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Elysian Pens – The Best Publishing Start-up Of Lucknow.

Elysian Pens – The Best Publishing Start-up Of Lucknow.

The Elysian Pens is the best publishing start-up situated in Lucknow founded by Fehmina Siddiqui.It is a writers community, Marketing and PR agency and Publication house, which is registered under Ministry of MSME, Government of India and is a part of the International chain named INKZOID FOUNDATION.

When Was Elysian Pens Established?

The Elysian Pens was established by Fehmina Siddiqui on 27, March, 2022, She is the Founder & CEO of Elysian Pens. It is a unit of Inkzoid foundation.

What is Elysian Pens’s motive?

Elysian Pens’s sole motive is to help, encourage and motivate writers to explore their hidden talent.
Elysian Pens’s aims to give writer a home where they can interact with each other, where they can share their stories, poems or articles.

What is Elysian Pens’s slogan?

Elysian Pens’s slogan is “EXPLORE YOUR TRUE HUE” it means that people should try to know about themselves, what is the best for them and what is not.


Ms. Fehmina Siddiqui hails from Lucknow, India. She’s the founder of Elysian Pens, head executive of Inkzoid Foundation, the best publication house of India, she also works as a poet, writer, author and compiler.

Instagram id-@elysianpens


Elysian Pens – The Best Publishing Start-up Of Lucknow.

He’s Nik, the head of Elysian Pens, a 23-years-old aspiring writer and musician, has been exploring life through words for the last nine years. He doesn’t write just for the sake of it, but to create a deep and meaningful impact. He’s been a compiler and a co-author of various anthologies. He surprises his readers when it comes to diversity, depth and thoughtfulness of his words, be it raps, lyrics, poems, stories or simply quotes.


She is Keerthi penning with her pen name Keerthi Sonu. She is exploring the writing world since 2k20. Apart she is an enthusiast of art, photography, playing chess, and gardening. She is also working in various writing groups to enhance her experience a little more.

For other member’s information visit our Instagram page- @elysianpens

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