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From Selling Bike to Building an Empire: The HiiFix Story

Somethings are one time work and if they are repeatedly done, they may cause distress and anguish. One thing that counts is the tilling and furnishing of house. It is very much important to use best quality of products and when it comes to quality the name that comes to the mind is— HiiFix Adhesives.

HiiFix adhesives is an Indore base industry founded and owned by Kunal Shah. Kunal Shah is a well-known name in this industry. All over Madhya Pradesh HiiFix is known for quality products for construction. HiiFix has a variety of products that it offers, the products like Tile Adhesives, Tile Grout, Tile Cleaners, Wall Putty and other accessories are highly researched in world class facilities by experts. HiiFix offers technically advanced construction chemical products for a healthy construction that are durable and lasts long.

HiiFix offers everything and anything. It is one stop for all your requirements from small to big, heavy to light you find everything that is of premium quality. They guarantee 100% quality and their customer support service is available 24X7 and is helping their clients pan India and also delivering their products at the door step on time without any complications.

Kunal Shah aims to be a leading enterprise in the production of building materials like Wall Putty, Block Adhesives and Mix Plaster etc. Flooring and Tiling products like tile adhesives which range from Cooper to Platinum and Tile Cleaners and everything that your house requires for being a home. Kunal Shah is a firm believer of associations and mutual growth, he says, “We at HiiFix believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allow us to innovate and grow in a remarkable way.”

Kunal belongs to a family of business tycoons. Ah! Wait, sounds lavish and luxurious? Well, unfortunately it is not as smooth and easy at it seems, like they say, ‘Every glitter is not gold.’ Once, Kunal was also in the business that his family runs but the events took a drastic turns and tables flipped. Once Kunal was taking a vehicle filled of tiles and vehicle unfortunately met an accident. The accident was so fatal and disastrous at it caused Kunal loss of worth 16 Lacs INR. That was the point when Kunal started everything from the scratch.

Kunal sold his every possible asset and when that was not enough, he sold his loved bike, for 75,000 INR. Without taking even a single penny from his family, to mention specifically his father after the accident. As he sold everything, in 2019 he founded and started HiiFix construction chemical factory. This is the level of determination he had, after loosing 16 lacs INR in an accident to selling his bike and setting up the plant; all on his own!

From having seen the worst, when Kunal had nothing to today when he owns two factories, one in Indore and other one is Morbi, with more than 500 clients pan India, specially in states such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan etc. Kunal has invested more than 20 lacs INR and has built a brand in a very short period of time and has changed the face of Industry.

HiiFix works with the motive of Technology and Innovation but also keeps in min world’s goal of sustainability and industrial goal of 100% consumer satisfaction and excellence. The company is focused on greener building and is working hard on making HiiFix a known and a branded face of earth.

You can reach out of HiiFix world class services and say hello to at the following links:

Facebook: Hiifix – Home | Facebook

Website: Home | Hiifix

Phone Number: +91 087704 73670

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq4Nu6mEdvDacAw72gimmwg

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