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Jungle Fiesta – Number One Theme Based Restaurant In Haldwani.

Jungle Fiesta is the number one theme based restaurant in Haldwani founded by Mohan Rawat and over the past 7 years he has been able to build one of the most popular hospitality brand in the town along with this he owns another two branches in Dogaon Jeulicoat and Kaladhungi. This restaurant also received many awards such as ‘BEST THEME BASE RESTAURANT : 2018’ , ‘UTTRAKHAND RATAN SAMAN (KUMAOUN MANDAL) : 2019’ and ‘INDIA’S REAL HERO AWARDS : 2020’ for being one of the best hospitality brands.

About The Founder Of Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant

The Founder Of Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant is Mohan Rawat and has been able to build one of the most popular hospitality brand in the town being the founder he also owns another two branches in Dogaon Jeulicoat and Kaladhungi, a town near Nainital District along with this he hails from a humble background, as he lost his father at very early age, the family struggled to stand by their own.

He is a graduate in commerce with a diploma in accountancy and started his carrier as an accountant in 2009 but because of his hard work in couple of years, he got an opportunity to be a finance head and then he promoted as plant head in FMCG Sector.

Why Mohan Rawat Established Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant?

Mohan Rawat established Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant because his time in the corporate sector allowed him to travel globally, where he was exposed to the hospitality industry in abroad and decide to enter in hospitality sector and when his carrier was on peek and was getting a lot of other opportunities to settle abroad but he always wanted to be connected to his roots so he decided to settle in India and start his own business over here in 2017 along with this his wife has always been a support in his life, she stood by him in his all the hard decisions.Both of them started working on building a hospitality brand and worked day and night to build their own venture in 2017.

He invested his savings in the business and never wanted to raise external capital through debt. He hand-picked chefs very carefully and he is extremely particular about the staff hiring.

Personal Profile Of Mohan Rawat

1.38 years Old
2.1st-Gen Entrepreneur
3.Growth Mindset
4.Brand Building Orientation
5.Highly Curious
7.External Exposure

Business Profile Of Mohan Rawat

1.7 years Of Experience
2.Experiential Restaurant

3.Non-Prime Location

4.Owned Premises
5.30-35 Employees

Business Outlook And Aspirations Of Mohan Rawat

Business Outlook and aspirations of Mohan Rawat tells about his exposure to restaurants in Dubai is what initially gave him the idea to build an experiential restaurant. It also taught him the value of a brand: a learning he holds at his core even today. He proudly says, “I want make it a brand with Jungle Fiesta. People may not remember me, but they will definitely resonate with a brand.” He is deeply connected to his roots and is passionate about taking forward the heritage, culture and food of his native land, Kumaon. This is evident in his meticulous scanning and choice of the food menu, ambience and experience.

About Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant

Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant is the first and only jungle theme based restaurant in Uttarakhand and it is designed in the way that people can experience the nature and the feel of jungle inside the Restaurant and being popular among folks, He opened jungle fiesta’s second branch in 2019 at Doo Gaun Jeulicoat and third branch in 2022 at Kaladhungi, Near Corbett Museum along with this It offers a peaceful and relaxing environment to the guest and gives fun field experience to the Kids.Extremely ambitious as an entrepreneur, he aims to more outlets now.

Awards Received By Jungle Fiesta Theme Restaurant




Personal Details Of Mohan Rawat

Name :- Mohan Singh Rawat

Age :- 38

From :- Haldwani, Uttrakhand

Wife name :- Mrs. Priyanka Rawat

Establish date of first branch’s :- 2017

Branches Of Jungle Fiesta

1.Jungle Fiesta, Haldwani, Establish date 2017
2.Jungle Fiesta, Doo Gaun Nainital, Establish date 2019
3.Jungle Fiesta, Kaladhungi, Establish date 2022

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