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Ishtiyaq Rashid – An Indo-American Writer From Kupwara.

Ishtiyaq Rashid is an Indo-American writer and poet who belongs to Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir and he is very fond of writing since his childhood that is why he considers pen as his true friend, he generally writes circumstances of heart using a pen and he thinks “Pen Perceives Him More Than People”.

Achievements of writer Ishtiyaq Rashid includes participation in several anthologies like “Suicide The Incorrigible Concern” and “The Hollow Spirit” along with these he has been awarded three certificates and awards for his excellency in the field of literature and social work.

Ishtiyaq Rashid’s best lines which he has written from the core of the heart are:

I’m such a person,who is in a state of loneliness ,
I stay like a bird,who is miserable all the time.
I don’t try to gratify others anymore,
I have lost in my self,I have abandoned my own smile .
I don’t even try to introduce my self anymore ,
I don’t even try to talk to anyone anymore,
I don’t even try to maintain myself anymore.

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