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JCF Skill Academy- A wave of spreading the goodly Sparsh

Child abuse is a major issue that can have drastic and lifelong repercussions. Almost every other day we hear stories about a child being touched inappropriately. A large number of children subjected to this unfortunate situation are below six years of age.

We all know that parents perform a major role in letting their children know about good touch and bad touch. Understandably, parents might feel a little strange discussing it with their children but it is necessary to ensure that your kid tells you the first time he/she is touched inappropriately. There have been cases where children have been abused for weeks, months, and even years and because of fear, they weren’t able to tell their parents.

Jove Conscious Foundation is one such organization that is addressing this global issue by establishing a program called Sparsh. The prime objective of this project is to educate children about the difference between Good and Bad touch in various locations such as Government schools, playgrounds, Tuition centres, and even door-to-door visits. The target age group is 4 to 12 years for this project. All the volunteers at Jove Conscious Foundation are trained with special teaching techniques to spread awareness about child molestation. In our NGO for women empowerment, we are using group teaching methods to organize awareness campaigns. With the help of flashcards, banners, painting, toys, and poems, we ensure that maximum participants must receive information related to child sexual abuse. It is necessary to teach good touch and bad touch to children so that when they meet an unknown person, it remains in children’s minds that we should be aware of those lousy touches of any of the private parts of their bodies.

It has an intense and adverse impact on the victim’s psychology and personality. Generally, they do not share such experiences with anyone and remain silent. Their silence helps the culprit to increase his/her abusive behaviour towards the victim. As per our study, 5 out of 30 children have experienced molestation within their families. We realized that it is high time we take a stand against child sexual abuse.

Another component of the JCF skill academy is an internal program is to educate mothers about child sexual abuse because they have a very important role to play in protecting their children from abusive incidents.

About the NGO
Jove conscious Foundation is a non-governmental, Centre for women empowerment training in Delhi, established in 2015 and it is active in Mundka village in the northwest part of Delhi, India. Jove conscious foundation is an NGO for women rights that are government recognized, & a government-approved organization relentlessly working towards the overall development of women and the causes related to them.

This was aimed to create a nest where women can feel safe, empowered, and confident. To know more about Sparsh and our actions to stop violence and child sexual abuse in society, please visit our website: http://www.jcf.org.in/sparsh/

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