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Introducing The Outstanding Personalities Of The Globe.

Introducing the top outstanding personalities of the globe which includes Dr Santosh Bhardwaj,Mayaa SH,Sameer Bhatia,Usha Kiran Moodgal,Tushar Kiran Moodgal,Ruchi Rachit Singla,Payal Chowdhury,Kushagra Srivastava,Mohammed Niyaz,Nikhil Jain,Manisha Jaiswal,Bhumika Tewari,Vishakha Verma,DJ Chainriser,Kammo and Tamanna.

Team INKZOID FOUNDATION and the founder, Durlav Sarkar takes an initiative to felicitate these deserving visionaries as “The Top 10 Outstanding Personalities Of The Globe” and salutes their contribution in the field of literature.

  • Dr Santosh Bhardwaj(Special Mention)

Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj is a world-class doctor and a highly professional in his field along with this he has cured a lot of people heavily suffering from different diseases and pains. Recently, he got “STAR INDIA ACHIEVERS AWARD”. He is a precious gem of India and is an astonishing expert of his field and being a world record holder physiotherapist by profession, has been serving and helping people to get well from last 15 years.His father’s name is Mr. Gorelal Bhardwaj and his mother’s name is Smt Sukhani Devi Bhardwaj. He was born in village-pachari, akaltara janjgir champa chhattisgarh. He is a very kind hearted and helping person. His life’s main motive is to spread happiness and positivity.

He believes that one of the very few professions in the world that are truly noble is the one of a doctor. In a country such as India, the status of a doctor is that of next to God. Pursuing this rigorous training and education is a form of true worship that only a few have the dedication to go through and he faced many struggles even with family financial struggles and a hectic school schedule, Santosh never gave up on his true passion. With a zeal for helping people and an exceptional interest in biology, Santosh pursued the subject to its core where he encountered his zeal for MBBS. Due to some personal reasons, he couldn’t get into a MBBS college, but instead, found his true calling-his true purpose. Graduating with a merit score from Bilaspur, with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy degree, Santosh started his career as a Physiotherapist intern at the Korba Hospital in Chhattisgarh.

He got married to Dr. Bhorlaxmi Bhardwaj on 23, January, 2011 and on 22, May, 2013, the couple got blessed with a gentle son, his name is Aarav Bhardwaj.After practising as a Physiotherapist, Dr Santosh realized that there isn’t enough awareness of physiotherapy in rural areas. He felt and acknowledged the need to spread awareness amongst the people. For the same, he started hosting and organizing free camps in the local hospitals.

  • Mayaa SH(Special Honourable Mention)

Mayaa SH also known as Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di,Mayaa Audio SH, Pushpa ‘The Fire’ , Padma Of The East, Lady Robin Hood , MS Dhoni Of Writing and Lady Gandhi is a known name in Contemporary Literature .She is a Multi-National Award Winner , a six times a World Record Holder, An Artist, a Podcaster, a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress and has been chosen as number 1 The Modern Literary Stars Of India, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards for making valuable contribution to Contemporary Indian Literature. She has Won In Memorable Performance in the category termed as ‘Other than English write ups “ for her appreciation of hard work , creativity and dedication in Grand Christmas Competition 2.0 which has been a world record event of the largest creative event hosted online with more than 1000+participants . Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist and a gender equality exponent to position and contextualize her work within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism, Gender Equality, Transforming Vision Into Action: Transmogrification on Transgender Community and Mental Health Awareness Topics. Her work depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than hundred and fifty plus anthologies with seven solo books and has been aligned with more than eighty publication houses.She has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international magazines. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. She navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a medium to combat stress and fear .

  • Sameer Bhatia(Honourable Mention)

Sameer Bhatia is a multi-talented and multi-genre artist and musician, Sameer is a poet, a musician, a painter, a songwriter and a teacher who has been teaching music to students for more than three decades. Born on february 27th 1965 in a musical family, Sameer is a composer musician and a music teacher by profession. Around 40 years of varied experience in music field and he is presently teaching Music to small children since last 30 years and he recently created a world record for writing the maximum number of quotes (150 quotes) in 24 hours which included 80 hindi quotes and 70 english quotes. Along with this he also received Glorious Indian Awards and Bankim Samman 2023.

He is inspired by his parents, He says his mother is a symbol of warmth, love, and affection , she’s a protector, a guide, a friend, and a super lady who is always behind his success.
His father, his role model, being one of the greatest creators in the pantheon of music-composers, who inculcated and taught music to him and this brought magic into his life to do incredible and unexplainable things. Later Sameer chose music as his profession. He has been an electronic musician (in his early years in the era of 70s and 80s) playing synth in recordings and stage programmes accompanying top most artists of India. Sameer has been blessed to play synthesizer with the legendery singers of India like Pandit Jaisraj, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Suresh Wadekar, Kavitah Krishnamurti, Jagjit Singh, Lakshmi Shankar, Mahendra Kapoor, Anup Jalota, Vani Jairam, Savita Devi, Rajan Sajan Misra, Sudha Malhotra, Subha Joshi, Bhupinder and Mitali Singh, Hariharan, Anuradha Paudwal, Ajay Pohankar, Ram Krishna Chandeshri, Ravindra Sathe, Srikant Pargoankar, Shipra Bose, Uttara Kelkar, Ranjana Jogalekar, Chatur Sen, Rajender Kachroo, Malini and Nalini Nambiyar, Bashir Ahmed, to name few. He has being a musician in All India Radio’s soulful production of Ramcharitamanas.

He has performed, composed, conducted, arranged, and directed music as a solo artist and was a part of a group and ensemble. He has performed on numerous occasions from a small audience to a large audience in government as well as private shows. He has even performed in front of Prime minister, President, ministers, diplomats, secretaries and the other VVIPs on numerous occassions. Sameer has played on centre stage in many top most government functions and seminars in reputed auditoriums, Vigyan Bhawan, All India Radio, Doordarshan, Drama divisions, NCERT, Films Division etc. He has also given background scores for tele films ( e. g Apka Bunty, Jhoomroo) and T.V Serial (Apna Apna Aasmaan).


•Wings to my Passion : 2021
“Best Versatile writer of the year award for the year 2021-22 presented by Opus Coliseum.

•Recipient of GOLDEN PEN AWARD for the best book launched awarded by JEC for the music book “Aao Gayen”

•Participated in the All India Essay Writing Competition for Educators ( Teachers) organised by VIVA EDUCATION

•COSMIC WRITER OF 2022 (cosmic publications)
Dated 5th December ’22.

•Performed in front of VIPs in the platform “अंतर्राष्ट्रीय साहित्य महोत्सव”
Dated 28th December ’22.

•Upcoming top 15 talents of 2023 – Inkzoid book of records.
Dated 25th January ’23.

•Upcoming top 15 talents of 2023 – Glorious book of records.
Dated 27th January ’23.

•Special Honorable Mention (English) in Christmas Competition.
Dated 1st Feb ’23.

•Winning Distinction Award in INTERNATIONAL SHORT STORY CONTEST organised by Being Omnific.
Dated 5th Feb ’23

•Making as a WORLD RECORD for writing the maximum number of quotes ( Hindi & English) in 24 hours.
Dated 9th Feb ’23.

•Special Honourable Mention in 7 Iconic personalities of 2023.
Dated 1st March ’23

•Being featured in a reputable online magazine “LIDUE”.
Dated 11th March ’23

•Bankin Samman 2023, by Web Story India in the category of ‘Best Poet Of The Year 2023’ with Claim ID : OD45289060/BANKIM/37.
Dated 24th March ’23.

•Glorious Indian Award 2023, by Glorious books of records in the category of ‘Best Poet Of The Year 2023’
Dated 1st April ’23

•Winner Of Rabindranath Tagore Literary Awards 2023
Dated 28th April 2023

  1. Co – Author of 55 anthologies
  2. Solo Author of 3 books
  3. Solo book on Children’s Songs
  4. Co – Author for an International
  5. Member of 16 Writing
  6. Judged for a writing community
  7. Won on 84 occasions in various writing competitions.
  8. Won 81 Open Mics.
  9. Hoisted numerous poetry events.
  10. Took part in numerous podcast.
  • Usha Kiran Moodgal (Special Exclusive Mention)

Usha Kiran Moodgal is a World Record holder, an award winning Hindi poetess, researcher and dancer hailing from Delhi. She is the International Ambassador of Dawn Research and Development Council. Her published works include “Kavya Tulika”(काव्य तूलिका), a Hindi poetry compilation for which she has recieved numerous accolades. She has co-authored multiple poetry anthologies including poems which have brought her numerous laurels.

After completing her graduation, she obtained post-graduate degrees in Hindi and History. On January 28, 1987, she got married to Ashok Moodgal and entered into married life.

Her life is enriched by both literature and dance. Recently, she was honored with the prestigious “Honorary Gold Medal Award by DRDC Global” for her relentless contribution towards Literature. She has been awarded the “Sahitya Sthambh Puraskar 2023” and the “Sarvashreshtha Kavyitri 2023” for her book “Kavya Tulika” by Drop of Change Publications.
She recieved the “Maharshi Valmiki Bharatiya Gaurav Samman 2023” from Cherry Book Awards for her remarkable contribution towards contemporary Hindi Literature. Additionally, many of her poetry compositions such as “निर्णय” and “ख़ामोशी” published in various joint editions have also been awarded. The Inkzoid Foundation recently conferred upon her the title of “साहित्यिक विद्या मे उभरती प्रतिभा”(Emerging Talent In The Field of Literature). Some of Usha Kiran’s compositions have also been published in newspapers and digital media.

She has recently started sharing some of her compositions on her Instagram handle @ushakirankavyanjali.


i) साहित्य स्तम्भ पुरस्कार 2023

ii) सर्वश्रेष्ठ कवयित्री 2023 (Drop of Change Publications)

iii) Wandering Minds सर्वश्रेष्ठ रचना for her poem “निर्णय”

iv) सर्वश्रेष्ठ संवेदनशील कविता for her poetry “ख़ामोशी” (Published in the anthology “Anokhe Alfaz”)

v) Maharishi Valmiki Bhartiya Gaurav Samman 2023

vi)Prestigious Honorary Gold Medal Award by DRDC Global

vii) Most Iconic Writer 2023 (Inkzoid Foundation)

viii) साहित्यिक विद्या मे उभरती प्रतिभा (Inkzoid Foundation)

ix)Multiple World Record holder for Hindi Poetry (Inkzoid & Glorious Book Of Records 2023)

  • Tushar Kiran Moodgal (Exclusive Mention)

Tushar Kiran Moodgal is World Record holder and an award winning poet and writer hailing from Shahdara, East Delhi. His previously published works include multiple poetry anthologies. His first poetry book “Lamentations” is scheduled to be released via Evincepub Publications. He cites William Wordsworth, John Keats, Edgar Albert Guest and Edgar Allan Poe as his inspirations amongst others and credits his father to have instilled in him a love for literature and written word.

Very recently he made a world record for his poem “Rhapsody Of Twilight” and made it to the Inkzoid Book of Records. He was honoured with the prestigious “Maharishi Valmiki Bhartiya Gaurav Samman 2023” for his contribution to Contemporary Literature particularly his philosophical poetry. He was also awarded the coveted “Tagore Ratna Samman 2023” by Priya Wisdom Publications. His other accolades include “The Best Poet” award and the “Poet of the Year” award for his contribution to the art form by Drop of Change Publications and “Wandering Minds Best Philosophical Poetry Award” for the poem “Conquering of Self”. He was named as one of the “Outstanding Poets” for his work on “Mysterious Fantasy” anthology by Instant Publications. His poem “Birds of Misfortune” published in Evincepub’s bilingual anthology “Anokhe Alfaz” recieved the “Most Soulful Poetry Award”. His poetry has been published in several newspapers and digital media.

Tushar Kiran has a passion for Philosophy, History and study of political behaviour in societies and its affects on culture, which led him to pursue a master’s degree in Political Science and International relations. He also studied Japanese language at St. Stephens’s College, Delhi University.

He frequently shares his poetic musings and contemplations on his instagram account @cryptic_dissonance.


i) Best Poet – Drop of Change Publications

ii) Poet of the Year – Drop of Change Publications

iii) Outstanding Poet – Instant Publications

iv) Wandering Minds Best Philosophical Poetry Award for the poem “Conquering of Self”.

v) Featured as a “Lit Star” for the month of April 2023, in the “Penning Brilliance” initiative by Cherry Book Awards

vi) Maharishi Valmiki Bhartiya Gaurav Samman 2023

vi) Tagore Sahitya Samman 2023

vii) Most Soulful Poetry Award – For his poem “Birds of Misfortune”
(Published in “Anokhe Alfaz” Anthology”)

viii) Breakout Poet 2023 by Inkzoid Foundation – For his valuable contribution in the field of Literature and Poetry.

ix) “Most Iconic Writer of The Year 2023” by Inkzoid Foundation

x) Rising Ink 2023 Award by Cherry Book Awards

xi)Multiple World Records in Poetry (Inkzoid & Glorious Book Of Records 2023)

  • Ruchi Rachit Singla(Exceptional Mention)

Ruchi Rachit Singla hails from Hisar, Haryana, India who recently received Bharat Ratan Atal Samman Award. She completed her Masters in Pharmacy from Hindu College of Pharmacy, Haryana. Currently, she is staying in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Her keen interest in research led her to choose R&D as her profession. She is currently working as a Research Scientist for a leading pharmaceutical company with more than a decade of experience.

She has a passion for writing. She got it in her genes from her mother. She loves writing motivational poems, articles, and quotes along with this she has compiled eight anthologies so far (Jindagi ek paheli, Season of colours, Bachpan, Umeed, Sweet memories, Udane do mujhe, Way to happiness and Wings of motivation). Her poetry focuses on unsaid heartfelt words which connect her with her readers.

She is also co-author of a poetry book – “Baatein Kuch Unkhai si” and loves to spend time with her family along with this she also created a world record by writing 11 liner poem in which every line starts with alphabet “L” for which her name enters the INKZOID Book Of Records.

You can explore her write-up and quotes on Instagram @ ruchi_singla_7.

  • Payal Chowdhury

Payal Chowdhury is from Belpahar,Odisha. Born to an elite family of education and culture she had a hobby of writing at the age of 10 and gradually it turned to passion. Professionally she is a teacher and passionately a writer. After completing her Masters degree in English and pursuing fashion designing course under the guidance of Anuradha Jha (designer at Decathlon,UK) she started her writing career since November, 2020. Initially she wrote quotes only later on she wrote poems,fictions,microtales and articles.She participated in 400+anthologies as a co-author,took part in podcasts.

Her work was recognised with various awards such as Aloha Award,Indian Noble Award,Rising Star Award (Multi-talent) award and has achieved Gold medal as well.Along with that she has been awarded with the title of “WRITER OF THE YEAR” AWARD.It was in 2021 she met Durlav Sarkar (founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION) and her career was uplifted. She was honored with the INKZOID BOOK OF WORLD RECORD, GLORIOUS BOOK OF RECORD, ICONIC PERSONALITY AWARD,UNIQUE PERSONALITY OF 2022, INKZOID SHINING STAR AWARDS.

Recently she was awarded with TPL SHIKSHA AWARDS FOR the category -MULTITALENTED WOMAN OF THE YEAR,at Dwarka New Delhi.

  • Kushagra Srivastava

Musical Artist Kushagra Srivastava is an Author, Poet & Web Application Developer .
He has written more than seven books in which The Last Night (Khamoshi) has been the most popular book. Recently a song of his was released (Ik Chehra) which was sung by Kirti Goel, Music composed by Ridam Srivastava and published by Valuable Studio Productions.

Some of his popular songs – ” Han Mai Haari Zrur hu – Kirti Goel” , “Hamara Safar – Gauravee Yadav” , “Nai Aata – Priya Srivastava” ,

Ruby 2022 has been the major music album of Kushagra Srivastava, in which many talented writers have given contributions.Kirti Goel, Ayushi Singh, Gauravee Yadav, Divya Tiwari, Priya Srivastava, Anashya Verma, Kushagra Srivastava, Priyanshu Singh, Ridam.

All singles from the album were podcasted as episodes. Was the last album of 2022 with which a book has also been released called ” Beauty Of Words” . Kushagra says that this is the biggest album of his life and he worked very hard for it, which got the support of many people. At a very young age, they got a lot of experience working on this project. project was full of challenges but success comes from trying.

Kushagra has been honored with many awards in which some of the major awards are-

  • National Campaign – 2013 ( BEE CONSERVE IT ) Ajay Mathur Director General [ Ministry of Power , India ]
  • Award For Social Service ( C.I.S. ) N.C.C.P , New Delhi
  • T.G.O. [ Ministry of Environment And Climate Change , India ] , [ The Energy And Resource Institute , India ] , [ U.N.E.S.C.O ]

Kushagra Srivastava is the founder of Valuable Studio Productions which is an independent music label. Ruby 2022 , Tum Mere Music Album was published by Valuable Studio Productions.

Along with this, famous books like Beauty of Word’s, The Last Night, My First Love were also published by Valuable Studio Productions.

Vaakif Production is a sub title label of Valuable Studio Productions which deals in Songs Publication & Distribution .

  • Mohammed Niyaz

Mohammed Niyaz hails from Mumbai – The City Of Dreams. He rose to fame on facebook with his timely poetry headlines “Shayar Ki Shayari And Do Lafz Shayari Ke” since 2013 with more than 1500+ shayaris over a decade, later he continued with Instagram and then with “your quote” crossing 1300+ quotes.

His official debut as an published writer was back in “2020” anthology titled “Orange Hues” under “Flairs And Glairs Publications”.

Following which he then starred in countless anthologies with a total numberings of 1000+ as an co-author. He then played a front foot role for over 120+ anthologies as an compiler.

His recent published dual solos are “The Ink They Shared Through The Words”, “The Collaborate Authors”, “The Mutual Convo’s” meanwhile his first solo dedication ever as an author “The Cinnemattic Heartthrob” a dedication book dedicated to “Pakistani Actor Feroze Khan”, Editor In Charge For The Fastest Solo Book “Why Do I Always Fall For You (My Passion Writing” being written and edited within 45 minutes both published under “Phase 3 Publications”.

Mohammed currently holds “2 Forever Star World Records” for being the “fastest anthology compiler – Wish You Were My Better Half” and secondly for “Record Based Anthology – Scribbling Zone” as an co-author, An official participant of World Record Largest Online Event Christmas Competition, Selected As Top 25 Participants, Special Honourable Mentions In English Category For World Record Largest Online Event Christmas Competition 2.0 Both under “Inkzoid Foundation”. Co-Author In World Record Book “Anniversary Special” Under SJ Publications, Co-Author In World Record Winning Anthology “The Literary Bridge” Both under “Inkzoid Foundation”.

His works has been published in Pratibha Magazine, Sanskar News, Sparkling Corn Media’s Magazine, RK Magazine, participant of Namaste India International Magazine in which he serves as an “National Honorary Member” of the same.

Being google featured on (The Top 27 Best Personalities Of The Year 2022) with “Google News”, “Direct Google Search”, “Medium News”, “Tumblr News”, “Dailyhunt News”, “PixStoryNews”, “Live Journal”, “Indian Stardom News”, “Viral Ink News 24”, “Web Story India”, “Daily Hunt Shorts”, “Tumblr Shorts”, “Google Search Shortcut”, “Flipboard Magazine”, “Avalanches World News”, “Bloglovin”, “Hubpages”, “Youth Ki Awaaz News”, “Spotify”, “Apple Podcast”, “Google Podcast”, “Podcast App”, “FM Version”, “Every Podcast”, “Listen Notes”, (The Top 13 India’s Upcoming Stars 2022) With “Indian Stardom News”, “Live Journal”, “Tumblr News”, “Pix Story”, “Medium News”, “Webstory India”, “Avalanches”, “Daily Hunt News”, (Five Established Personalities In India 2022) With “TheUpdateIndia.com”,”TheEntrepreneurBytes.com”, DigitalScoopIndia.com”, Thefilmybeat.com”, “Indianflux.com”, “Bharatexclusive.com”, “Xpresstimes.in”, “Indian-xpress.com”, “WebstoriesIndia.com”,”Bestofhindustan.com”, “Medium.com”, “Prolific Magazine”, (Top 15 Upcoming Talents Of 2023) With “Google News”, “Medium News”, “Tumblr News”, “Indian Stardom News”, “Dailyhunt News”, “Web Story India”, “Live Journal”, “Daily Hunt Shorts”, “Avalanches World News”, “Viral Ink News 24 (Medium Shorts)”, “PixStoryNews”, “Tumblr Shorts”, “Flipboard Magazine”, “Youth Ki Awaaz News”, “Google Search Results”, “Bloglovin”, “Google Search Shortcut”, “Google News Web Window”, “Spotify”, “Apple Podcast”, “Google Podcast”, “Podcast App”, “Podcast IOS”, “FM Version”, “Listen Notes”, (The Top 7 Iconic Personalities Of 2023) With “Google News”, “Secondary Google News”, “Additional Google News”, “Google Search Results”, “Tumblr News”, “The Fortune India”, “Outlook”, “Web Story India”, “Medium News”, “Pix Story News”, “Live Journal”, “Daily Hunt News”, “Bloglovin”, “Avalanches World News”, “Youth Ki Awaaz News”, “Flipboard Magazine”, “Google Search Shortcut”, a regular participant of “The Mount Kenya Times Newspaper” and much more.

He was twicely awarded with “Writer Of The Book Award” for “The Dreams With Wings”, Few books have been dedicated to him titled “Challenge Your Limits” and “Krishna – A Bond” for which he was the editor of the same published under Phase 3 Publications.

He gave his voice over to a poem titled “Yeh Kaisi Ghadi Aa Gayi” based on the real incidents of “COVID-19 pandemic” which was written – edited – narrated by himself, released on his youtube channel on May 2020 which received positive responses from the respective viewers.

Social Media Handles –

Facebook.com/Mohammed Niyaz

Instagram – @niyazsks

YourQuote – SKSadmits

  • Nikhil Jain

Nikhil Jain belonging to Maharashtra, is a businessman by profession and a writer by passion. He has educational degree of BBM and MBA. He is fond of travelling, sharing knowledge, literature and tries to be better than his previous self. Nikhil likes writing his thoughts down as he is of the opinion that what can’t me expressed verbally can be expressed by words and pen and leave a strong impact on the reader.

Growing as a writer, Nikhil felt the politics in the field and in order to save the young minds from it, he started his own publication house named Unité Publication and love.vibes143. He has been part of 900 anthologies as co-author and has compiled over 90 anthologies. Currently he is working as a Editing Director at BAP Publication.

Recently Nikhil Jain has got several records listed in his name under Inkzoid Book of records.

  1. “100 Sainos”
    First ever book written entirely based on Saino, written by 6 different writers from 6 different cities.
  2. Gagar Me Sagar
    Which consists of more than 10 different styles, composed in 7 different native and foreign languages.
  3. Dil Se Mumbai Indians
    He has made a world record for writing the first book of Acrostic Poems and Mirror Alphoppbet poems dedicated to the players of the IPL team (Mumbai Indians) named “Dil Se Mumbai Indians”.
  4. अस्तित्व (Existence)
    Nikhil has made a unique record working with Rajvi Shah for Compiling a unique anthology named “अस्तित्व” (Existence) which has a single form of poetry ‘Acrostic’ on vivid themes, containing words of 3-7 letters, this unique book of theirs was listed in Inzoid Books of world record 2022 and Glorious Book of World Record 2022.
  5. Akshar
    This book is a collection of acroustic poems, using only three alphabets. This book has also got its place in the Inkzoid Books Of World Record. This book beautifully describes nature’s element using just three alphabets.

Continuing his writing journey, Nikhil has recently got his name listed among The Top 23 Sensational Writers Of India.

In 2021 he was awarded with The Opus Talent Award this achievement of his was also featured in Fab World Today and Time Bulletin.

Nikhil has written a book called Apsara dedicating it to phenomenal actress Sonali Kulkarni, which is available on online platform like Kindle, Flipkart and Amazon.
On 6th November 2022 he got “The Leading Publication Company Of The Year” award for his publication house by none other than Sonali Kulkarni.

He has received Natial Pride Award (राष्ट्रीय गौरव पुरस्कार) by the Sociallypoint Foundation, “राष्ट्रीय प्रतिष्ठा पुरस्कार” in the year 2022 by Worthy Wellness Foundation.

Celebmania Magzine recognised his name as Top 20 Celeb Personalities.

Adding cherry on the cake Nikhil has also been recognised as Top 18 Exceptional Talents of The Globe by the Inkzoid Foundation.

You can get in touch with him via his Instagram handle:- @love.vibes143 or by his email:- love.vibes143@outlook.com.

  • Manisha Jaiswal

Manisha Jaiswal was born in West Bengal with dream to make a change in the society who recently completed 4 years in the field of writing as a passionate writer.Professionally she is serving for a Pvt organization.Apart from her profession She Loves to read and in her spare time she loves to resolve the questioner of her life.

She won titles like Rabindranath Tagore Literature,Nazrul Sahitya Samman,Naari Samman Sheroes Award,TGP Woman Choice Award 2023 along with this she came In Namya magazine for the edition of march and the Inspiring Woman Volume IV as the cover star and became the author of the book “Shattered And Twilight” after she got featured as the Top 50 Literacy Award 2023,Best Poet Of 2022 and Top Iconic Personalities Of 2023 apart this she is also a multiple world record holder for writing a 14 liner poem (sonnet) in which all the sentences begins with the letter ‘M’ at the age of 23 and her name enters in the INKZOID Book Of Records and Glorious Book Of Records for her contribution in the field of literature.She also India’s Top 20 Prestigious Artist Award, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad National Excellence Award, India’s top 30 Achievers Award for her contribution towards literature. Not only with this She is a co-author in more than 50 books. She is a regular contributor of Namya Publication Magazines. She has written her own solo book named “Tonic of Love & Heartbreak” and also Compiled “The Dynamic Love World” book.

People always asked her about her inspiration, and she simply replied that her inspiration is her parents “Mr. Manoj Jaiswal (Father) and Asha Jaiswal (mother).” Both inspire and motivate her in achieving her goals and her friends always supported her.
Along with this She is Holding the Position of Magazine Director in Drop of Change Publication.


  1. Rabindranath Tagore Literature
  2. Nazrul Sahitya Samman
  3. Naari Samman Sheroes award
  4. In Namya magazine for the edition of march as the cover star
  5. In the Inspiring Woman Volume IV , She is the Cover Star of the page
  6. TGP Woman Choice Award 2023
  7. Top 50 Literacy Award 2023
  8. Author Of The Book “Shattered And Twilight”
  9. INKZOID Book Of Record Holder
  10. Glorious Book Of Record Holder
  11. Featured As Top Iconic Personalities Of 2023 On Google News
  12. Best Poet Of The Year 2022 from INKZOID FOUNDATION
    11.India’s top 30 Achievers Award
    12.Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad National Excellence Award
    13.India’s Top 20 Prestigious Artist Award
    14.Compiler Of “The Adduce Date”
    15.Her first solo book “Tonic Of Love & Heartbreak”
    16.Compiler of the book “The Dynamic Love World”
  13. Bana bhatta Sahitya Purushkar
  14. Atal Swarna Samman
  15. Bharat Bhushan Award
  16. Rashtriya Ratna Award 2023
  17. Magic Book of Record winner
  18. Iconic 40 Glaze Award
  19. International Award Winner
  20. Helen Keller Global Iconic Award
  • Bhumika Tewari

Ms. Bhumika Tewari has completed her class 12 board exam and is now currently preparing for the neet medical entrance exam. She , above all else, loves dreaming and writing about life. In 2018 , her writing was published in telegraph and her write up has also been published in Times of India newspaper, Indian Periodical magazine, storymirror and many more in 2023. She has also published 3 books already named Rapid Rafts available in Amazon and Bluerose store , Lost in You available in Amazon as well as Sort of Lost book available in Wattpad. A Kolkata native has a creative bend of mind in writing and has coauthored in more than 200 anthologies.

Ms. Bhumika Tewari has participated in many writing competitions and has secured ranks in many. She has been awarded as best and fastest co-author by Bright Future Publication. She has also been declared as 3rd runner up in international poetry competitions. She has also been awarded the most prestigious award ” Fastest Co-author ” by NLHF World Record for completion of 90 anthologies within 14 hours. Featured in top 5 winners in nationwide Shrihind competition and also given the title LITERARY LIEUTANANT. And also got Rabindranath Tagore literature Award, International Mother Teresa Award, DRDC World Book of Records Award and TagoreRatna Award by DRDC for her contribution in the field of literature.

  • Vishakha Verma

Words have depth and so she is with words. A reader who prefers books over humans and learner. A girl who loves to play badminton and cricket in her spare time. A gold medallist in badminton, javelin. An international e-magazine member(NAMASTE INDIA) and writer. A published author at Droplets of ink, TDS,COT, Brown Page, The Quidditch Ink,Phase 3 , Sian and many more across India as well as article writer at Kenya Times.She had compiled many books till date and still doing till date. She was one of the Google Featured on more than 25+ websites for the “Top 27 BEST PERSONALITIES OF THE YEAR 2022”.

Her first work was published in book- TASTE OF LIFE and her first compiled book was- IMMORTAL.


Her recent work includes “The Three Collaborators” – It’s a book written by a trio.

  • DJ Chainriser(Soumojeet Roy Chowdhury)

DJ Chainriser, his Real Name is Soumojeet Roy Chowdhury, is an Indian Electronic Music Producer and DJ. His songs Mashup & Remixes Crosses Millions Views in several countries. He Also Known as Indian Marshmello.

Soumojeet Roy Chowdhury (Born December 31, 2000), in Kolkata, West Bengal. He Completed his Schooling & Higher Studies From Niva Ananda Vidyalaya, Kolkata. And He is a Student of Swami Vivekananda Institute of Modern Science, Kolkata. He Belongs to a Hindu Family. His Mother Name is Nandita Roy Chowdhury and His Father Name is Somnath Roy Chowdhury. His Father is an Eminent Artist. They Have a Art School Named Bakul Art Memorial.

DJ Chainriser Started DJing When he was in the 11th Class. His Father buying a DJ Console for his Son. His Father help him lots and his Mother Also Give Positive Vibes. And his Three Best Friends Always Support Him named Aparajita Sharma, Sania Sardar & Aslam Naskar. Then He learn DJing From YouTube & Online Courses. DJ Chainriser Started his career with bollywood & Hollywood Mashup and Remixes. His First Mashup Got Millions Views. His Remix Songs Grained immense popularity on SoundCloud. He DJing Many Events Like College Fest, School Events, Halloween Party, Prom Night, Anime & Cosplay Events, Etc.

  • Kammo

Kammo is a world record holder from the inkzoid book of records with

A world record holder for writing 5 Beautiful Ghazals. Each Ghazal starting with the
5th letter of the alphabet with
5 shers,and each line has only
5 words and done within
50 minutes.
The creativity is beyond understanding which makes Kammo purely talented and passionate about her profession.

she has even launched her first solo book named “EK_AKS” recently on 23.01.2022.
which is an Urdu poetry book written in roman English for the convenience of the reader.

KAMMO, undersigned, is a passionate Celebrity author, writer, poetess and an ARTIST
– She has got the knack of an Artist. Even as an aspiring poetess, she is the holder of
1::AIBA (All india Best writerAward). On 08.03.2021
2:: (Iconic Indian Award ) for Best Writer On 11.12.2021
3:: 4:: WORLD RECORD FOR “UNIQUE 5 GHAZALS” on 24:12:2021
4::FFA (Fame Fever Award) for Best writer of the year On 30:12:2021
5::It’s 25 for the best painting on 12:03:2022
6::Mere Nisha for the Best Co-author for an abthology on :13:03:3022
7::PRIDE OF TELANGANA on 20:03:2022
8::AIBA-2( All India Best writer award)

She has co-authored many anthologies and has actively participated in online poets’ meet organized by Profound writers. She also has actively participated in
PW online Mushaira; PW fb writing
contest; PW twitter Quotes contest.
She had also participated in painting and writing competition organized by “Jocular Saviours”and emerged with scintillating stars.
She also has participated in an international open mic contest organized by “Inkzoid Foundation” as a special guest performer.
In addition to all the jubilant and colourful feathers in her cap, she also participated in
Iqrar-e-Mohabbat – The open mic contest at international level organized by “Words that You Feel” and participated as a contestant in an Insta Live Session organized by the latter! Her poetry is impeccable, flawless and immaculate.
She is the Author of solo book name
“Ek – AKS”
The Queen of Ghazals and
“An Incredible Star “
The Bio book of Durlav sarkar “

Initially, kammo was interested in painting and Dancing much more than poetry as she was an ace painter and obsess Dancer. But since she held the pen again she started rewriting history.


A world record holder from inkzoid book of records to write 5 beautiful ghazals each ghazal starting with the 5th letter of the alphabet with 5 she’s and each line has only 5 words and done within 50 minutes.
The creativity is beyond understanding which makes Kammo purely talented and passionate about her profession.

Kammo, born and raised in Hyderabad completed her schooling and graduation from Hyderabad itself and now chose to give a chance to her passion which is Shayari.She completed her schooling from “Bright high school” and has +2 from “Anwar – ul – Loom collage”
Kammo has the passion of writing from the age of 13.
She has recently taken a huge step towards her anticipated success and released her own very first solo book of Shayari’s named “EK AKS”.

  • Tamanna

Tamanna is well-known Author and Spiritual Guru. She occult practitioner, writer and Awarded for Mahila Seva Ratna Gold Medal in 2023 for Numerology and Mahadevi verma samman 2023 from Guru vidhyapeeth 2023.

She born in Delhi , India. Currently, She is the Founder of NGO Roshan and help people with her divine guidance on Social media channels. She is famous for Doing Ocult, Tarot Readings, Numerology, and Spiritual healing and Train people to understand Numerology and occultism with her online classes methods

She is a well-known Transformational life coach, Corporate trainer, Relationship counsellor, Spiritual Healer By all these activity Her vision to aspire to serve mankind by providing professional lifestyle and Numerological guidance so that individuals can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations in life.
Tamanna , an author, Occult Practitioner, Meditation Guru, Tarot Reader and Numerologist . After reaching the standards of success in the field of writing, Tamanna chose the path of karma and Meditation. Her spiritual journey began in 2014 Tamanna has gained knowledge of Numerology , Tantra, Mantra Vigyan, Yantra, Yoga & meditation from the Guru Parampara. She specializes in many spiritual healing disciplines such as Sri Vidya, Tarot, Numerology and Reiki. With this knowledge Tamanna ‘s popularity grew worldwide on Social Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for her Accurate Readings and Daily Life Problem Healings through Tarot and Numerology.

An acclaimed Author of, “Astitva ki Udaan and ” book on prostitution named “ Pankh “ and many poetry books published on Amazon Kindle.

Tamanna has a large and ardent following and wide reach across various social channels. She is regularly featured in various Apps like Nojoto , Moj , Facebook live and help people to resolve their problems related to spiritualism , work , family and inner conflicts.

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