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Komal Arora The Pride Of Sriganganagar Made A World Record.

Writer Komal Arora

Writer Komal Arora the pride of Sriganganagar(Rajasthan) became a WORLD RECORD HOLDER for “Longest anthology written by maximum students of a school” ,compiled by her as she came up with an exciting and unique thought of allying all the students under the age of 15 for this special anthology book.

What is the proud moment for Komal Arora?

It is proud moment that Komal Arora is the first writer from Sriganganagar who has received “TITLE OF WORLD RECORD” not only this but also she gave children opportunity to be part of record holding book .

Who Is Writer Komal Arora?

Writer Komal Arora

Komal Arora is a writer born and brought up in Sriganganagar (Rajasthan) to Mr. Sunil Arora and Mrs. Santosh , also blessed with a sibling Mr. Mohit Arora.
She possess a degree in B.A , b.Ed besides this she is pursuing M.A in English and TEFL. By Passion she is writer and by profession she is pedagogue .Her career in the teaching profession has spanned more than six years and still extends an extraordinary service to the children of her locality. She has a keen interest in reading and writing moreover She bloomed out in this period of epidemic as a writer. Till date she has co-authored 40+ anthologies nationally and internationally , started compiling . Now engraving her name among the writer’s community worldwide.

What are the skills of Komal Arora?

Komal Arora has some astounding skills in cultural field. Her endeavour and passion for English literature has brought pride and glory to her family, moreover she was also appreciated for her skills in English language as she came first in Rajasthan where she gave presentation in English.

Now her hardwork and dedication was finally acknowledged by INKZOID FOUNDATION, that made her a world record holder.

About The Book “Diligent Personality” By Komal Arora

Writer Komal Arora

“DILIGENT PERSONALITY” by Komal Arora is a collection of poetries, short stories by different co-authors (students) of Blooming Dales International School below the age of 15 ( studying in class 9th) who have jotted down their views and life experiences in such a way that the reading audience will feel optimistic, gleeful and will also feel each and every word relating to Teachers, specially MEETU SHARMA MAM ( principal of Bdis ) written inside the book. This book is a special gift given to meetu sharma mam on her birthday.
Writers in this book have Scribbled down the words in such a way that you’ll live, feel and will fall in love
with the words and feelings hidden inside them.
The main reason behind publishing the book is to provide a platform for the hidden talents around us, and encourage them to write. The book’s motive is to ignite love and happiness in the society and create a sense of disappearance of their sorrows.

KOMAL ARORA being the COMPILER of “DILIGENT PERSONALITY” is thankful to all her students. This book wouldn’t have been compiled without all
of you !

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