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Improve your recruitment efficiency by 184% with scientific skill assessments by PERFECT SKILLS (www.perfectskills.in)

Perfect Skills is a platform helping enterprises automate their skill evaluation assessment process by improving recruitment efficiency by 184% through scientific tests & industry benchmark reports. We are helping customers across the globe and industries with recruitment and upskilling. 

Online assessment tests by Perfect Skills are scientifically created, validated by industrial experts and the solutions are automated.  Thus, a well calibrated assessment system is designed to meet the industry benchmark. Our online assessment software helps evaluate skills, personality and technical abilities of the candidates. Here is where Perfect Skills assists you in determining the correct team with the necessary expertise.

It is important to understand that a company’s culture is about more than just a collective hub of talented individuals all doing their own things.

It is the holistic approach where the main idea is to understand the requirements of the company and its ultimate goal. With our online assessment systems, we probe deeper into a candidate’s qualifications and expose hidden talents and weaknesses.

It’s a matter of analyzing the right skills and understanding how to interpret the results.

It is the mental capability that involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. We evaluate the critical reasoning, logical ability, quantitative ability and information synthesis ability of the candidate.

Ensure that the candidates are client-ready and have a thorough understanding of specialized skills. In addition to one specific expertise, they should also be capable of performing a variety of jobs.

•           Assess employee skills in a variety of areas.

•           Compare them to the criteria established by potential clients.

•           Conduct upskilling projects that do not meet the client’s requirements.

The idea of job fit relates to whether an employee is fitted for his or her role. Hiring workers who are the perfect fit for their jobs is a wonderful approach for a company to reduce turnover and boost employee retention. Employees who are well-suited for their professions are often happier and more productive, which may boost company morale and eventually enhance a firm’s bottom line. There are an infinite number of elements that might impact work match or job fit. Personality, for example, might just have a significant impact on how happy or content a someone is in a given situation.  Employment personality tests may be used to measure a wide range of personality qualities related to job fit, allowing employers to feel more certain that their employees will be happy in their roles.

Companies often make the mistake of selecting candidates based on their first impressions or appearance rather than focusing on their skills. While hiring a candidate, hiring managers may risk ending up recruiting someone based on similar interests, qualities or their likes. The decisions about hiring candidates, thus, are unfair. Not only do the companies limit their options but also end up making poor decisions and hiring the wrong candidates. Hence, traditional hiring methods tend to make biased decisions. But with Perfect Skills the biases are eliminated. 

Perfect Skills is on a mission to remove Human biases and provide objective skill evaluations based on merits for all popular IT job roles. We eliminate 1st level technical panels with online proctored skill evaluation hence improving recruitment efficiency by 184%.

Here is how we do it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkLsNG81VGU

The recruiter just has to share the job description for the profile and get an assessment created by SMEs. They can then share this assessment with multiple candidates and get them assessed in a few minutes. 

To know more visit us on – https://perfectskills.in/

The Perfect Skills tool gives amazing insights on candidate strength and helps in making right hiring decisions. The same activity takes days to assess candidates on a single skill using traditional methods, here Perfect Skills saves the company’s man days and panel’s efforts in terms of resources, time, and money every time it goes for recruitment.

Our test scores can tell how well a job applicant will perform in the new job role and how well an employee will learn new skills through training programs. This Information can be given in various forms such as verbal, numerical or spatial. The platform generates the integrated report, allowing recruiting teams to make well-informed choices.

Go further than portfolios to properly estimate developers’ job-specific talents and reduce the risk of poor hiring.

People love us!

Perfect Skills assessments are trusted by 30+ companies across the globe by leading Consulting, Global staffing and IT companies because of following key features: 

1.         Scientific approach and consultative methodology to deliver effective solutions.

2.         Continuous monitoring to maintain quality and achieve business objectives.

3.         Team of subject matter experts who help us create the right content.

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