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“In Loving Memory Of Hiralal J Thanvi” Book Is Dedicated To Hiralal J Thanvi.

“In Loving Memory Of Hiralal J Thanvi” Book Is Dedicated To Hiralal J Thanvi

“In Loving Memory Of Hiralal J Thanvi” book is dedicated to Hiralal J Thanvi who is the most famous business man of india and even whole world along with that he was the pride of Phalodi and it is dedicated to their dearest grandpa by the whole team of Sian & SH Publication.This book is an initiative taken by Gunwanti Harish Thanvi and Siddharth Mishra as a tribute to Hiralal J Thanvi on his birthday.

About Hiralal J Thanvi

Hiralal J Thanvi was the pride of Phalodi (his hometown) and his society. He was the first person in his society to go out of India and start his own business. He went to Nepal and started his own business and even right now everyone over there knows him. In Phalodi, people named a road behind his name.
He started with zero, he didn’t took a single penny of his forefathers. From zero he did his best and earned a lot of money. He even own the agency of Bombay Deing in whole Nepal.

When he was alive many well known personalities like Devanand, Dipika Chikhlia, Rati Agnihotri, The King of Nepal, And even the Prime minister of that time – Indira Gandhi, etc. knew him personally.

At the time of death, he owned many house and lands.He started a community in Mumbai named as Maru Bharti Seva Sangh which is still working and helping the people of the community.
He became an inspirational personality for many people.

About The Compiler Of “In Loving Memory Of Hiralal J Thanvi” Book

The Compiler Of “In Loving Memory Of Hiralal J Thanvi” Book is Gunwanti Harish Thanvi and in this chaotic world she is the serinity you will crave for.

Most probably Gunwanti Harish Thanvi hails from the City Of Rajasthan
Currently, she has completed class 12 in science stream.
Besides Studying she is passionate for Writing.
She’s a Coffee Freak.
She craves for each word to give it a meaning.
Inspiring People and Spreading Smilestones make her heart smile.
Inspite of writing she has a great interest in Photography, Art .
An individual with a keen heart and likes to interrogate with people.
Gunwanti Harish Thanvi from Phalodi , has written 2 solo books which is at top 10 in amazon. Kaid Parindey and Jovial Companion are the 2 solo books written by her. She is an astounding Photographer and a super innovative artist. She’s a compiler of 100 + books . She is a founder of SH Publication , Sian Publication , Manager of SW Publication, CEO of SJ Publication.
She wants to be a renowned photographer , best writer and a doctor in his upcoming future. She wanted to achieve everything in her life.

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