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Dr. Mekha Pradeep is India’s First Youngest Doctorate Degree Holder In Floral Arts

Mekha Pradeep, a Keralite Artist of Indian descent is one of those who can be described as born great. At the age of 19, she reached at the position of “Youngest Multi-Color Artist of India” without having any art family background. A year after her Achievements, She now got “Doctorate in Arts” (HC) from the World Record University, UK.

Mekha presented her dissertation virtually and was awarded with a doctorate in Art with an emphasis in global presence.

Mekha Pradeep is the first youngest in Indian History ever to get a doctorate in Floral Art from World Record University, UK and The First Keralite to receive Doctorate in Floral Art. She is a new media artist who has influenced several of her generation, Mekha has engaged with art in its participatory, interactive and in public dimensions. She has persistently mapped the defining power of social and psychological borders on public life. Her work makes visible the aporias and incommensurabilities in the emerging national public sphere in India, which mostly focused on indicating the aesthetic’s of surroundings. She got multitudinous awards and
recognition’s in Art.Mekha was selected as “The Education Ambassador” from the International Internship University,Australia to constitute her country in global level.

Mekha’s works which deal inter-subjectivity and phenomenology, constantly remind us about the relational and highly mediated facets of the act of seeing, retrieving and remembering something special.During the 10 Phases of getting honoured,she brought her maximum skill to clear each stages efficiently.

The Great Indian Multi-Color Artist Mekha Pradeep overly got the title of ” Indian’s First Artist to Submitt Thesis on Floral Art “. It’s truly indicate how a girl can achieve success with her own hand power and talents.

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