Brawn Of Self-Reliance – Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti.

Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti is a well-known personality as an Author, Writer, Educationalist, Podcaster and a Psychological listener & Hypnosis practicener, a woman with stubborn attitude and humble nature attuned in scribbling her name in countable World Records and achieved uncountable awards and rewards in perspective fields and education is her ideal and knowledge is her divine hub to attain the ‘Brawn of Self-reliance’ along with that she believes in individual capabilities to learn or earn the name and fame.

“Time and money which we spend will never come back. So, always find the worth before utilizing each,” she quoted.

She posted, “Hardships were her mentors, as from the very young age, she learnt to be independent and it made her a strong lady to acquire the essence of success in this world.”

Her priorities list which could influence many of you be like, “Time, Knowledge, Education, Research, Self-reliance, Friends, Family & Love etc…”

The quality anyone could admire in her would be her acceptance and reliability. “Never ever bother what people say about your personality, color, caste, racism etc… ‘Be yourself, Be for yourself.’ Always remember one thing, ‘Never wear your success as a crown, as once the pride occupied your instance, your ability to learn will be vanished.’ ‘King is said to be the ruler, until he owns a full-fledged Kingdom. Even you own acers of desert land, you’re just a landowner.’”

Some pages of these her life, doesn’t define and couldn’t match the hard work she preside to reach the milestones. Wounded feet, and bruised heart, wet pillows, hidden scars were always remained in exposed just to showcase her ‘Brawn of Self-reliance.’

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