamiya Siraj,
ensures that she engages with her readers and well-wishers frequently.

In summary, Lamiya Siraj’s journey is a testament to her multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication to the world of literature and creativity.

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