We recently caught up with one of the rising names in the Indian Writing Industry, Ms. Kavita Misra. Having been a co-author in over 20 anthologies, she is planning to release a solo book soon! Here is the interview:

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a mix of all emotions, all experiences I got so far. One of my poems can best answer this:


*कविता, तू क्या है? तेरा कवि है कौन?*

*कब तक इन सवालों पर, तू रहेगी मौन?*

*खुशी में लिखी या फिर उदासी की है कविता?*

*बता भी दे, तू किस कवि की है कविता?*


*जो जो आया जीवन में, अक्षर या मात्रा जोड़ता गया,*

*समय, कवि समान, उन्हें अपनी लय पर मोड़ता गया*

*मैं तो कल भी चुप थी, और आज भी मौन हूँ,*

*आयेगा कवि मेरा तो बतायेगा मैं कौन हूँ…*

*आयेगा समय मेरा तो बतायेगा मैं कौन हूँ…*

Which books written by you have been published?  

More than 20 anthologies co authored by me and one (The Twist) compiled by me.

What is your success mantra for the budding writers, poets, and authors?

Read more than you wish to write, write better than what you read!!!

What is your other profession and how does it influence your literary work?

I am a teacher by choice, translator-proofreader and  speaker by profession and writer-poet by passion. My choice and profession help me follow my passion, my passion justifies my choice and profession.

What motivates you?

Anything that happens to me, around me, motivates me…specially my family and friends who have always believed in me more than myself.

Share some of your major literary achievements?

*·Real Super Woman 2021 by FSIA (Category: Author and Writer)

*· Sahitya Ratna Award 2020

*· Cherry book Award 2020

*· Fireboxx Award as Best Co-author 2020-21

How did you start your writing journey?

My diary was no more…


Off to school, or when back home,

while en route, all the way,

in my diary, I kept pouring,

all the happenings of the day…

My diary was my only audience,

to all the stories I had to share,

to collect my smiles and laughs,

and my tears, she was always there

But one day, she got sick;

went to hospital and then in coma,

and then, the flower had gone,

leaving back only the aroma…

Yes, you guessed it right,

my mother was my diary,

when she was gone, I wrote,

everything in poetry and shayri

Noone was my audience now,

noone now, to hear me out,

now my diary was my mother,

my only place to vent out…

Kavita Misra


Do you think you were meant to be a writer?

Yes. Whatever happens is God’s plan. If something is there, it was meant to be; if it’s not, it never was

How do you react to the success you got thus far?

Whatever I have mentioned so far, are only my achievements, success is an uncountable abstract noun, only to be felt. For me, my success as a writer, is when people read what I have written and want me to write more.

I have not even started getting it yet and I need to go a long way before I get it.

What do we expect from you in the future?

At least one solo book (may be an autobiography) and as many articles- poems as possible, touching almost all the aspects of life.

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